The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript, Week 7

Narrator (3:33:58 PM): Tarran and Scallin had both decided to get a bit of a treat before going into what they decided was going to be a long and dull meeting with the council. To that end, they were found walking nonchalantly to the kitchens.
Tarran (3:34:54 PM): "We need a plan, is what we need." said Tarran, absently cutting down a rosebush with his sword.
Scallin (3:35:42): "Aye... a plan," Scallin replied.
Narrator (3:35:58 PM): The cloisters, down which they walked, were relatively empty.
Scallin (3:36:11): Scallin approached the kitchen doors and stopped there, sniffing.
Tarran (3:36:23 PM): "How about this," said Tarran in a conspiratorial whisper.
Tarran (3:36:54 PM): "You pick up the cook, and drag him off somewhere, and I'll take the candy."
Tarran (3:37:28 PM): "'course, you wouldn't find me afterwards..."
Scallin (3:37:50): "Hey!! No, you pick up the cook, and I take the candy!!"
Tarran (3:38:27 PM): "What kind of beast is th' cook, anyway?"
Scallin (3:38:52): Scallin ever so slightly cracks open the door.
Tarran (3:39:16 PM): Tarran peeks around the door.
Scallin (3:39:21): "I tink tat it's ah....."
Scallin (3:39:58): "Looks like ah little mousey."
Tarran (3:40:01 PM): "Shh..." says Tarran, "He might hear us."
Tarran (3:40:30 PM): "I can see that, you dolt."
Narrator (3:41:06 PM): The "little mousey" shuffled over to a cabinet out of view of the door.
Scallin (3:41:10): "Don't call may a dolt!" Scallin drops his hand on Tarran's head.
Tarran (3:41:39 PM): "Ow!" Tarran yells.
Scallin (3:41:53): "Sshhhh!"
Narrator (3:41:57 PM): there was a general crashing, and sounds of things being re-arranged. A short silence, and then another sound of things being re-arranged
Tarran (3:42:21 PM): "What's he doin'?" Tarran's voice returns to a whisper.
Narrator (3:42:38 PM): the cook came back into view with a pawful of candied chestnuts, which he sprinkled liberally on the cake he was baking
Scallin (3:42:57): Scallin's mouth drops open, tounge hanging out.
Tarran (3:43:07 PM): Tarran gives a low whistle.
Scallin (3:44:03): "That's it, I can't take it any longer!" The otter darts through the door and hides behind a cabinent.
Tarran (3:44:31 PM): Tarran follows, but trips over his own feet.
Scallin (3:44:53): Scallin holds perfectly still, staring at the cook.
Scallin (3:45:59): He watches as the cook adds an extra dose of frosting to the cake.
Tarran (3:46:44 PM): Tarran scrambles to his feet and hides behind the otter.
Scallin (3:47:25): Scallin grabs a spoon and throws it to the other end of the kitchen.
Narrator (3:48:11 PM): The cook looks around.
Tarran (3:48:17 PM): Tarran chases the spoon across the kitchen.
Narrator (3:48:22 PM): "Who's throwing the cutlery?" he shouts up the stairs
Tarran (3:48:51 PM): "He is." says Tarran
Scallin (3:49:01): "Shtoopid Tarran," Scallin whispers to himself.
Scallin (3:49:16): The otter makes a run for the cake, but slips on the floor and does a face plant.
Scallin (3:49:51): "Gweeooowwww!"
Narrator (3:50:07 PM): At the scramble of feet, the cook pins Tarran down with a powerful stare.
Tarran (3:50:31 PM): Tarran parries with a mutinous glare.
Scallin (3:50:47): Scallin sits up and starts to rub his nose, and then realizes he is sitting right behind the cook.
Narrator (3:51:05 PM): "What're you doin' here, lad?"
Narrator (3:51:11 PM): "Need more pancakes?"
Scallin (3:51:34): I don't think he's seen me... Scallin thinks.
Tarran (3:51:37 PM): Tarran is taken aback. "Um, I er...Yes. More pancakes."
Narrator (3:51:59 PM): "Good thing for a growing lad" pronounces the cook, handing Tarran a plateful of pancakes.
Tarran (3:52:06 PM): Tarran makes frantic signs for Scallin to steal the candy.
Scallin (3:52:13): Looking up at the counter a foot away from his head, Scallin spots the cake.
Tarran (3:52:24 PM): "This just TAKES THE CAKE." Tarran shouts
Narrator (3:52:39 PM): " like it?"
Scallin (3:52:39): He then nods his head to Tarran and makes his move.
Scallin (3:53:04): Scallin grabs the plate the cake is on ever so quietly.
Tarran (3:53:22 PM): "Yes, they're nice. I bet they're a PIECE OF CAKE to make."
Scallin (3:53:55): Scallin then starts to slither across the room.
Tarran (3:54:01 PM): "But DON'T EAT them ALL at once, eh?"
Tarran (3:54:15 PM): "Aheh" Tarran laughs nervously.
Narrator (3:54:40 PM): "It can get quite heady, yes..."
Scallin (3:55:07): Scallin gets up and makes a mad dash for the door.
Tarran (3:55:34 PM): "Well, I suppose I'd better be going now." Tarran drops the pancakes and dashes out the door after Scallin.
Scallin (3:56:38): "Hey!" Scallin hands the cake to Tarran and runs back for the pancakes.
Scallin (3:56:54): Never give up an opportunity.
