The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 6

Narrator (8:11:28 PM): It was a new day, and both parties of the questors had arrived. To their dismay, they had been given a scolding, a bath, and their beds. Many had not had a particularly good sleep, and woke up well before the breakfast bells.
Narrator (8:12:20 PM): Some of the questors lingered in the Great Hall, waiting around the entrance to the Cavern Hole, where the Abbey Elders were in a large confrence, deciding what to do.
Narrator (8:14:28 PM): They had been told that the elders knew that they had the emerald, yet all of the questors wondered why they weren't being ushered in, and why nobody had asked for it.
Narrator (8:14:48 PM): And so, they sat at the end of the table in the Great Hall again, discussing the future.
Silvren (8:15:22 PM): the seriously irritated fox snarls angrily at the badger mother "Why the heck did you burn my tunic?"
Silvren (8:16:07 PM): He looks at himself in a green habit. "How am I supposed to sneak up on anybeast like this?"
Weston (8:16:14 PM): Weston leans against the wall. "The good badger burnt your former clothing because it stank."
Ari (8:16:19 PM): Ari rubs her sleepy eyes. "It's too early for thinking," she mutters. "Why can't I just go to sleep?"
Silvren (8:16:35 PM): "Shut up, Weston."
Silvren (8:16:45 PM): "Least they let me keep my cloak..."
Scallin (8:17:03 PM): Scallin looks about excitingly. "I slept like a 'ittle baby lahst night."
Ari (8:17:14 PM): At the mention of his cloak, Ari stops rubbing her eyes and begins rubbing her nose.
Silvren (8:17:18 PM): Takes a bite of a flan in front of him. "The food's great though."
Weston (8:17:32 PM): Weston smiles lightly. "I envy you your sleep, Scallin. I fear my own slumber was somewhat less than sound."
Silvren (8:17:42 PM): He glares at Ari. "I wash my cloak I'll have you know..."
Silvren (8:18:00 PM): "I haven't slept soundly for a while...but last night's was satisfying..."
Scallin (8:18:12 PM): "I don't believe I 'ave slept in ah bed so soft in all me' day," Scallin says.
Weston (8:18:50 PM): Weston scratches at the bandage on his shoulder. "Loren, what do you know about the proceedings within?"
Silvren (8:19:19 PM): The fox smiles at the beasts around him, "Am I the only fox?" He asks.
Ari (8:19:22 PM): Ari frowns faintly. "Last night was strange. I slept with the broom under my pillow, I was so nervous."
Silvren (8:20:04 PM): The fox looks at Loren. "Any other foxes in this abbey?" he questions
Narrator (8:20:16 PM): The burly hedgehog moved slowly to face Weston. "T'ey're decidin' what to do about His Highness outside the gates."
Ari (8:20:28 PM): Ari snorts. "Not likely, Silvren."
Silvren (8:20:50 PM): Silvren mutters somethinmg about foxes alsways being discriminated against
Weston (8:20:53 PM): Weston's reply to the guard carried no small amount of conviction. "Give them this cursed stone."
Scallin (8:21:08 PM): "I'm 'ungray..." Scallin pats his stomach.
Narrator (8:21:18 PM): Loren ignores the fox, adding in a barely concealed whisper, "Frankly, I don't see why you put up wit' him. Foxes...ugh..."
Silvren (8:23:03 PM): The fox leans against the wall questioning Loren. "Not fond of foxes, are you?"
Scallin (8:23:54 PM): "An I'm not fond o' te' way wev'e been treated. Arn't we 'eroes?" Scallin speaks loudly, sounding somewhat distressed.
Narrator (8:23:56 PM): Loren continued to ignore the fox. "You're supposed to keep t'e stone. Dunno why. T'ats what T'ey want."
Silvren (8:24:07 PM): Silvren takes a bite of a raspberry muffin he stole from the kitchen.
Weston (8:24:19 PM): Weston, nervous, pulls out his poker and fences with his shadow. "I cannot fathom the reasons they may have."
Ari (8:24:20 PM): Ari gets up slowly, hardly aware of the conversation. "I wish we could just get rid of it." She pauses. "Any beast want some coffee?"
Silvren (8:24:29 PM): "Hello. Talking to you. Fox is addressing the guard..."
Scallin (8:24:34 PM): Scallin watches as Silvren slowly chews the muffin.
Silvren (8:24:36 PM): "Yes, Scallin. We are
Silvren (8:24:46 PM): "Stay away from my food..."
