The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript, Week 8

Narrator (3:17:16 PM): Candles flickered in the Cavern Hole. All the questors besides Silvren were gathered there, before a council of grim faced redwallers of all shapes and sizes.
Narrator (3:18:05 PM): Silvren is outside, trying to get past Loren, the hedgehog guard, while not being caught...
Narrator (3:18:43 PM): "So..." began the Abbot, "Tell us what you came to say."
Silvren (3:19:00 PM): The black fox circles slightly "Me, an idiot with a club and a doorway
Silvren (3:19:06 PM): easy enough to deal with
Tarran (3:19:52 PM): Tarran is sitting lazily on a chair, flicking candied chesnuts into his mouth.
Weston (3:19:55 PM): Weston looks highly confused. "You summoned us to council, father abbot. What is thy command?"
Riala Goldentail (3:20:04 PM): Riala sits back in her seat, wary and listening, and lets otherbeasts do the talking.
Silvren (3:20:17 PM): The black fox moves back to the shadows, takign something he pruloined earlier, a flask of wine
Narrator (3:20:28 PM): "For you to tell us why you were so eager for admittance last night"
Silvren (3:20:55 PM): He lifts the flask and tosses it, in the hedgehog's view
Silvren (3:21:41 PM): The fox moves whispers "gurd,a drink
Weston (3:21:50 PM): Weston lifts himself out of his chair and kneels solemnly in front of the abbot. "We have the Emerald, milord." He holds it up in both paws.
Narrator (3:22:14 PM): "The emerald? You sure it's this one?"
Narrator (3:22:32 PM): "Not...ah, another conspicouously large emerald?"
Scallin (3:22:40 PM): Scallin shifts in his chair.
Weston (3:22:49 PM): "Are there truly that many, father Abbot?"
Riala Goldentail (3:22:56 PM): Riala shakes her head in disgust but remains silent.
Silvren (3:23:09 PM): The fox moves silenty
Narrator (3:23:12 PM): "Weston, one never knows. How did you come across it?"
Tarran (3:23:23 PM): "Who can tell if it's not." mutters Tarran lazily. "When do we eat?"
Weston (3:23:43 PM): "That is truly a long story, and time is of the essence. There is, if I mistake it not, an army camped outside our walls."
Scallin (3:23:52 PM): "I think youv'e had enough to eat Tarran." Scallin says to Tarran a bit annoyed.
Narrator (3:24:06 PM): "True, true...except..."
Silvren (3:24:13 PM): "Guard..."
Silvren (3:24:32 PM): "I've come to relive you...your shif tis up
Tarran (3:24:38 PM): "I have not." Tarran flicks a candied nut into his mouth. "Us mice need our grub."
Sybul (3:24:54 PM): "Zurr H'abbot, Oi surely doan't think 'ee vurmints will know one sone from another."
Narrator (3:24:57 PM): Outside, loren looks skeptically at Silvren, "No you aren't, fox. GUARDS! The fox!"
Silvren (3:25:16 PM): "Thtas it...I have been relatively easy up until now
Narrator (3:25:17 PM): The Abbot sighs. "The time limit is up, and we await the horde's action...their actions over the past few days haven't been promising..."
Narrator (3:25:56 PM): "In short, we now doubt that the emerald would do anything to aid our cause."
Scallin (3:26:09 PM): The otter continues to shift in his chair.
Silvren (3:26:36 PM): "Hog...get out of my way before I do something i'll regret
Sybul (3:27:04 PM): "Whot you'm mean, Zurr, 'ee emral' not doin' anythin'?"
Narrator (3:27:05 PM): Another of the council members - the infirmary keeper - notes Scallin's shifting. "Something wrong, lad?"
Scallin (3:27:42 PM): "No, I'm fine... Tis just.... This all seems insane!"
Tarran (3:27:53 PM): Tarran puts his feet on the table. "Listen to the molebeast."
Silvren (3:28:01 PM): "Something we both regret..."
Riala Goldentail (3:28:06 PM): Riala shakes her head and waits. No use arguing with fools. I'll wait to see what happens...
