The Golden Leaf Inn

The Siege of Redwall

Frank Baldwin's Redwall Game

Since Dec 2000 I have been bringing updates in progress of my campaign. Now, since so many beasts have moaned on about what in the name of alll that's holy am I going on about, I will now recap.

By using Warhammer (A table top battle game by Games Workshop) I intend to re-create the last battle of Redwall Abbey (REDWALL, Book 3 "The Warrior", chapters 12 - 14). My oppenent will be my friend Dave, we haven't chosen sides yet, so don't ask who's who. After spending a total of around 75 in the past 3 months on Citadel Miniatures, I am finaly going to stage a match based on the skirmish rules as described in the Warhammer rulebook (See sege UPDATE 19/03/2001).

Since we looked at the fact that Plumpen actually let Cluny in, we decided to throw that in the bin and have a properly fielded seige battle instead! I have finished my Matthias and Cluny models and characteristic sheets


Encounter at St. Ninian's
Arena of Death
Battle for the Bridge

Matthias of Redwall
Cluny the Scourge
Queen Warbeak and the Sparra
Skipper and the Otters
Brother Strange and Brother Mace