Silvren (8:25:22 PM): Silvren bites into the muffin again. "This is excellent!"
Weston (8:25:34 PM): Weston lunges, parries, and retreats, honing his skills with his weapon.
Silvren (8:25:52 PM): The fox finishes the muffin, draws his sword and walks up to Weston
Narrator (8:25:58 PM): Loren mutters something about "typical of his kind," avidly avoiding looking at the fox.
Ari (8:25:59 PM): The squirrel blinks sleepily. "No? Well, I'm going to go get some."
Silvren (8:26:00 PM): "Fancy a spar?"
Scallin (8:26:01 PM): Scallin looks about, and then speaks to Weston, "Where do dey keep te' food?"
Weston (8:26:25 PM): Weston's poker twists into a salute. "En guarde, sir!" The squirrel drops into a defensive stance and waits for the fox to make the first move.
Silvren (8:26:32 PM): Unable t contain himself anymore, Silvren kicks Loren in the back.
Ari (8:26:55 PM): Ari wanders off in the direction of the kitchen, limping slightly.
Narrator (8:27:07 PM): The needles poke into Silvren's paw, and the hedgehog clubs him towards the ground.
Scallin (8:27:08 PM): Scallin follows Ari.
Silvren (8:27:13 PM): "The fox screams in pain as several spikes lodge in his paw.
Weston (8:27:31 PM): Weston, somewhat dissapointed at this lack of the promised spar, heads for the kitchens as well.
Silvren (8:27:52 PM): After plucking the spikes out, raises his en guarde position. "I'm fine, Weston!
Scallin (8:28:07 PM): "Ari!? Ye' know 'where te' keep te' goods 'round 'ere?" Scallin smiles largly, showing off his teeth.
Weston (8:28:20 PM): Weston turns. "Very well. Defend thyself!" The squirrel rushes forward, stabbing with his poker.
Narrator (8:28:26 PM): "No ye're not, fox" says Loren ominously, pushing Silvren to the ground again
Silvren (8:28:28 PM): Silvren makes the first move striking with the flat of his sword at Weston's side
Silvren (8:28:53 PM): Silvren gasps in pain as he pushed forward, the poker stabbing him in chest
Ari (8:28:56 PM): Ari slaps her forehead. "Never lead an otter to the kitchen," she mutters, but continues towards the room. ""
Narrator (8:28:57 PM): "Ye're not allowed to spar or fight in t'e Hall."
Silvren (8:29:07 PM): The poker has missed his heart but hes wounded all the same
Weston (8:29:14 PM): Weston draws his poker back before it has the chance to do serious damage.
Silvren (8:29:47 PM): " was only...a spar...?" He gasps in pain, collapsing to the ground
Narrator (8:30:44 PM): "Smart, fox, smart. Ye're a vermin, Ye have a drawn weapon, and Ye're in the great hall fighting someone. Gotta be some kind of defect or something."
Weston (8:31:09 PM): Weston looks down at the fox. There's little blood. The squirrel kicks lightly at the fox. "Get up. Thou art not seriously injured."
Scallin (8:31:11 PM): Scallin and Ari arrive in the kitchen. Scallin looks about with wide eyes. His mouth turning into a wide grin.
Silvren (8:31:22 PM): The fox is talking quietly to himself. "Rellis, mother hurt me more than usual..."
Silvren (8:31:46 PM): He is talking to himself, telling of his pasr while he doesn't realize it
Ari (8:31:52 PM): Ari ignores him, and, still limping, drags herself over to a kettle.
Silvren (8:32:36 PM): Darkmoon took me to my room this know how he can be like...I've still got the scars from last time
Weston (8:32:44 PM): Disgusted, Weston turns away and goes back to leaning against the wall.
Silvren (8:33:14 PM): The fox's eyes snap open, vaguely aware of the blood on his habit. "What happened?"
Ari (8:33:29 PM): Mumbling, she drops a ridiculous amount of black powder into the seive, then puts some water on the stove.
Weston (8:33:29 PM): "You fell."
Narrator (8:33:30 PM): "Ye're an idiot."
Riala Goldentail (8:33:33 PM): Riala walks down the stairs from the dorms, refreshed from finally catching up on sleep, and blinks at the scene in the hall.
Scallin (8:33:37 PM): Scallin immediatly treats himself to some scones that were cooling. Between mouthfulls Scallin talks, "Mmph... tis ays 'ood stuffs... I 'ould eat a million o' tese."
