The Golden Leaf Inn

The Siege of Redwall

Warbeak and Sparra

M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld
Warbeak 2 8 0 5 4 3 6 3 9
Sparra 2 7 0 5 4 2 5 2 8


SAVE: 5+

POINTS VALUE: 150 (Warbeak) 95 (Sparra Warrior)


Fly/ Aerial Movement:
Sparra can 'long swoop' or 'glide' up to 20". The sparra start on the ground, take off, flies to where it wishes to go and then lands. Sparra do not benefit from the extra movement distances conferred on ground moving infantry for charging and marching.

Flying Charges:
A sparra may charge an enemy within its 20" flight moves (See page 106 of the Warhammer rulebook).

Fleeing sparra:
The normal fleeing distance for sparra is 3D6" instead of 2D6" for ground infantry.

Sparra are subject to Frenzy (Always pursues if an enemy is broken in hand to hand combat).

Sparra are considered stubborn and may fight on longer than anybody or anything else. This means that they take all leadership tests on an unmodified Ld value regardless of combat results.

"Wing much strong blow!"

Key to symbols

M = Movement (In Inches)
WS = Weapon Skill (The higher the WS, the more easier it his to strike your opponent)
BS = Balistic Skill (Indicates how good they are with missile weapons. Eg: crossbows)
S = Strength (Maximum is 10)
T = Toughness (C'mon if you think you're hard!)
W = Wounds (How many wounds a character can take)
I = Initiative (Determines who strikes first in hand to hand combat)
A = Attacks (Roll one dice for each attack Eg: 5 attacks, roll 5 dice)
Ld = Leadership (Determines who is general)
Armour Save = Must get higher than the value indicated on a D6 (Normal 6 sided dice) or the character takes a wound.