The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 5

Narrator (8:17:19 PM): The next morning, camp broke. They agreed to go in two groups, in hopes of getting to redwall quicker, and to avoid strife between the more speciesist creatures.
Weston (8:19:31 PM): Weston feels the weight of the fabled Emerald banging against his chest as he trudges along. "It is my fervent hope that this journey ends soon."
Tarran (8:20:12 PM): Tarran saunters up to Weston "Kin I see that Emerald?"
Weston (8:20:33 PM): "Why, oh treacherous one, would I give a treasure such as that to you?"
Tarran (8:20:58 PM): "Jus' wanted t' see it." Tarran kicks at a small rock.
Sybul (8:20:59 PM): "Oi dearly 'opes you'm b'aint got plans furr 'ee em'ral, Tarr'n..."
Fendal (8:21:13 PM): "Ah, we're running out of food!!!" Fendal peers into the haversacks.
Riala Goldentail (8:21:14 PM): Amusement tugged at the corners of Riala's mouth as she walked ahead of the others, keeping a sharp eye out on their surroundings.
Riala Goldentail (8:21:30 PM): "We're in a forest, Fendal..." she says dryly.
Fendal (8:21:43 PM): "Oh, right!"
Riala Goldentail (8:21:59 PM): "It's not that hard to find food unless you've been cloistered in an abbey all your life."
Tarran (8:21:59 PM): "Plans? I just wanted t' lookat it."
Weston (8:22:13 PM): Weston smiles. "That, sir, is something I do not believe I should allow."
Tarran (8:22:29 PM): "I wasn' even gonna touch it."
Weston (8:23:08 PM): "That is entirely too bad. I will not allow it."
Tarran (8:23:49 PM): "Aww, why not? You're a silly Squirrel." Tarran wanders over to the haversacks.
Sybul (8:24:07 PM): "Tarr'n, whoi doan't you'm walk oop yurr wi' Oi?"
Tarran (8:24:18 PM): "OK"
Tarran (8:24:39 PM): "You're a nice mole, not nasty like some squirrels I know."
Tarran (8:24:57 PM): Tarran looks menacingly at Weston.
Weston (8:25:00 PM): Weston shrugs. "Oh? How many squirrels, prithee, do you know?"
Sybul (8:25:28 PM): "Tha's not wot 'ee liddle dubbuns says when et's barthtoime."
Tarran (8:25:34 PM): "Several, inculding you, an' the one who bashed me over the head."
(8:25:45 PM) NightStreak has entered the room.
Weston (8:25:56 PM): A rueful smirk perks up at the corner of Weston's mouth. "You deserved that."
Fendal (8:25:56 PM): Hiiiii!!!!!!
Riala Goldentail (8:26:15 PM): "I should say so," Riala said over her shoulder.
Tarran (8:26:27 PM): "I beat you fair an' square , I did."
Riala Goldentail (8:26:43 PM): She decides to stay out of it; there's really no arguing with idiots.
Weston (8:26:50 PM): Weston pulls his poker free. "Perhaps, then, you would care to spar once more?"
Tarran (8:27:13 PM): "I think not."
Sybul (8:27:26 PM): "Et wurr a draw, an' ef it wurrn't, then you'm see haow narsty moalers c'n be."
Tarran (8:27:29 PM): "I don't 'spar' with cheaters."
Weston (8:27:56 PM): Weston's eyes glint dangerously. "If you would care to step off the path with me and then repeat that?"
Sybul (8:28:13 PM): "OI THINK NOT, MAISTERS!"
Tarran (8:28:45 PM): "I would not cross swords with infants, nor the poorly trained." says Tarran, imitating Weston's mode of parlay.
Sybul (8:28:49 PM): Sybul is moody and anxious to be home, and doesn't want to be delayed.
Weston (8:29:02 PM): "I did not ask you to spar with yourself; rather with me."
Riala Goldentail (8:29:14 PM): With a grimace of exasperation, Riala turns and walks back to where the two are arguing. Again.
