The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 4

Narrator (8:14:45 PM): Farther down the path from the questors, two figures appear. They aren't really talking, but as they come closer to the wounded beasts, they realize that the creatures need healing, and run foward.
Shredcoat (8:15:15 PM): "HAHA THE OATCAKE OF IVANEYE!"
Ari (8:15:33 PM): Ari's eyes widen as it dawns on her. "Are those...?" she gasps.
Fendal(8:16:21 PM): "Who are you?" fendal says to ari
Narrator (8:16:47 PM): A vole waddles alongside the squirrel as they rush foward.
Shredcoat (8:16:59 PM): "LOOK! I'M A BAT!"
Ari (8:17:04 PM): Ari sizes him up with a quick glance. "I'm Ari. I'm either your friend or your enemy. Are you with my friends?"
Shredcoat (8:17:20 PM): Shredcoat starts acting like a bat.
Fendal(8:17:24 PM): "Yes"
Rudda(8:17:37 PM): "Me poor noggin,its terribly sore." Rudda mumbles
Weston (8:18:03 PM): Weston sits up and calls out weakly. "Ari..."
Ari (8:18:04 PM): She looks around, memoentarily quiet. "What in all seasons happened here?"
Ari (8:18:37 PM): Ari hears her name. "Weston?"
Fendal(8:18:38 PM): "ambush"
Shredcoat (8:19:07 PM): "Ambush? No, I think it was a blueberry bush."
Weston (8:19:17 PM): "Ari... over... here."
Tarran (8:19:38 PM): "Sword..." says Tarran "My sword..." He sits up and coughs up black flegm mixed with blood. This bit of business completed he lies back down and continues rocking.
Ari (8:19:54 PM): Ari runs over to Weston. "You're pretty banged up," she mutters, stating the obvious.
Narrator (8:20:39 PM): The vole rushes over to Tarran, who seems to be hurt badly.
Weston (8:20:53 PM): "Yes, I suppose... I am. But, Ari, there is something...." He gasps. "Something more... important than my... wounds. We've been... gone from Redwall for.... three days. But the rats..."
Ari (8:20:53 PM): Ari arches an eyebrow at the slain eagle. "What happened here?"
Narrator (8:21:00 PM): "what happened to you, lad?" he asks.
Tarran (8:21:29 PM): "It's my Sword, you can't have it." screams Tarran.
Weston (8:21:39 PM): Weston gasps for breath and continues. "The rats... at Redwall... They said they'd... burn the abbey in a week."
Narrator (8:21:43 PM): "ah. ah, good. um...but what happened?"
Shredcoat (8:22:06 PM): "I'm a flippin hare, wot wot."
Ari (8:22:25 PM): Ari reaches for the broom instinctively. "Burn it?" she cries.
Narrator (8:22:32 PM): the vole turns his head to look at the stoat, who seems to be living happily in his own world.
Shredcoat (8:22:33 PM): "Burr oi. Oi bees a mole hare, wot wot."
Weston (8:22:54 PM): "If they didn't... get the emerald. And it took us.... three days to get out here, so it.... will probably take as long on the way back."
Tarran (8:23:19 PM): "You can't take it, It's mine"
Scallin (8:23:22 PM): Scallin opens his eyes, and stares at the sun. He lets out a sigh and tries to stand up.
Ari (8:23:38 PM): Ari pauses to think. "We need a bird," she mutters, eyeing the eagle.
Fendal(8:23:40 PM): "Scallin, you're finally awake!!"
Narrator (8:23:45 PM): "Rather. okay, does this hurt?" the vole asks as he prods Tarran's stomach
Tarran (8:23:51 PM): "Nasty Ferret tried to take it from me, kicked me."
Shredcoat (8:24:07 PM): "Oh I say!"
Shredcoat (8:24:17 PM): "Who's a ferret?"
Fendal(8:24:25 PM): The squirrel heads over to scallin and helps him up
Tarran (8:24:26 PM): "But he's dead now. And it's MINE!" Tarran screams in pain as the Vole pokes him.
Shredcoat (8:24:28 PM): "Wot wot."
Shredcoat (8:24:37 PM): "Who's dead?"
Weston (8:24:43 PM): Weston closes his eyes and slumps back against the eagle's body.
Shredcoat (8:24:49 PM): "I'm dead?!"
Narrator (8:24:57 PM): the vole shakes his head. this was going to be a long day.
Shredcoat (8:25:01 PM): "LOOK EVERYONE! I'M DEAD!"
Rudda(8:25:20 PM): "Be quiet nasty vermin!,as Rudda begins to fell a bit better
Tarran (8:25:21 PM): "Yes, that hurts stop it, nasty Vole." Tarran spits in the Vole's eye.