Silvren (8:33:46 PM): "Why is their blood on my tunic then?"
Narrator (8:33:54 PM): "Ye're a big idiot"
Silvren (8:34:11 PM): "One more word, hog and you'll be out cold..."
Weston (8:34:17 PM): Weston smiles at Riala, ignoring Silvren. "Good morn to you, milady."
Narrator (8:34:25 PM): "Already happened to you, fox."
Silvren (8:34:28 PM): "Morning, Riala."
Ari (8:34:43 PM): She carelessly tears the seive, and a bit of paper falls onto the stove.
Silvren (8:35:06 PM): His frustration releases the form of a fist heading at Loren's face
Scallin (8:35:15 PM): "Whatcha makin' dare?" Scallin watches Ari, while eating the last of the scones.
Riala Goldentail (8:35:21 PM): "same to you, milord." Still the now-somewhat-automatic mocking of Weston's formality. "When did the other group get here?"
Ari (8:35:44 PM): Some powder falls from the hole.
Narrator (8:35:47 PM): The fox's paw hits Loren on the cheek. Infuriated, the hedgehog's club comes up and knocks the wind out of Silvren.
Weston (8:36:17 PM): "I know not. Are you hungry, Lady Riala?"
Ari (8:36:36 PM): She shuts her eyes and sits down on one of the nearby tables, unaware that the paper is beginning to catch.
Riala Goldentail (8:36:51 PM): She glances at Silvren and Loren, mingled irritation and amusement flashing in gold-brown eyes, then back to Weston. "Aye, that I am."
Scallin (8:36:59 PM): Scallin searches through cabinants looking for more edibles.
Silvren (8:37:12 PM): The fox doubles over, his fist moves up in an uppercut to Loren's jaw
Narrator (8:37:43 PM): Giving up with the club, Loren embraces the fox in a crushing bear-hug.
Weston (8:37:45 PM): Weston gestures towards the kitchen. "Come, then. Let us see if Lady Ari and sir Scallin have left us any food."
Silvren (8:38:14 PM): The fox ducks nimbly unde rthe hug, his footpaw shooting out to trip Loren
Riala Goldentail (8:38:39 PM): "Sounds good to me." She follows the other squirrel to the kitchen in obedience to her growling stomach's comands.
Ari (8:38:55 PM): A small fire is slowly making its way across the stove-top, fed by the spilt powder. Ari sniffs the warm air. "Mmm, Scallin," she mutters, eyes still closed. "Don't you love the smell of hot coffee?"
Silvren (8:39:03 PM): The fox moves away to Weston and Riala. "May I join you?"
Narrator (8:39:13 PM): At the hedgehog's grunts, and the sight of the fox, a few abbeybeasts come over to the commontion. "A fox!" one exclaims. "Get 'im!" says another. Together, five beasts pull the fox to the ground.
Scallin (8:39:18 PM): Scallin finds a bottle of October ale, and starts swigging it down, "MMM yes, smells good."
Silvren (8:39:25 PM): "I thought you were peaceful!"
Narrator (8:39:45 PM): "He's from the horde!" One yells, the other saying, "Get him, before he hurts anyone else!"
Silvren (8:39:49 PM): "I'd really hate to draw my sword against a redwaller but as this is going...
Silvren (8:39:59 PM): Silvren sputtersindignantly
Weston (8:40:00 PM): Weston, by now in the kitchen, knows nothing of the fox's predicament, nor does he see the flame on the stove. He starts to rifle through a cupboard.
Silvren (8:40:08 PM): EDIT: Sputters indignantly
Silvren (8:40:29 PM): "One final chance... Riala! I got the emerald! Tell them!
Riala Goldentail (8:40:48 PM): Riala is out of earshot in the kitchen, and the heavy oaken door is shut.
Narrator (8:40:50 PM): "He ain't got the emerald, Weston does." says Loren, massaging his cheek.
Silvren (8:40:58 PM): "Why are you creatures judging me becuase of my species?"
Ari (8:41:01 PM): Ari lays her head on the table. "Scallin, check if it's done yet, will you?"
Scallin (8:41:04 PM): Scallin is oblivious to the small fire and noses behind Weston, "Ahhh, I want some 'f what evay yer gettin."
Narrator (8:41:12 PM): "They're judging you because you attacked me, idiot."
Silvren (8:41:13 PM): "I got it from the eagle! I put a bolt in its throat!"