Riala Goldentail (8:29:35 PM): "Do you think you two could stop arguing at every bend on the trail?" she snaps.
Tarran (8:30:03 PM): "You wanna be clever, eh?" says Tarran to Weston.
Weston (8:30:24 PM): Weston raises his eyebrows. "You want to be, master Tarran. I already am."
Sybul (8:30:32 PM): Sybul moves next to Riala. "We'm cain't be late; you'm baint seen 'ee vurmints, Tarr'n."
Weston (8:30:52 PM): "But we have no time for this, O wretched one. Quickly, now."
NightStreak (8:31:07 PM): A pair of unkindly eyes watch from the shadows.
Tarran (8:31:17 PM): "Anytime." says Tarran, placing a hand on his sword.
Riala Goldentail (8:31:22 PM): "Childish...!" Riala shakes her head at the insulting match.
Weston (8:31:42 PM): Weston chuckles. "I meant, travel quickly. Our differences can be settled later."
Tarran (8:32:22 PM): "That's what I meant too. 'S'not my fault you can't understand reg'lar beasts."
Weston (8:32:37 PM): Weston looks both baffled and insulted, but declines to comment.
Sybul (8:32:43 PM): The fur on the nape of sybul's neck stands up, as if the party was being watched.
Fendal (8:33:05 PM): "What's wrong sybul?"
NightStreak (8:33:12 PM): A smirk grows on an unseen face.
Sybul (8:33:27 PM): "Oi jus' gorra bad feelin'. Noffin' a'tall."
(8:33:41 PM) Tarran has left the room.
Riala Goldentail (8:33:43 PM): "No, not nothing," Riala says quietly.
Riala Goldentail (8:34:02 PM): Gold-brown eyes scan the shadows, narrowed and intent.
Weston (8:34:07 PM): Weston's mood of jocularity vanishes completely. "What is it?" He asks quietly.
(8:34:19 PM) Tarran has entered the room.
Fendal (8:34:21 PM): The squirrel stops walking
Riala Goldentail (8:34:23 PM): "I feel it too... like we're being watched."
NightStreak (8:34:29 PM): A voice whispers, barely audible, "do they have anything worth the bother?"
Riala Goldentail (8:34:34 PM): "Could be nothing... could be something..."
Riala Goldentail (8:34:48 PM): Tufted ears twitch at the whisper of a voice, almost like the whisper of the wind.
Weston (8:34:55 PM): Weston, placing his trust in Riala's senses, bring his poker up into a defensive stance.
Tarran (8:34:56 PM): "You don' even have a real sword." mutters Tarran.
Weston (8:35:04 PM): "Hush."
Tarran (8:35:20 PM): Tarran draws his own sword, just to prove the point.
Sybul (8:35:26 PM): Sybul calls out, "Ef you'm done wi' 'ee shadow walkin', coom out, 'ooever you'm be."
Weston (8:35:41 PM): Weston grimaces. "There vanishes our element of surprise."
Sybul (8:35:43 PM): She brandishes a digging claw.
Fendal (8:36:03 PM): "I think they've already seen us."
Sybul (8:36:07 PM): "He's in 'ee bushes watcherin us'ns!"
Tarran (8:36:11 PM): Tarran brandishes a broadsword.
Riala Goldentail (8:36:24 PM): She pulls out her throwing club and her dagger. "Aye, but they hadn't known we knew they were there. Ah well."
NightStreak (8:36:26 PM): Slowly, silently, a composite bow is drawn. The voice whispers again, "to shoot, or not to shoot..."
Fendal (8:36:33 PM): Fendal unsheathes his short sword
Riala Goldentail (8:36:38 PM): "Spread out," Riala says quietly.
Weston (8:36:42 PM): Weston smiles grimly. "Into the trees, then."
Riala Goldentail (8:36:55 PM): "We don't know how many there are, or what weapons..."
Tarran (8:37:01 PM): Tarran edges to the rear of the group.
Weston (8:37:18 PM): "Anything is better than standing in a group. I shall take the left of the path."