Tarran (3:57:42 PM): Tarran, drunk with the wine of success, takes the cake up the stairs.
Narrator (3:57:59 PM): The cook swirls around as the two beasts run around him, exchanging food.
Narrator (3:58:05 PM): "Hey - that's my cake! Stop!"
Scallin (3:58:07): Scallin grabs the pancakes, sticks his tounge out at the cook and runs.
Tarran (3:58:50 PM): Tarran too is soon not found in the kitchen.
Scallin (3:59:55): Stuffing pancakes ni his outh as he runs, Scallin catches up with Tarran.
Narrator (4:00:32 PM): The cook takes off after them, though somewhat slower due to his weight and stopping to get his larger rolling pin.
Tarran (4:00:41 PM): Tarran, meanwhile, has polished off 3/4 of the cake.
Scallin (4:01:28): Scallin sees the condition of the cake and stops cold.
Tarran (4:01:41 PM): Tarran doesn't.
Narrator (4:02:10 PM): At the top of the stairs, the cook stops too, but for dramatic effect, wrinkling his clothing and bursting out with rolling pin waving, "Stop those two! They've taken my cake!"
Scallin (4:02:21): Scallin screams angrily.
Tarran (4:03:03 PM): Tarran keeps running. He has eaten most of the cake now.
Scallin (4:03:36): Scallin turns red and runs after Tarran with amazing speed.
Narrator (4:03:41 PM): A rolling pin comes flying out of the air towards the cake in his paws...
Tarran (4:04:25 PM): The cooks aim is true, and the platter is knocked out of Tarran's hands.
Tarran (4:04:56 PM): Everyone's favourite mouse keeps running.
Narrator (4:05:02 PM): It lands at the feet of a rather perplexed hedgehog guard.
Scallin (4:05:14): "NOOOOO!" Scallin runs to the flying cake in slow motion.
Scallin (4:05:27): He jumps into the air arms extended.
Tarran (4:05:47 PM): Tarran turns to watch, also in slow motion.
Scallin (4:06:31): Scallin catches the cake and lands flat on the floor.
Tarran (4:07:00 PM): Everything returns to normal speed.
Scallin (4:07:26): "Owee," Scallin says painfully.
Tarran (4:07:42 PM): Tarran dashes over to the otter.
Narrator (4:07:45 PM): "Urrr..." Mutters Loren.
Narrator (4:07:50 PM): "I caught 'em?"
Tarran (4:08:04 PM): "Are you Okay?"
Narrator (4:08:27 PM): "My prize cake!" laments the cook loudly, arriving at the scene.
Scallin (4:08:47): "I will be once i eat my---"
Tarran (4:08:33 PM): Tarran pulls the last piece of cake from Scallin's hand and lovingly scoffs it.
Tarran (4:09:09 PM): "I was talking to the cake."
Scallin (4:10:57): "Ehheh buh buh buh dah was muh muh my cake," Scallin says slowly.
Scallin (4:11:40): "I"ll kill you little mouse!!! You are going to pay fer this!!!!"
Tarran (4:12:14 PM): "Not anymore!" says Tarran, as he runs away like the ball of greased fur that he is.
Scallin (4:12:45): Scallin gives chase.
Narrator (4:13:16 PM): The cook looks dejectedly at the empty pan. "Oh well. I'll just have to make another." he mutters.
Scallin (4:13:23): "I'm gonna skin you alive! And then string your carcass up to dry!!!"
Scallin (4:13:48): Scallin overhears the cooks last remarks.
Tarran (4:14:05 PM): Tarran, too, has an acute sense of hearing.
Scallin (4:14:51): "Ah well, too show my apologees' think ye' need any 'elp with that cake sir?" Scallin says politely to the cook.
Tarran (4:15:03 PM): Tarran stops mid stride and dashes back to the cook.
Tarran (4:15:19 PM): "Kin I help too?"
Scallin (4:15:32): "No you may not!"
Narrator (4:15:35 PM): "Go after your friend, otter. I'll be fine on my own, though I'll be sure to bake you up a little cake all of your own."
Scallin (4:15:55): "Oh?!? Ye are so kind sir!"
Scallin (4:16:27): Scallin moves over to Tarran. "I will do just that."
Tarran (4:16:50 PM): "Come on, Scallin ole pal." Tarran attempts to put his arm around the big otter's shoulder. "We got plans to make."
Scallin (4:17:24): "Ye really tink I would do anything with you again after that???"
Tarran (4:18:07 PM): "After what?" ask's Tarran, his face the picture of innocence.
Scallin (4:18:38): "Well," Scallin looks to the floor. "I probably would have done the same thing. An' atleast I got pancakes... Okay Lets scheme."
Scallin (4:19:33): Thes time I will be the one who ends up eating all the cake! Scallin thinks.
Tarran (4:22:05 PM): Oh no you won't. thinks Tarran.
Tarran (4:29:30 PM): That would be cheating.
Narrator (4:29:49 PM): Suddenly, Loren shouts out to the two beasts, "Are you two coming to the council?"
Tarran (4:31:12 PM): "I suppose we need something to do while the cook makes the second cake." says Tarran. "I wanna come."
Scallin (4:31:13): "On yes! Near fergot," Scallin heads over to Loren. "On my way!" He then looks over to Tarran. I'll get my cake later...
Tarran (4:31:32 PM): Wanna bet? thinks Tarran.
Narrator (4:37:07 PM): And so, the two beasts disappeared into the Cavern hole with the others...