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The Redwall Speech Converter

by Mikeyben

The speech converter is a program (not on the internet. a real program, like Word, your browser, and that stuff) that converts words to different dialects. As of now, the converter is only in it's beginning stages, and it can't convert sentences. Soon, hopefully, it will.

The Speech Converter is being made by Mikeyben. He had the idea to make it after reading the Redwall Encyclopedia. However, he needed a database of words to convert.

That's where we come in (and you, too). Mikeyben e-mailed us about getting the list. After a few e-mails back and forth, and some work, we revised the program a little, and I put up a form that would allow people to add words to the list.

So, please help with this wonderful project, and add a word.

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