Ari (8:25:25 PM): Ari pauses for a moment to rip the hemming off her skirt and stuff it in the stoat's mouth.
Scallin (8:25:27 PM): Scallin stands up fully. "Thank ye' Fendal. Could someone please shut that ferret up?"
Shredcoat (8:26:04 PM): "I'M NOT A FERRRET"
Rudda(8:26:09 PM): "i think another blow to the head could kill him"
Shredcoat (8:26:18 PM): "I'M A MOLE-HARE"
Narrator (8:26:20 PM): The vole steps back from the mouse, "well, hmmm. if that's what you like. dying is, you know, fun."
Fendal(8:26:30 PM): "He still needs questioning though."
Scallin (8:26:42 PM): Scallin walk over to the ferret.
Tarran (8:26:44 PM): "You gonna kill me. Nasty vole."
Shredcoat (8:27:24 PM): "Burr aye, wot wot?"
Narrator (8:27:30 PM): The vole rummages around in his pack, pulls out a small bottle, and forcibly pours it down Tarran's throat.
Ari (8:27:44 PM): Ari looks at Fendal with a bit of distaste. "What use is he for questioning? Look at him!"
Shredcoat (8:28:06 PM): "THE OATCAKE OF IVANEYE!"
Riala Goldentail (8:28:09 PM): Riala stirs from where she'd fallen unconscious against the eagle's side, lids cracking open the slightest bit, tufted ears laying back against her head at all the noise that assaulted her already throbbing skull.
Tarran (8:28:21 PM): "Ack!" Tarran spits half of it out "I don't want no med'cin."
Fendal(8:28:30 PM): "I guess you're right" he answers back at ari
Ari (8:28:52 PM): Ari sits down by Weston and Riala.
Rudda(8:28:59 PM): "its good for you"saysthe bandaged otter
Scallin (8:29:02 PM): Scallin turns, and walks out of the clearing.
Riala Goldentail (8:29:07 PM): She blinks in slow confusion at the sight of Ari. "When... did you... get here?"
Ari (8:29:10 PM): "Of course I am," she mutters.
Narrator (8:29:29 PM): The vole moves away from the mouse, and begins bandaging up Weston and Riala.
Ari (8:29:45 PM): "Oh...I was scouting, and...I got lost." She looks at the vole to tell the rest.
Weston (8:29:54 PM): One of Weston's eyes opens slowly. "Thank you."
Rudda(8:30:16 PM): "I've fixed meself thanks"
Scallin (8:30:30 PM): The otter leans up against a tree away from the others. "More o' em? Tis is gettin better all te time," he mutters to himself.
Riala Goldentail (8:30:36 PM): A slight nod, all the slighter for the dizziness it causes, is Riala's thanks to the vole.
Tarran (8:30:41 PM): "No, 's not. 's no good medicine." Tarran's eyes begin to droop.
Rudda(8:31:02 PM): "The hurtOtter rises slowly and starts to pace"
Weston (8:31:04 PM): Weston's eye shuts again.
Shredcoat (8:31:05 PM): "I'm hungry." Shredcoat is looking at a map that was in his tunic, trying to find out where the Oatcake Of Ivaneye is.
Narrator (8:31:17 PM): "Yes, hmmm. I found Ari not to long after she left you, I think. We did, hmmm...double back, but to no real avail. So, we went up after you...."
Tarran (8:31:29 PM): "Don't...want....It's...mine." Tarran shuts his eyes and begins to snore. The sword drops from his hand.
Scallin (8:31:35 PM): Scallin emerges from the brush, and eyes the stoat suspiciously.
Rudda(8:31:43 PM): "don't let him eat it! It could be a clue!
Shredcoat (8:31:50 PM): Shredcoat is reading the map upside down.
Fendal(8:32:00 PM): "Gimme that map" Quickly grabs the map from the stoat
Shredcoat (8:32:18 PM): "GIVE IT BACK!"
Shredcoat (8:32:23 PM): "Please."
Fendal(8:32:30 PM): "No!"
Scallin (8:32:38 PM): Scallin punches the stoat with his good hand.
Riala Goldentail (8:32:42 PM): "Who's... the vole?"
Fendal(8:32:58 PM): Fendal starts examining the map
Shredcoat (8:33:02 PM): Shredcoat ducks the punch.
Ari (8:33:06 PM): Ari nods with the vole and falls silent again, waiting for Riala and Weston to wake up. "I'm sorry I wasn't here to help.." she mutters regretfully.
Narrator (8:33:16 PM): "I am, hm....Danfur. of mossflower"
Scallin (8:33:30 PM): Scallin looks over Fendals shoulder. "Where do ye' tink we are on tis thing?"