Narrator (3:28:12 PM): "Insane?" asks the Abbot. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of to introduce yourselves?"
Scallin (3:28:13 PM): "At this point what good could any action do?"
Silvren (3:29:00 PM): "The fox smiles disarmingly...dangerously
Weston (3:29:04 PM): The smile that crosses Weston's face could have come from Riala. "Then, father abbot, I wouldst that our only remaining course of action is to fight."
Sybul (3:29:23 PM): Sybul shakes her head gravely.
Scallin (3:29:33 PM): "I am Scallin, an otter from far to the north who travelled south on a merchant ship. I met up with these others and decided to aid them." Scallin says loudly.
Silvren (3:29:35 PM): He brushes past Loren annoyed, "No reisstance? Good
Sybul (3:29:44 PM): "Foight... Couldn't we troi another method?"
Scallin (3:30:17 PM): "Other method? No..." Scallin shakes his head.
Tarran (3:30:42 PM): Tarran stands up and introduces himself. "I am the thief of a thousand swords. Slayer of many vermin, and the best cake scoffer in these woods. Tarran the great am I."
Silvren (3:31:17 PM): "Move...
Scallin (3:31:17 PM): Scallin speaks loudly "I think that you Redwallers know little about the ways of vermin."
Narrator (3:31:18 PM): One of the council members - a baker by the looks of it - groans at "cake scoffer"
Weston (3:31:25 PM): Weston glares at Tarran out of the corner of his eyes. "Dishonored knave..." he mutters under his breath.
Sybul (3:31:36 PM): "An' Oi be gurtly toired o' the lot of 'ee! We'm be counsellin' somethin' aportent!"
Narrator (3:31:34 PM): "You have not been here the past few days. The is terrifying."
Tarran (3:31:55 PM): "Knave, eh?" says Tarran, testily.
Riala Goldentail (3:32:13 PM): She spins on a calloused heel and stalks from the Cavern Hole without a further word.
Weston (3:32:21 PM): "Father abbot, just sitting and waiting for our demise will serve no purpose. We must fight!"
Silvren (3:32:48 PM): Silvren moves into the hall in a rage
Riala Goldentail (3:32:49 PM): She scales the walls with ease and sets off into the treetops.
Scallin (3:32:57 PM): "If this army is as terrifying as you describe, then there is no way that they will in anyway hesitate in the storming of the abbey!"
Tarran (3:33:01 PM): "I can fight." says Tarran.
Narrator (3:33:15 PM): "How? Who? When? Where? None of us are good with armies and such."
Silvren (3:33:22 PM): Silvren enters Cavern Hole, rage stamped on his feaures. "Its pathetic really
Sybul (3:33:50 PM): "Zurr h'abbot, cotinue, please. The rest of 'ee, calm doawn and let 'ee h'abbot talk. We'm need to know what usn's be oop agin'."
Silvren (3:34:01 PM): "How large is this horde?"
Weston (3:34:05 PM): "Again, father abbot, I would have to disagree. Thou art not. The elders art not. But the beasts of this abbey will fight for their freedom."
Scallin (3:34:24 PM): "I suggest that ye' all should ah leave. We should all leave before they decide to attack." Scallin continues shaking his head and is having troublee getting his point accross.
Sybul (3:34:28 PM): "Aye. But first we'm need to know abou' ee badbeasters."
Silvren (3:34:43 PM): The fox walks over to his traveling compainions "how large is the vermin army attacking us?
Narrator (3:34:59 PM): The abbot looks around, bombarted by speech..."And who is the rather venemous looking fox atop our stairs?"
Silvren (3:35:21 PM): "Silvren. Rather racist to judge me as I'm a fox isn't it?"
Tarran (3:35:33 PM): "He's a traitorous vermin." says Tarran.
Narrator (3:35:40 PM): "I judge you by naught but the scowl on your face, Silvren. Take a seat."
Silvren (3:35:58 PM): "Shut up, Tarran," The fox gives him a playful smack on the shoulder
Scallin (3:36:20 PM): Scallin looks around the room at all the other creatures gathered there. "How many creatures capable of fighting to we even have?" He mutters to Weston who is sitting next to him.