Sybul (8:37:41 PM): Sybul grimaces at the mention of climbing trees. "Oi'll stay on 'ee grownd, thank'ee..."
Riala Goldentail (8:37:53 PM): Riala nods. "Take to the brush, the rest of you.... 'tis safer in cover."
Weston (8:38:17 PM): Weston vanishes into the foliage to the left of the path.
NightStreak (8:38:27 PM): The bow aims toward the rear, "which one, which one..." the voice whispers on.
Sybul (8:38:36 PM): With a last quick glance around, the molemaid heads to an especially thick patch of brush...
Riala Goldentail (8:38:37 PM): Riala climbs a nearby tree.
Fendal (8:38:40 PM): He scurries up a tree
Tarran (8:38:43 PM): "I'll stay with the mole." says Tarran, following her.
Riala Goldentail (8:39:05 PM): She hurries from limb to limb, eyes fixed on the ground, searching for that unseen presence.
Riala Goldentail (8:39:47 PM): Trust the mole's instincts; moles are more perceptive than the rest of us, many times...
NightStreak (8:41:09 PM): The bows pauses over a male mouse, "that's probably the one..."
NightStreak (8:42:09 PM): The string of the bow is released, the arrow flies straight.
Tarran (8:42:44 PM): Tarran sees it coming and stands still, too frightened to move.
Weston (8:42:51 PM): Weston's ears twitch in the direction of a bowstring twanging. Throwing caution to the winds, he rushes through the trees.
Sybul (8:43:11 PM): Sybul hears the arrow's whistle behind her, and turns to duck, but Tarran is in the way.
Sybul (8:43:37 PM): She knocks him down, But has no time to duck...
NightStreak (8:43:52 PM): Quickly the assassin withdraws, cursing at her unlucky shot.
Tarran (8:44:00 PM): Tarran's mouth opens(slightly) "But the squirrell has it! Not me!"
Weston (8:44:09 PM): Weston follows the now-evident sounds of the bow-beast.
Fendal (8:44:14 PM): Fendal watches in horror as an arrow seems to grow out of sybul.
Fendal (8:44:39 PM): He loses his grip and tumbles down the tree.
Sybul (8:44:40 PM): Sybul winces at the arrow now sticking out of her mid-shoulder.
NightStreak (8:44:48 PM): "Now they know where I am... Oh well, at least I've hindered them a bit."
Tarran (8:45:25 PM): Tarran looks for a moment at Sybul, then says(loudly) "Hey! Some nasty beast shot the mole!"
Riala Goldentail (8:45:36 PM): The thud of arrow into flesh catches Riala's ear, and she swears at the sight of Sybul. Her gaze follows the arrow's trajectory... There. She races in the direction the arrow had flown from, intent on killing the bowbeast.
NightStreak (8:46:24 PM): The assassin slithers through the brush, intent on making her escape.
Weston (8:47:04 PM): Weston puts a little too much strain on his injured arm and drops, yelling in pain, out of the trees onto the ground beneath.
Fendal (8:47:39 PM): Fendal runs to help Sybul.
Sybul (8:47:54 PM): The molemaid stares at the bleeding wound for a few moments before a strange feeling comes over her, as if she's falling into a deep hole...
Tarran (8:48:13 PM): Tarran immediately begins pulling at the arrow, Hoping that it was not poisoned.
Riala Goldentail (8:48:18 PM): Riala drops to the ground when she reaches the edge of the trees, searching for a sign of the bowbeast's passage...
Riala Goldentail (8:48:33 PM): ...when Weston hits the ground right in front of her.
Weston (8:48:53 PM): Weston, having fallen from some height, is quite naturally unconcious.
Fendal (8:48:56 PM): He rips a strip of cloth from his tunic and wraps it around Sybuls wound.
Tarran (8:49:16 PM): Tarran inspects the tip of the arrow.
NightStreak (8:49:21 PM): The assassin is sure of her escape, quickly she shoots an arrow high into the sky, on the arrow is a strip of bark with the name NightStreak scrawled in red.
