The Golden Leaf Inn

3D Redwall Gallery

Illustrations of the abbey

Feel free to include these pictures on your website, but please, refrence to this page (many of the images have the url of this page in the lower right hand corner. however, if that gets cut off, you should include the URL somewhere else.)

This gallery is a collection of renderings and pictures of Redwall Abbey, the centerpoint of many of the Redwall books. Since the blueprints were never clearly stated, this is a combination of all the facts I could gather from the books, and my own interpretations. A blueprint is comming soon. So, without any further ado, the pictures...

The Belltower
The Great Hall
Great Hall and Stairs to second floor
Main Building
Belltower and Main Building (Desktop Sized)

Additionally, newly added, is the abbey blueprints. If you find any inconsistancies, or something that's wrong (and you have to be able to back that up) feel free to tell us. There are a lot of things in Redwall that are left up to interpretation, so some parts of this are just my interpretations on things (mostly, however, it is from the book). An interesting feature is that you can zoom in and out on things by right clicking.