The Golden Leaf Inn

Spirit Of Redwall

An AOL Instant Messanger Bot

Greetings, stranger. This is Spirit Of Redwall, an AOL Instant Messanger 'bot, created to be your Redwall Companion. Go ahead, start up a conversation with it. Just Instant Message SpiritOfRedwall.

Spirit draws it's responses from a small database of regular answers, and a rather large database of redwall information collected by Katie Sullivan aka Snowfur - The Redwall Encyclopedia. If anything comes from the Encyclopedia, you will know.

Tried asking it about something simple, but coming up without an answer? Some of the entries are indexed by more than just a simple name - Gonff can be found under Gonff the Mousethief, for instance. Try using epithets like "the Mousethief" or "the Tyrant" or "the Mole". If that doesn't work, you'll have to browse the encyclopedia its self. If you find something which you believe should be indexed under a different name, just message me (zlopid), and I'll put up a reference. (For instance, if you do happen to search for Gonff, it'll tell you to (See Gonff The Mousethief), referring you to the correct entry).