Riala Goldentail (8:49:26 PM): Just destroyed all sign of the trail, I suppose...
NightStreak (8:51:06 PM): She slithers away as quickly and silently as possible. "I'll have to report this..." she groans, "but oh well, perhaps some other time..."
Riala Goldentail (8:53:46 PM): Riala prods the unconscious Weston with one scarred footpaw. "Wake up. I'm not carrying you back to the path, nor am I dragging you back."
Tarran (8:54:46 PM): Tarran checks Sybul's pulse. It's about the only first aid he knows.
Weston (8:54:47 PM): Weston awakes slowly. "Thou art as charming and gentle as always, Lady Riala- help me up, an it please you."
Riala Goldentail (8:55:32 PM): She shrugs and offers him a callused paw.
Riala Goldentail (8:55:56 PM): "I'm no lady, as I've said before, 'Lord' Weston." Her tone carries a mocking hint, especially on the title.
Weston (8:56:43 PM): "Those who deserve my respect, I refer to as Milady or Milord. You are part of that group."
Riala Goldentail (8:57:28 PM): "I suppose I ought to take that as a compliment," Riala says dryly as she helps him to his footpaws.
(9:01:09 PM) Tarran has left the room.
Riala Goldentail (9:02:04 PM): "Shall we return, milord Weston?" Riala asks, still somewhat mocking.
Weston (9:02:34 PM): Weston, infuriatingly, ignores the mocking overtones. "I believe we should. Milady."
(9:03:03 PM) Tarran has entered the room.
(9:03:29 PM) Sybul has left the room.
Fendal (9:03:40 PM): Fendal improvises a stretcher out of long sticks and a few empty haversacks.
Riala Goldentail (9:03:48 PM): So Riala and Weston head back to the group...
Riala Goldentail (9:05:39 PM): A flash of color catches the squirrel's eye as they are almost at the path.
Riala Goldentail (9:05:55 PM): Red? In summer...?
Riala Goldentail (9:06:09 PM): She bends down and picks up the arrow and the strip of bark that reads "NightStreak".
Weston (9:06:28 PM): "What is that, Riala?"
Riala Goldentail (9:06:54 PM): "Looks to be our friendly watcher's mark..."
(9:08:37 PM) Scallin has entered the room.
Riala Goldentail (9:08:39 PM): She hands the arrow and its slip of signed bark to Wes.
Weston (9:09:16 PM): Weston examines the arrow. "Foolish. I would not expect an assassin to leave a name when they also left victims alive."
Scallin (9:10:21 PM): Scallin returns from the woods after a good time spent foraging. "Ah, there ye' are. I've been lookin' all over for ye's."
Riala Goldentail (9:10:24 PM): "Foolish, and overconfident."
Tarran (9:10:58 PM): "Hullo." says Tarran, sadly. "They shot Sybul."
Weston (9:11:03 PM): "Indeed. Mayhap we should teach this knave the error of their ways."
Fendal (9:11:09 PM): "Can you help me carry sybul?"
Riala Goldentail (9:11:24 PM): She smiles thinly, a rarity from Riala. "Aye."
Riala Goldentail (9:12:53 PM): They reach the path and the group at last.
Scallin (9:13:11 PM): Scallin looks around at the members of the group. "What happened 'ere?!"
Tarran (9:13:43 PM): "Nasty squirrels. Look what happened to the nice mole." says Tarran.
Scallin (9:14:03 PM): "Is Sybul ok?" the otter says worriedly.
Fendal (9:14:10 PM): "Well then help me carry her" Fendal says to tarran.
Riala Goldentail (9:14:34 PM): Riala takes in the sight of a bandaged Sybul on a stretcher and her gaze turns hard.
Tarran (9:14:41 PM): "Can't, I'm not strong enough." says Tarran.
Riala Goldentail (9:14:53 PM): She glances back to where the assassin had been, eyes narrowing.
Riala Goldentail (9:15:07 PM): This bowbeast will learn the error of his ways...
