The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Name of Martin

A Weekly Chat RPG

In the lands of Southsward, a new group has been formed, of vermin claiming to be continuing Martin's work. Looting and pillaging through the land, they have disrupted Southsward completely, in their quest to forcefully take over the land, and create a safe haven for vermin - or, as they call themselves, warlanders. Troubled, the Spirit of Martin has commanded a group of Redwallers to again go on a quest to end the terror in the Southern Lands. (read the prologue)

The Story
I. Prologue: Upon the stage
II. A Dream, with Results
III. Moving Along in Unexpected Ways
IV. Moving Along in Unexpected Ways (Part 2)
V. A Strange Occurance
VI. A Touching Moment with Kenlock
VII. Smoke Upon the Horizon

The quest is an altogether different kind of RPG. Instead of going back and forth on a message board, waiting ages for a simple reply, everything happens in a two hour chat each week.

Who are these strange creatures on the quest? Read The (auto)-biographies and wonder no more.

Please read over the rules and regulations

Want to sign up? Currently, we aren't accepting regular applications, but if one of the current questors chooses to reccomend you, we will certainly take your application into consideration!

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