The Golden Leaf Inn

The Siege of Redwall

Strange and Mace

  M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld
Br. Strange 5 3 3 3 3 2 5 2 7
Br. Mace 5 4 4 3 4 2 5 2 7

WEAPONS: Brother Mace carries a great mace (+2 S strikes last in hand to hand combat) Brother Strange carries a hand weapon.


POINTS VALUES: Brother Mace 280, Brother Strange 280 (They may both carry an additional magic item up to a value of 50 points each)


WIZARD: Where as Brother Mace became a full brother of Redwall, Strange strayed from his studies of peace and the lessons laid down by Martin, he became more interested in the lost arts of sorcery and alchemy. Strange is seen as a level 2 wizard.

QUELL FEAR: If Brother Mace is with a regiment, then the Redwallers do not suffer from the effects of fear nor panic.


Representing the pentagram of life and the alchemist Agrippa's theory relating to beasts and the cosmos. This ancient symbol now rests on the top of Brother Strange's staff. The microcosmos gives Brother Strange 1 extra spell dice, this also allows him to randomly pick spells from any lore of magic (excluding spells of the little & big Waaaagh!) and an additional re-roll when casting or dispelling. (Note: you may only use it once per magic phase, you cannot re-roll a failed re-roll)

A dispel scroll is inscribed with a powerful anti-magical invocation. When a wizard reads it out, the effect is to drain away magical power and weaken a spell that has been cast. This automatically dispels a cast spell, no dice are necessary. However it is useless when the spell has been successfully cast with a value of 12+. Two uses only

Key to symbols

M = Movement (In Inches)
WS = Weapon Skill (The higher the WS, the more easier it his to strike your opponent)
BS = Balistic Skill (Indicates how good they are with missile weapons. Eg: crossbows)
S = Strength (Maximum is 10)
T = Toughness (C'mon if you think you're hard!)
W = Wounds (How many wounds a character can take)
I = Initiative (Determines who strikes first in hand to hand combat)
A = Attacks (Roll one dice for each attack Eg: 5 attacks, roll 5 dice)
Ld = Leadership (Determines who is general)
Armour Save = Must get higher than the value indicated on a D6 (Normal 6 sided dice) or the character takes a wound.