Silvren (8:41:24 PM): "You pushed me onto a poker!"
Scallin (8:41:37 PM): "Ah yes..." Scallin looks over to the stove. "Yikey!"
Silvren (8:41:37 PM): "You were prejudice from the moment I walked through those gates"
Riala Goldentail (8:41:40 PM): She sees the fire and picks up a pitcher of water, calmly pouring it over the flames.
Silvren (8:41:52 PM): "I would like to go eat now..."
Narrator (8:41:54 PM): The five abbeybeasts successfully disarm the fox, taking his sword far away.
Riala Goldentail (8:42:08 PM): "What's that stuff you're brewing, Ari?" she asks, wrinkling her nose. "Smells horrible."
Silvren (8:42:09 PM): Though they haven't realized it, they just crossed the line
Ari (8:42:11 PM): Ari's eyes blink open. "'s smokey in here, isn't it?" she observes.
Narrator (8:42:25 PM): "Listen, fox, out in the hordes, you can hit a beast and walk away, but 'ere, things happen to ye."
Riala Goldentail (8:42:36 PM): "Aye, but it's no problem. Just a little fire."
Silvren (8:42:41 PM): "That sword was a gift from the one I loved...before a wolf killed her. Give it back to me..."
Scallin (8:42:55 PM): "She is brewing Smoffee!"
Silvren (8:43:00 PM): "Please..."
Ari (8:43:01 PM): "It's coffee. 'S good. A little fire?"
Weston (8:43:04 PM): Weston turns around at the exclamation and the hissing sound of fire being doused. He takes in the situation, shrugs, and turns back to the cupboard. A moment later he comes up with a apple-raspberry-strawberry pie.
Narrator (8:43:12 PM): "Shouldn'a been attacking beasts, t'en, fox. He should be safe in the deep winecellars..."
Weston (8:43:19 PM): He offers the pie to Ari and Riala. "Would you like some?"
Silvren (8:43:29 PM): The fox smiles. "The catch me..."
Scallin (8:43:30 PM): Scallin's eyes nearly pop out at the sight of the pie.
Ari (8:43:31 PM): She smiles blearily. "Oops."
Ari (8:43:52 PM): "Oh, yes, pie. Yes, please. Thanks," she mutters again.
Riala Goldentail (8:43:56 PM): "Certainly," she says in response to the question about the pie, and casts about for a knife to cut it with.
Narrator (8:43:59 PM): The five abbeybeasts hold Silvren even harder.
Silvren (8:44:08 PM): "I'll ask say this once more. I'm trying to find somebeast i love, Hakari is a lead to that and I am hereto help you..."
Scallin (8:44:26 PM): Scallin grabs at Weston, "I want some! Iwant some! I want some!!!"
Silvren (8:44:45 PM): "If not for me, that emerald would probably be in that eagle's cave right now..."
Riala Goldentail (8:44:51 PM): She glances over at Ari when the squirrelmaid mutters her assent. "Not a morning person, Ari?"
Weston (8:44:54 PM): Weston promptly dances back, holding the pie above his head. "Patience, sir otter. Patience."
Narrator (8:45:05 PM): "We're not killin' ye, fox. A slight better bit than you had in store for us, I'd say." replied Loren.
Scallin (8:45:06 PM): Scallin starts hopping up and down.
Silvren (8:45:13 PM): "Unless your the 'goodbeasts' who's imprison acreature who is trying to help you
Silvren (8:45:25 PM): "I wouldn't kill innocnets. I was the innocent one once..."
Ari (8:45:35 PM): She waves a paw. "Not when I've had about two hours of sleep."
Weston (8:45:42 PM): Weston tries to ward off the otter with a light kick as he hands the pie off to Riala.
Narrator (8:45:47 PM): One of the mice holding Silvren cuffs the fox on his head. "Wake up, you! think of what you just did! For Martin's sake!"
Silvren (8:46:11 PM): "I lost my temper I dmit, I was punished for it by the spikes in my footpaws."
Silvren (8:46:33 PM): "Bt your friend nearly killed me by pushing me onto the poker"
Riala Goldentail (8:46:37 PM): She takes the pie and jumps to the rafters, crouching there with it and still looking for a knife.
Silvren (8:46:46 PM): "I would like to go eat now..."
Narrator (8:47:04 PM): "You challenged a goodbeast to a fight within the abbey, tried to disrupt a meeting of the elders, and almost attempted murder. you aren't going anywhere without allowance from high up."