Scallin (9:15:10 PM): "Dat's te' last time I go off foragin' and get meself lost."
Weston (9:15:11 PM): Weston's eyes turn dark. Sybul came from Redwall with himself and Ari. This was personal.
Riala Goldentail (9:16:15 PM): "We're a day away from Redwall," she says, voice cold.
Weston (9:16:46 PM): Weston's gaze roves to the forested lands. "Somebeast else must take the Emerald. I go hunting this day."
Tarran (9:17:04 PM): "I'll take it!" shouts Tarran, eagerly.
Fendal (9:17:10 PM): He grasps the stretcher and tries to drag the molemaid by himself.
Riala Goldentail (9:17:53 PM): Riala grimaces. "I was going to do the Same, milord..." and again that mocking tone "...but I had better stay with these."
Scallin (9:18:05 PM): Scallin watches as Fendal struggles with dragging Sybul. "I'll 'elp ye' with 'at me friend."
Fendal (9:18:22 PM): "Thank ye, scallin."
Riala Goldentail (9:18:50 PM): Her voice lowers to reach Weston's ears alone. "I don't believe Scallin and Fendal can control Tarran well enough."
Weston (9:18:44 PM): "I had thought thy eyes sharper than that, Milady. The small one is little trouble if you leave him his sword and his vanity."
Riala Goldentail (9:20:43 PM): "I'll take the Emerald to Redwall."
Riala Goldentail (9:20:52 PM): "If you'll trust me with it."
Weston (9:21:21 PM): "Nay. 'Tis not that I do not trust you, but I, for one, could use the help on this hunt. I say we give it to Scallin or Fendal."
Riala Goldentail (9:23:01 PM): "And leave them alone?"
Riala Goldentail (9:23:12 PM): "Scallin and Fendal have their paws full carrying Sybul's stretcher."
Riala Goldentail (9:23:24 PM): "That leaves Tarran as the only one to defend if that bowbeast returns."
Fendal (9:23:43 PM): "We can put the emerald on the stretcher next to sybul."
Tarran (9:23:44 PM): Tarran decides that the present company hates him, and walks moodily away from the no good goodbeasts.
Weston (9:24:21 PM): "We shall be hunting the bow-beast, Riala- he cannot attack again."
Scallin (9:24:35 PM): "I wish I could've been here when ye' were a fightin'," Scallin says to Fendal. "I feel in a way dat I let ye' all down."
Riala Goldentail (9:24:42 PM): "He could slip by us."
Riala Goldentail (9:24:54 PM): "We cannot cover the entire woodlands, not the two of us, not an army."
Fendal (9:25:08 PM): "None of us really could've helped, it was sorta a hit and run attack." fendal replies bak to scallin.
Weston (9:25:27 PM): "Loathe though I am to admit it, thou'rt correct. Very well. We remain here... But when we return to Redwall..."
Riala Goldentail (9:25:45 PM): "Aye."
Scallin (9:25:59 PM): "But still...." Scallin begins angrily, but stops.
Weston (9:26:21 PM): Weston smiles grimly to himself. Were I you, Nightstreak the assassin, I would not sleep well.
Tarran (9:26:35 PM): Tarran, by this time has wandered rather far ahead of the group.
NightStreak (9:28:09 PM): The assassin lies in wait down the road, knowing there is another chance to be had.
Tarran (9:28:52 PM): Tarran, unaware of the sinister presence, stops to pick a mushroom or two from a patch at the side of the road.
Riala Goldentail (9:28:53 PM): "It may be a good idea to scout ahead, though..." She glances over her shoulder where the assassin had fired the arrow from. "He may come back."
Scallin (9:29:22 PM): Scallin slows down a little. "Ye' all go ahead. I must speak with Fendal."
Weston (9:29:43 PM): Weston nods. "As you require, sirrah."
Fendal (9:30:00 PM): "What is it, Scallin?"
Riala Goldentail (9:30:03 PM): "Very well." Riala takes Scallin's side of the stretcher.
NightStreak (9:30:28 PM): Again the assassin bends her bow, aiming at the mouse.