Silvren (3:36:22 PM): The black fox takes a seat. "Anyone here ever seen a true vermin horde and fought against them?
Silvren (3:36:39 PM): "We hhave at least five..." He motions to the questors
Weston (3:36:55 PM): "Mayhap tenscore, all told," Weston whispers back.
Tarran (3:36:56 PM): Tarran is knocked flying on to the ground by the fox's smack.
Narrator (3:37:10 PM): "We know not the entire size of the is mostly hidden."
Silvren (3:37:17 PM): Silvren looks concerned "You alright mate?" he says, helping him up
Scallin (3:37:29 PM): "You have not even sent scouts??!"
Silvren (3:37:35 PM): "Then they must be smaller than expected or stealth would be useless..."
Sybul (3:37:53 PM): "You'm done said 'ee bin threaterin' you'm, H'abbott?"
Scallin (3:38:03 PM): "How can ye' ayven consider fightin' when we have no idea how large they could be??"
Weston (3:38:05 PM): Weston smiles a sad smile at Scallin. "This is an abbey, sir Scallin. They- until recently, even I- know little about war."
Narrator (3:38:09 PM): "We are surrounded, scouts have been able to leave the's truly amazing that you got in yourselves."
Silvren (3:38:11 PM): "The solution is one of three, abbot
Tarran (3:38:14 PM): "Stop whacking me, you big oaf." says Tarran indignantly.
Silvren (3:38:47 PM): "We can assassinate the warlrod and captains, burn the woodlands to kill them or wage a defensive war."
Silvren (3:39:36 PM): "As I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's ever had to fight a vermin horde..."
Weston (3:39:39 PM): "None of those plans, Silvren, is acceptable. Thou'lt have to come up with others."
Scallin (3:39:49 PM): "Assasinate?" Scallin chuckles dryly. "We don't have any assassins, we have nothing!"
Sybul (3:39:49 PM): Sybul tugs her nose frustratedly. "H'abbott!" She says loudly, "Wot 'ave 'ee vurmints been oop to, asoides hoidin'?"
Silvren (3:40:16 PM): The fox smiles dryly. "You have me."
Sybul (3:40:20 PM): " 'Ave theyun's attacked?"
Narrator (3:40:29 PM): "Ah...Sybul...a good question. It has been most frightening...slinging fires, rasing all sorts of din..."
Tarran (3:40:42 PM): "Just give them the dumb jewel." says Tarran, impatiently.
Narrator (3:40:49 PM): "It's barely safe to walk outside."
Silvren (3:40:51 PM): "If they have then we've gotta repulse on the jewel"
Scallin (3:41:40 PM): "Well, I think you all underestimate how pwerful thay can be."
Sybul (3:41:40 PM): "An Whoi do 'ee jool be no good naow?"
Silvren (3:41:43 PM): "Lure them for it...or trick the leader and murder him"
Tarran (3:42:11 PM): "I told you he was bad." says Tarran, pointing an accusatory finger at Silvren.
Silvren (3:42:27 PM): "No use for honor if you gt killed for it"
Weston (3:42:55 PM): Weston's face twitches at Silvren's last words. "Father abbot. I would ask that you excuse me from this council."
Narrator (3:43:07 PM): Just then, barely audible, bugles call. More loudly, the abbey bells start Bing!-ing as many small objects are thrown against them.
Scallin (3:43:13 PM): Scallin stands up full of frustration. "I will not stay here, it is not my obligation. If you choose to fight and die, then I will be faraway when that happens."
Silvren (3:43:26 PM): "I've seen countless examples of 'honor' getting creatures killed, good friends"
Narrator (3:43:41 PM): The abbot, who had been about to say something completely different, asked, "What was that?"
Sybul (3:43:44 PM): Sybul jumps at the bells. "Please tell Oi that be 'ee naughty dibbuns!"
Silvren (3:43:45 PM): "Scallin...if I may say so cowardice is definatel ynot the asnwer
Scallin (3:43:55 PM): Scallin shuts up. "What is that sound?"
Weston (3:44:18 PM): Weston sprints up the stairs to the nearest window. A moment later his head appears at the top of the steps. "The abbey is attacked!"
