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Species and Alignment

Mice, Badgers, hares, shrews, dormice, Squirrel, Beavers, Racoons, Moles, Otters, Hedgehogs*, Ferrets, Stoats, Pine Marten, Foxes, Weasels, Rats, Wildcats**, Wolves, Snakes, most birds***

* These characters are, by a strong majority, good.
** These characters are, by a strong majority, evil.
*** By default, these characters are Neutral/Always agressive (these characters will attack nearly ANYONE, be it goodbeast or vermin or other neutral):
Being a creature opposed to default allegiance. This is completely fine. Nobody is going to stop you from doing this. Others opinions of you cannot change this. In RP, the reasons for switching should be very prominent in that characters's actions and thoughts.

Be Realistic!

"Mooching: Mooching is described as the act of taking a character from a book/tv show/movie/video game and then playing them completely out of character. The last thing that we need is Martin the Warrior getting drunk and hitting on female mice.
Long Lost Relatives: Martin does not have a long lost brother.... So please, refrain from making characters that are related to copyrighted chars unless it is truly feasible.
Mysterious Markings: Things like bright aqua eyes and yellow fur on a mouse furry. Mysterious scars with no explanation. You can make a character look interesting without pushing the bounds of reality.
Anachronisms: An anachronism is when something from a certain time is placed in another. For instance, having watches in an Ancient Rome timeline. Or having a gun in medieval timelines.
Lack of Depth: You know what I'm talking about. Those characters whose sole purpose in life is to thwart evil and do no wrong. Those characters who have no personality, save that they're "sweet" or "evil." The kind of characters that tend to show up on those massive character lists of fifty and sixty. " - CASM

The above things are all cause for editing of a post. Stay away from them.

Use English

Please try to write well formed sentences completely in english. If you have a section of your post which you aren't sure about (in terms of either grammar or spelling), put a [spag] tag before it, and a [/spag] tag after it. (Read More about SPAG) This won't cause anyone to edit your posts, but we'll be unhappy with you if you do it. Also included in this is that all dialogue should be enclosed in quotes, and actions should be full sentences. Therefore, this:

*Walks up to everyone* How are you? I'm pretty good. *Examines the contents of the small sack Bob is holding* *Picks out an apple* OOh! An apple! *eats it*

Should actually be written in complete english, and in past tense, like the following:

Larry walked up to everyone. "How are you? I'm pretty good." he said, examining the contents of a small sack Bob was holding. "Ooh! An apple!" he exlaimed, polishing it off on his tunic and biting into it.

Dueling / Fighting

No character may control more than twenty (20) non-player characters. Therefore, there shall be no user controlled armies.

Duels between individuals should be fought respectably. If the other player does something, don't always say you avoided it. Be realistic. Oppositely, don't always get hit, then have it not hamper your performance.

Killing another character is not allowed without their permission Out of Character (Ask through the e-mail page or with a small OOC: comment).

If no conclusion can be reached, you must ask a monitor who has no involved characters to flip a "Die or live" coin. Heads means character in question dies, Tails means they live.

Killing an anonymous character who has no player OOC is okay, but killing an entire army with just a character is not okay. Having armies exist is also not okay.

This is a Redwall RPG

Don't include anything that doesn't belong in Redwall. Nothing, in fact, that hasn't been talked about in Redwall. There is no religion, and all beasts wear clothes. No magic or communicating with gods or helldemons. No ressurection. No crazy stunts.

Please do not use spirits very much. Please, also, do not "create" new locations (like...with major buildings on them).

Being Nice

A definite way to get your post edited or deleted is to flame someone. Be kind and courteous to your fellow RPers.

You do not actually need to insult people ever. And we ask you not to. If someone is severly hampering your enjoyment of an area, ask them kindly to change. If they do not listen, ask a monitor, who will talk with them some more.

You may auto characters to a VERY SMALL DEGREE, doing something which is typical, or in the definate trend of what that character would do - nothing surprising or, indeed, major. If the author of that character tells you they wouldn't do it, and to take it back, do so.

Breaking The Rules

As all content of the RPG is on our webserver, we reserve the right to edit, delete your posts, and to ban you. When we do any of this, refrence will be made to why the post was changed.

By creating an account, you agree to follow all these rules and the ideas which they present.

A last note: How to manage a group

Trails has a special feature: it's map. When a character is Group Leader, the listing of their group on the User Admin page (when you first login) is a button. Submitting that button, you can edit the location and Situation Summary of the group.

Your situation summary should reflect the goals of the group, and what has recently happened. Do not write in the summary that you are in a location other than where you actually are.

Your movement is restricted for a reason. Do not RP as if you have gone further than you actually have. You can go the furthest by sea. Paths are the fastest way to travel on land, with walking across the plains (most of the landmass) is the second fastest way. Traveling across the mountains (tan/brown) is the slowest, and moving through forests is twice as fast as that.

You can only move/update your summary once every 24 hours.