Scallin (9:31:05 PM): Scallin waits until the others pass a corner. "Fendal... I trust ye', ye' know."
Weston (9:31:06 PM): Weston takes the other end of the stretcher.
Riala Goldentail (9:31:37 PM): The two squirrels head off down the trail.
NightStreak (9:31:40 PM): The arrow releases. "No one to jump in the way this time mouse!" a voice whispers excitedly.
Fendal (9:32:02 PM): "Yes....I trust you too Scallin."
Tarran (9:32:10 PM): Tarran decides that he has enough mushrooms, and walks briskly off.
Scallin (9:32:32 PM): "I am glad tey ere dat Fendal, I need your help with something."
Fendal (9:32:49 PM): "Need help with what?"
Scallin (9:34:22 PM): "You will see Fendal, you will see."
Fendal (9:34:45 PM): "When?"
Tarran (9:34:48 PM): The arrow thuds harmlessly into the ground, on account of Tarran having picked all the mushrooms and left.
Scallin (9:35:55 PM): "Hmm... no to worry 'bout dat. We must catch up wit dey others," Scallin says.
NightStreak (9:36:00 PM): The assassin changes position so as not to be detected.
Fendal (9:36:32 PM): "Alright." The squirrel hurries up to the rest of the group.
Riala Goldentail (9:36:44 PM): Riala stops abruptly at the sight of an arrow in the ground.
Scallin (9:36:48 PM): Scallin follows Fendal.
Weston (9:37:02 PM): Weston, still walking, gets the poles of the stretcher right in the gut.
NightStreak (9:37:20 PM): Another arrow is aimed, this time at Riala.
Riala Goldentail (9:37:52 PM): "Sorry," but it's spoken curtly, distractedly. "The bowbeast's been here."
NightStreak (9:38:16 PM): The arrow is released!
Tarran (9:38:37 PM): Tarran, tired of walking, sits down on a sunny spot of grass, and has a nap. (on account of the mushrooms being finished.)
Fendal (9:38:40 PM): Fendal sees an arrow appear out of the brush.
Weston (9:38:41 PM): Weston straightens. "Little pain, less blame. Whence came the arrow?" Weston's sentence is barely finished before he leaps across the stretcher to tackle Riala.
Riala Goldentail (9:39:21 PM): Caught off guard, Riala is knocked to the ground, surprised.
Tarran (9:39:35 PM): Tarran snores.
Scallin (9:39:40 PM): Scallin catches up with the others just in time to see Riala tackled.
NightStreak (9:39:49 PM): The assassin curses. These beasts must be more alert than most.
Weston (9:39:53 PM): The arrow tears the bandage off Weston's shoulder, re-opens his wound, and slices a thin gash across the back of his head.
Scallin (9:40:02 PM): "Fendal! Gey down an' stay ere."
Fendal (9:40:20 PM): He follows Scallins orders.
Riala Goldentail (9:40:59 PM): "What in the...?"
Weston (9:41:15 PM): Weston, ignoring his pain, rolls off the path and bounds into the forest. "I am Weston of Redwaaaaaaaaaaaallllll!"
Riala Goldentail (9:41:16 PM): The thud of the arrow into a nearby tree silences her.
Riala Goldentail (9:41:29 PM): The assassin!
Riala Goldentail (9:41:49 PM): She leaps up, roce and dagger springing into her paws, and follows Weston.
Tarran (9:41:49 PM): Tarran rolls over and sneezes.
NightStreak (9:41:50 PM): The assassin shoots again, hoping to create pandemonium.
Weston (9:42:19 PM): The arrow, badly aimed, whips past Weston as he charges the assassin, eyes blazing.
NightStreak (9:42:45 PM): The assassin moves quickly, drawing a dagger and slinking back into the shadows.
Weston (9:43:46 PM): Weston is, by now, close enough that the assassin is visible. He lunges at the retreating beast with his poker.
NightStreak (9:44:10 PM): The assassin reacts to the lunge, parrying with her dagger.