Tarran (3:44:18 PM): "It's something hitting the bells." says Tarran.
Narrator (3:44:30 PM): "Loren!" calls the abbot. "What has happened?"
Tarran (3:45:08 PM): "Finally." says Tarran, drawing his sword.
Silvren (3:45:20 PM): The fox leaps up, drawing his sword in one swift motion. "Lets kill some enemies
Narrator (3:45:21 PM): Loren is out for a few minutes, then calls back, "Apparently, there is someone at the gates. All fancy dressed he is."
Sybul (3:45:44 PM): "That be 'ee Vurmint, Oi'll wager."
Narrator (3:46:01 PM): The abbot looks in shock at the barred weapons. "Put those away. Vermin or not, we shall not be the first ones to attack. Now...who has the emerald?"
Weston (3:46:16 PM): "I, father abbot."
Silvren (3:46:18 PM): "IDIOT!!!!"
Tarran (3:46:53 PM): Tarran puts away his sword, in a remarkable display of obedience.
Silvren (3:46:54 PM): "If we delay then losses will be greater!" The fox composes himself "I'm sorry..."
Sybul (3:46:57 PM): "None o' that, naow, Silv'en."
Silvren (3:47:08 PM): The fox's sword remains in paw.
Scallin (3:47:25 PM): The otter stands still watching the others, and says nothing.
Narrator (3:47:31 PM): "Good, then...we need some white cloth. Who has a bit of white cloth? And, Weston, can you keep Silvren in line? A fox walking among scores of angry redwallers is going to find himself in more than a pickle."
Silvren (3:47:56 PM): The fox replies "I'll be fine
Narrator (3:47:56 PM): "And that's without having a weapon out" amends the Abbot.
Weston (3:48:14 PM): Weston nods and moves to stand next to the fox. "Put thy sword away, Silvren."
Silvren (3:48:23 PM): ""
Scallin (3:48:42 PM): "Wait!"
Silvren (3:48:43 PM): With an annoyed snarl eh sheaths the blade
Tarran (3:48:50 PM): Tarran glares at the fox.
Narrator (3:48:56 PM): One of the council members produces a length of white cloth - an apron - and the Abbot takes it.
Scallin (3:49:00 PM): "You arn't sayin' that we are going to give them the emerald are you??"
Weston (3:49:03 PM): Weston inclines his head. "I thank thee. Come, let us see what our enemy wants."
Narrator (3:49:06 PM): "Now, Weston, may I have the emerald?"
Weston (3:49:15 PM): Weston silently hands over the stone.
Scallin (3:49:24 PM): "No! You can't do that!"
Tarran (3:49:29 PM): Tarran glares at Scallin "Why shouldn't we give them the emerald?"
Scallin (3:49:40 PM): "That stone be priceless, and it will not stop their attack."
Silvren (3:49:40 PM): "Thats insane! We cannot give it up!"
Sybul (3:50:03 PM): "Et be o' no value to usn's"
Tarran (3:50:11 PM): "How do you know?"
Weston (3:50:04 PM): "It is nothing but a chunk of stone. It is not worth anyone's life."
Silvren (3:50:27 PM): "More lvies will be wasted if we give it up"
Scallin (3:50:33 PM): "Yeaghh....! I have a confession to make."
Sybul (3:50:50 PM): Sybul turns surprised to Scallin.
Weston (3:50:55 PM): Weston raises an eyebrow at the otter's outburst.
Scallin (3:50:55 PM): Scallin breathes hard and looks to the floor.
Tarran (3:51:15 PM): Tarran was already looking at the otter, so he couldn't turn.
Sybul (3:51:21 PM): "Well?"
Silvren (3:51:24 PM): "What is it, Scallin?"
Scallin (3:51:29 PM): "Te'... only reason I joined with you with this quest...."
Silvren (3:51:45 PM): "What?"
Scallin (3:51:53 PM): "Was to steal the emerald. But since then.... things have changed.."
Silvren (3:52:06 PM): "What?"
Scallin (3:52:28 PM): "I am sorry."
Silvren (3:52:44 PM): "!"