Riala Goldentail (8:47:25 PM): "Wes, can you toss up a knife?" Riala asks, peering down at the other squirrel.
Silvren (8:47:28 PM): "Attempted murder? He almost killed me"
Scallin (8:47:30 PM): Scallin pulls at his fur. "Ohhh tey mister Weston sir! Might I please 'ave some."
Silvren (8:47:38 PM): "Fine then, let me see the abbot"
Narrator (8:47:40 PM): "You're fine, fox."
Silvren (8:47:58 PM): "Look at the blood on my tunic, and the wound."
Narrator (8:47:58 PM): "The abbot is in council, in case you've got your head in the ground."
Ari (8:48:10 PM): Ari gets up, and, despite her tired manner, hops nimbly up to the rafters as well. There are many things a squirrel will do for pie.
Silvren (8:48:28 PM): "You can even supervise me, I am quite hungry..."
Weston (8:48:35 PM): Weston looks at the other squirrel oddly. "'Wes'? Oh. Certainly." He grabs a knife and tosses it (handle upwards) to the other squirrel. This accomplished, he jumps up to the rafters as well.
Narrator (8:48:51 PM): "You are quite going to the back of the winecellars until you prove that you aren't going to kill anyone."
Silvren (8:49:03 PM): "No. I am not
Ari (8:49:06 PM): Ari licks her lips. "Oh, excellent," she mutters.
Scallin (8:49:29 PM): Scallin is no squirrel. He can not jump op to the rafters. He only looks up mournfully.
Silvren (8:49:44 PM): "I am going to help out here, abide by your laws. When this is over I'm going to resume searching for my wife..."
Narrator (8:49:53 PM): "You already broke our laws, fox!"
Weston (8:50:02 PM): Weston smiles shiftily. "Remember, we must save some for poor landbound sir Scallin. A full quarter." He looks at the pie and sniffs a couple times. "Or perhaps an eighth."
Silvren (8:50:07 PM): "I don't even know your laws and I have a name!"
Riala Goldentail (8:50:41 PM): She catches the knife and cuts the pie, handing it out plateless and pausing as she gets to Scallin's piece. "I don't know, he looks kind of hungry... maybe we ought to give him a quarter."
Narrator (8:50:45 PM): "But not a brain behind it. You know redwall is a place of peace. we told you so when you arrived. Ignorance does not allow you to do whatever you want."
Scallin (8:50:50 PM): Scallin's tounge hangs out of his mouth.
Silvren (8:50:54 PM): "I will abide by them as of now. Now every second i stay here, my wife is being subjected to horrific tortures."
Narrator (8:51:13 PM): "Shoulda thought about that before you went off attacking beasts, then, eh?"
Silvren (8:51:15 PM): "If I was a mouse or squirrell i'd be let off with a warning..."
Weston (8:51:26 PM): Weston looks down at the otter. "Mayhap you are right."
Narrator (8:51:36 PM): "If you were a mouse or squirrel, you'd still be going to the winecellars."
Riala Goldentail (8:51:38 PM): "Then again, he looks more thirsty than hungry. Perhaps he should have some water first?"
Narrator (8:51:55 PM): "And you wouldn't be given hope of getting out of punishment."
Silvren (8:52:02 PM): "And your creature should have thought about that before attempting to murder me."
Silvren (8:52:10 PM): "Becuase I am a fox."
Scallin (8:52:10 PM): "Yes... yes... yes!" Scallin starts hopping excitedly. "No water! Just pie!"
Riala Goldentail (8:52:14 PM): The hint of a grin touches the squirrel's face, a rare occurance. Maybe it was being in Redwall...
Narrator (8:52:41 PM): "Loren's job is to guard the Cavern Hole. He is allowed to defend himself and the entrance."
Weston (8:52:41 PM): "Mayhap," Weston muses, "he is overexcited. In which case, sweet foods should be with-held from him."
Silvren (8:53:02 PM): "I'm not asking to get off of this. Put me on probation or something. I am trying to help save your abbey!"
Silvren (8:53:12 PM): Loren attemptedto murde rme!"
Narrator (8:53:25 PM): "By attacking its beasts?"
Riala Goldentail (8:53:26 PM): "True, true. Sugar tends to make creatures a bit hyper."
Scallin (8:53:37 PM): "Nooo! Sweet foods good!" Scallin sits down on a chair and tries to look calm.