Riala Goldentail (9:44:18 PM): Riala is close on his heels but seeing that he's encountered the assassin, she hangs back, waiting.
Tarran (9:44:18 PM): Tarran, who is far from the action, continues to slumber, blissfully unaware of the goings on mere meters behind him.
Riala Goldentail (9:44:49 PM): The overly-honorable Weston probably wouldn't appreciate help, not when it would mean doubling up against an enemy.
Fendal (9:44:52 PM): Fendal runs to the stretcher.
Riala Goldentail (9:44:53 PM): But if he fails...
Scallin (9:44:57 PM): Scallin runs ahead trying to get to the others.
Weston (9:44:58 PM): Weston's poker slides to one side and his momentum carries him up close to the assassin. Their weapons are locked off to one side. "You," Weston pants, "Are going to die."
NightStreak (9:45:25 PM): Ducking low the assassin grabs a knife with her other paw, swiftly stabbing at the squirrel.
Weston (9:45:58 PM): Weston reacts by twisting out of the way; however, the cord on which the Emerald hangs is cut and it thuds to the ground.
NightStreak (9:46:06 PM): Close, so close to the emerald.
Weston (9:46:11 PM): "Riala! Take the stone!"
Riala Goldentail (9:46:33 PM): Riala springs forth immediately, paw closing about the emerald.
Scallin (9:46:40 PM): Scallin bounds in suddenly, reacting slowly to the scene.
Fendal (9:46:44 PM): He hears the sound of a struggle from the foliage and heads over toward the source of the it.
NightStreak (9:46:56 PM): The assassin delivers a quick kick to the other squirrel's stomach.
Weston (9:47:21 PM): Weston takes advantage of the assassin's distraction to swing his poker in a sweeping blow at her face.
Scallin (9:47:37 PM): The otter unsheathes his sword and and stands out of the assasins range, his mind quickly racing.
Riala Goldentail (9:47:53 PM): The air whooshes out of her lungs but she keeps her head and her hold, rolling to her feet and getting out of the way of the duel.
Fendal (9:48:07 PM): Fendal appears behind Scallin brandishing his sword.
NightStreak (9:48:11 PM): The assassin grunts in pain, "I may die, but you won't kill me!"
Riala Goldentail (9:48:22 PM): She walks over to Scallin and Fendal, shaking her head. "Don't join in... this is Weston's fight."
NightStreak (9:48:39 PM): The assassin brings her knife next to her throat.
Weston (9:49:15 PM): Weston's face is impassive. "You struck without honor, scum. Twice. For that, I will do what I can to see you suffer."
Weston (9:49:31 PM): The poker swings in an attempt to disarm the ferret.
NightStreak (9:50:20 PM): Her dagger still locked with Wes' weapon, "you fight well, my vanquisher!"
NightStreak (9:50:56 PM): "But perhaps it would be wiser to capture than to kill!"
Tarran (9:50:58 PM): The sweet little slumbering mouse yawns and rises. The nap had obviously done him good, for he appeared to be in a much more amiable mood(were that possible)
Weston (9:51:05 PM): "I give you, now, a chance- Yield, and I shall spare thy miserable life."
NightStreak (9:51:38 PM): "I yield, take me where you will, I have valuable information for you beasts."
Riala Goldentail (9:51:42 PM): Fool... Riala grimaces at Weston's continuing sense of honor.
Riala Goldentail (9:51:58 PM): But nothing to be done for it...
Fendal (9:52:18 PM): yeah
Tarran (9:52:21 PM): Wondering what's become of the others, Tarran retraces his steps.
Weston (9:52:25 PM): Weston knocks the dagger from the ferret's paw. He nods to Riala. "Search her for weapons, an it please you, Milady. Quickly, for we must return home."
Riala Goldentail (9:52:57 PM): "Aye, very well, milord," she replies dryly, and expertly searches the ferret.
NightStreak (9:53:01 PM): "Thank you, you will not regret your decision as I am not one to be bound by the ways of vermin."