Silvren (3:52:52 PM): The fox storms ove rto the otter, sword drawn
Weston (3:52:53 PM): Weston looks steadily at the otter. "Sorry for what, sir Scallin? Hast thou commited any crime?"
Weston (3:53:06 PM): Weston's poker is out and between the fox and the otter.
Sybul (3:53:13 PM): "Well, as long as things 'as changed... Oi doan't see anything wrong."
Scallin (3:53:22 PM): The otter stares hard at the fox.
Scallin (3:53:38 PM): "But you see... I don't really belong here."
Tarran (3:53:51 PM): Tarran looks daggers at Scallin.
Sybul (3:53:53 PM): "We'm need to get a move on et... 'Ee vurmints still be outsoide..."
Silvren (3:53:55 PM): "Move, Weston..."
Narrator (3:54:04 PM): "Why not? Everyone deserves another chance, Scallin." reassures the Abbot.
Silvren (3:54:08 PM): Raises his sword and slices down
Silvren (3:54:16 PM): He stops an inch before Scallin's neck
Scallin (3:54:30 PM): Scallin draws his sword.
Sybul (3:54:48 PM): "Stop et! We'm not need to foight each other!"
Silvren (3:54:49 PM): Removes the sword and sheaths it. "If it idn't wish to kill you I will not..."
Scallin (3:54:57 PM): He holds it at his side, and stares into the foxes eyes.
Tarran (3:55:17 PM): Tarran draws his sword and charges the fox. "Nobeast chops my friends unless I say so."
Weston (3:55:30 PM): Weston glares at the fox. "Thou art a fool, Silvren. If thou killest thy allies thy only reward wilt be the laughter of our enemies."
Narrator (3:55:54 PM): Loren opens the door once again, and comes barreling down to sit squarely in the middle of any fights.
Scallin (3:56:00 PM): "It is alright," Scallin smiles.
Silvren (3:56:12 PM): "our companionship stops me
Sybul (3:56:17 PM): "Boi 'hokey! Zurr H'abbott? Wot you'm need done naow?"
Tarran (3:56:17 PM): Tarran stops, inches from Loren's spiky body.
Scallin (3:56:43 PM): "I know when I am unwanted. Now if I can have permission from the Abbot, I would like to leave here."
Narrator (3:56:52 PM): "Ah...Sybul, as always...the moles carry with them our reasoning. Come, let us go and meet this messanger at our gates."
Narrator (3:57:19 PM): "You can come too, Scallin. You are not unwanted by redwallers."
Sybul (3:57:22 PM): Sybul tugs her snout at the rest of the warriors and leaves with the abbott.
Scallin (3:57:39 PM): Scallin watches as the others leave the room.
Weston (3:58:34 PM): "Come, my friend... Let us fight together."
Narrator (3:58:46 PM): The council and questors come to the Great hall, where a huge mass of redwallers awaits.
Tarran (3:58:56 PM): "Can I watch?" asks Tarran.
Scallin (3:59:05 PM): Scallin unwillingly follows.
Scallin (3:59:30 PM): Having made his confession, the otter has little left to say.
Narrator (3:59:51 PM): Across the abbey grounds they went, habits billowing out in the winds.
Narrator (4:01:11 PM): Finally, they arrived at the walls. They ascend the stairs to the top, where they see the messanger, standing on the path at the other side of the walls.
Sybul (4:02:05 PM): "Well thurr 'ee be."
Weston (4:02:15 PM): Weston smiles grimly. "Indeed."
Tarran (4:02:51 PM): "That's a bit of an odd hat." says Tarran, dubiously.
Narrator (4:03:18 PM): "Ah...once again, time for the demands, it seems..." mumbles the Abbot.
Weston (4:03:51 PM): Weston leans over the walltop and shouts down to the messenger. "Who are you, and what want thou at Redwall Abbey?"
Sybul (4:03:52 PM): Sybul starts to sway at the top of the gates as she looks down. "We'm be gurtly hoigh oop."
Narrator (4:05:40 PM): The abbot clutched the apron-covered Emerald to his stomach, and awaited the messanger's response.