Ari (8:53:39 PM): Ari smiles slightly at the jesting, and leans back against the rafter end as she munches her slice.
Silvren (8:54:07 PM): "Repeat, I made a mistake, I am sorry, now please escort me to breakfast"
Weston (8:54:20 PM): "You see it, do you not? He is trembling. He shivers. I think he should report to the infirmary."
Riala Goldentail (8:55:03 PM): "Oh, aye, and have all sorts of distasteful medicines that're much better for him than pie."
Narrator (8:55:05 PM): "You'll be given breakfast in the winecellars. Come on now, be peaceful, and you won't look so much like an attcker..."
Narrator (8:55:32 PM): The five beasts began dragging Silvren down to the kitchens to go into the wine cellar.
Ari (8:55:41 PM): Already through with her slice, the squirrel offers a suggestion. "We could just toss him the crumbs, you know..."
Weston (8:55:41 PM): "Yes, yes, that is best, methinks. In the mean time, there is this last piece of pie to be eaten- and it is sinful to waste."
Silvren (8:55:48 PM): The fox walks ahead.
Riala Goldentail (8:56:20 PM): "What should we do with it?"
Silvren (8:56:30 PM): "I wish to see my friends..."
Weston (8:56:57 PM): "There is only one thing to do with pie," Weston comments, slicing the last piece three ways. "Eat it."
Scallin (8:57:13 PM): Scallin gets up and smiles. "I don't want it anyway."
Ari (8:57:25 PM): "Capital idea," Ari says, already more energetic.
Silvren (8:57:52 PM): The fox smiles at the abbeybeats. "I hope the deaths of innocent creatures don't bother you..."
Scallin (8:57:55 PM): He opens up another cabinet, and pulls out another pie.
Silvren (8:58:09 PM): "As many, many of them will die shortly."
Scallin (8:58:15 PM): "Ahhh, this looks good."
Riala Goldentail (8:58:17 PM): The squirrel laughs at Scallin's actions. "Clever, otter."
Narrator (8:58:19 PM): "Not much you can do about it, fox."
Silvren (8:58:30 PM): "If you'd let me go there is..."
Narrator (8:58:39 PM): The abbeybeasts continued herding Silvren towards the winecellar
Narrator (8:58:41 PM): "don't see how."
Silvren (8:58:48 PM): "I am trying to help you, you have been prejudiced to me since the moment I walked in...
Weston (8:58:53 PM): Weston finishes eating his pie, licks his fingers, and drops from the rafters. "Perchance the Elders have arrived at a decision, hmm? Shall we go look?"
Scallin (8:59:00 PM): "I ould share.... but.... nahh" Scallin starts feasting on the pie.
Silvren (8:59:01 PM): "Then stop for a minute and let me tell you!"
Narrator (8:59:13 PM): "Why don't you try as we go."
Ari (8:59:40 PM): Ari swallows down the last bit of pie and follows Weston.
Riala Goldentail (8:59:45 PM): She polishes off her portion of the pie. "Certainly." She swings down to the sandstone floor and stretches still-healing muscles.
Riala Goldentail (9:00:19 PM): Riala heads into the Great Hall along with Weston and Ari, glancing back at Scallin. "You coming?"
Scallin (9:00:24 PM): Scallin licks the last few crumbs of the pie off his fingers, and begins following the others.
Scallin (9:00:34 PM): "Coming!"
Silvren (9:01:10 PM): The fox suddenl;y drops to his knees in the middle of walking
Silvren (9:02:21 PM): "Are we at the cellar yet? I'll probably be safe there when the hord einvades"
Silvren (9:03:46 PM): The fox suddenly drops to the ground while hes walking
Silvren (9:05:03 PM): The fox pulls away quickly from the guards. His dark fur melding with the shadows
Silvren (9:05:31 PM): He quickly makes his way itwoards great hall
Narrator (9:05:49 PM): "Hey!" shouts one of the abbeybeasts. "Stop him!"
Silvren (9:05:53 PM): He walks in, takes a seat, in the shadows to avoid detection
Narrator (9:06:07 PM): "Bu-where'd he go?"
Silvren (9:06:14 PM): Waits for the council to start
Narrator (9:07:23 PM): Loren signals to Weston. "Sir Weston, the council is ready for you. Bring your group."
Weston (9:08:00 PM): Weston opens the door and paces solemnly. "We are gathered, Elders of Redwall. What is your command?"