Tarran (9:53:25 PM): Tarran survey's the scene impassively. "So, you got into another fight, did ya?"
Riala Goldentail (9:53:36 PM): Riala snorts at that comment as she takes the ferret's dagger, bow, arrows...
Tarran (9:53:43 PM): "Nasty Squirrels, always fighting."
Weston (9:53:46 PM): "Nobeast can see the future, ferret. Whether I regret mine decision is a matter of time and thy honor."
Scallin (9:53:49 PM): Scallin sheathes his sword, "Thank the Great Seas dat no one got hurt."
Riala Goldentail (9:53:52 PM): ...and any other weapons and lockpicks and the like that the assassin might have on her.
Narrator (9:54:05 PM): The sun is sinking towards the horizon again. The group might just barely make it to redwall in time to save their home...
Riala Goldentail (9:54:41 PM): "We'd best hurry now," she says.
Riala Goldentail (9:54:56 PM): "Didn't those vermin give a time limit for the Emerald to be returned...?"
Scallin (9:55:02 PM): "To Redwall!" Scallin strikes a pose.
Tarran (9:55:04 PM): "I suppose we're gonna bring the vermin along. Vermin huggers."
NightStreak (9:55:17 PM): "I will be of no hindrance."
Tarran (9:55:36 PM): "And my name's Matthias."
Fendal (9:55:54 PM): "Aye, to Redwall, to food!!"
Tarran (9:56:23 PM): Tarran was not very fond of the vermin types, to put it mildly.
Riala Goldentail (9:56:31 PM): Riala hands the emerald to Weston and cuts a portion of the cord on her throwing stick, tying the ferret's paws behind her back with it.
Riala Goldentail (9:56:46 PM): "You'd better hurry that up to Redwall, milord."
Tarran (9:57:09 PM): He was, however, fond of food. "To the food!" he shouted, and walked briskly in the direction thereof.
Weston (9:57:14 PM): Weston replaces the emerald around his neck. "Indeed. Let us go- milady." Weston looks into Riala's eyes and the corners of his mouth quirk into a smile.
Riala Goldentail (9:57:55 PM): Answering amusement glints in gold-brown eyes, and Riala shakes her head. "Let's go." She gives the ferret a push. "Come on, ferret."
NightStreak (9:58:00 PM): Hm, I haven't been captured in a long time. We'll see how this one turns out. NightStreak muses.
Narrator (9:58:28 PM): Soon, the group had arrived at one of the minor gates into the great abbey of Redwall.
Scallin (9:58:54 PM): Scallin licks his lips at the site of the great Abbey.
Riala Goldentail (9:59:06 PM): "It's been a while since I've been here," Riala comments, looking up at the vast sandstone walls.
Tarran (9:59:19 PM): "So this is the place?" says Tarran "Not very big, is it?"
Weston (9:59:19 PM): Weston looks up and smiles broadly. "Welcome to Redwall Abbey." My home.
Scallin (9:59:21 PM): "It 'as been to long since I have had a decent meal."
NightStreak (9:59:41 PM): "Quite impressive" the ferret comments in a passive voice.
Tarran (10:00:12 PM): "Ah, Scallin my old friend. You're talking to my ears now." Tarran licks his lips.
Riala Goldentail (10:00:42 PM): "Better get that Emerald to the vermin, then?"
Fendal (10:00:50 PM): Fendal can hear his stomach groan.
Weston (10:01:01 PM): Weston draws his poker and slams it against the gates. "Hello the Abbey! Is anybeast here?"
Tarran (10:01:09 PM): Tarran can hear Fendal's stomach groan.
Scallin (10:01:18 PM): "An how do ye' know they won't jest take it, an den fo on wit der business," Scallin asks.
Riala Goldentail (10:02:07 PM): "I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they do," she says.
Narrator (10:02:05 PM): The door creaks open. "Weston? Bu-we-ah, er...come in." says a voice, opening the gate all the way.
Weston (10:02:48 PM): Weston tucks his poker back into his belt. "My thanks, gatekeeper."