Shredcoat (8:33:46 PM): "You just want the oatcake for yourself!"
Weston (8:34:06 PM): Weston's ear twitches. "Already forgiven.... Milady Ari. Here, help me... up." Weston attempts to rise.
Fendal(8:34:06 PM): "Right here on this clearing" he points somewhere on the map
Rudda(8:34:36 PM): "no we'll let ye halve half." Rudda bribes.
Shredcoat (8:34:40 PM): "GIMME MY MAP!"
Shredcoat (8:34:55 PM): "THE GRAN' MAHA RAJAH GIV IT TO ME!"
Ari (8:35:03 PM): Ari puts Weston's arm over her shoulder and begins to falteringly help him get up.
Shredcoat (8:35:11 PM): "Wot wot, burr aye."
Scallin (8:35:13 PM): The large otter gives the stoat a quick punch to the head. "Shut up!"
Shredcoat (8:35:24 PM): Shredcoat ducks the punch.
Narrator (8:35:30 PM): "Ah, ah, need for that."
Fendal(8:35:37 PM): Fendal moves the map up, right out of the stoats reach
Shredcoat (8:35:40 PM): "Tut tut! Such manners!"
Weston (8:35:53 PM): Weston, staggering slightly, manages to rise. He leans back against the eagle's corpse, examining his arm.
Shredcoat (8:35:54 PM): Shredcoat aims a kick at Fendal's stomach.
Weston (8:36:30 PM): Weston's arm is currently around Ari's shoulders. With a slight frown, he switches his attention to his injured arm.
Ari (8:37:03 PM): Ari, in spite of the shocking news, manages to find humor in something. A small giggle escapes her lips as she watches the other beast's antics.
Tarran (8:37:19 PM): " funny." mutters Tarran, he coughs up more blood. He is fading quickly.
Riala Goldentail (8:37:41 PM): The squirrel watches through half-lidded eyes and mild amusement as Ari helps Weston up. Perhaps she ought to try to stand as well? She's not much help to anyone sitting on the ground against a merely unconscious bird...
Weston (8:38:17 PM): Weston disentangles himself from Ari. "I'll be... fine. I just lost some blood. And got some bruises." This said, Weston devotes his attention to not blacking out.
Fendal(8:39:18 PM): Fendal leaps out of the way
Shredcoat (8:40:03 PM): Shredcoat aims a punch at Fendal's head.
Ari (8:40:06 PM): Ari smiles faintly at Weston's understatement. "Some blood? I'd say you lost more than that."
Scallin (8:40:47 PM): Scallin walks over to one of the fallen stoats from the previous battle. He picks up a sword and examines it. "Ye' won't be needin tis anymore." He grabs the belt and sheath and straps it on to his waist.
Shredcoat (8:41:07 PM): Shredcoat turns to look at Scallin.
Shredcoat (8:41:28 PM): "THAT'S ROTNOSE'S!!"
Fendal(8:41:40 PM): Fendal takes this oppurtunity to kick Shredcoat in the back
Shredcoat (8:41:57 PM): Shredcoat goes flying and loses another two teeth.
Ari (8:42:39 PM): Ari sits down, and immediately gets up again. "What can I do to help?" she asks Danfur.
Shredcoat (8:43:13 PM): Shredcoat gets up and runs at fendal and aims a kick at his throat.
Narrator (8:43:21 PM): "well, if you can do anything to that mouse, I'd be grateful. seems to be somewhat delirious...hmmm"
Fendal(8:43:27 PM): The squirrel turns his attention back to the map
Weston (8:43:31 PM): Weston, staggering, tries to interpose his poker between Shredcoat and Fendal.
Riala Goldentail (8:43:46 PM): Riala glances over at the fighting group. "They never quit..."
Ari (8:44:08 PM): Ari hesitantly walks over to the mouse. "What's your name?" she asks, wondering if he can hear her.
Narrator (8:44:18 PM): The vole knows just the thing for this. "Ah,, now, er...stoat, how about you let me put on some splints and bandages?"
Shredcoat (8:44:23 PM): Shredcoat aims the kick at Weston instead.
Tarran (8:44:38 PM): "Not....del'rious... Nasty vole." says Tarran, hearing the word mouse.
Weston (8:44:52 PM): Weston takes the kick in the stomach and falls to his knees, swinging the poker back at Shredcoat's face.
Shredcoat (8:45:50 PM): Shredcoat steps away from the poker and tries to kick fendal.
Narrator (8:45:54 PM): "Ah...Ari, could you go and get...hmm...some dockleaves? I seem to out"
Narrator (8:46:13 PM): "Ah...and...some wood...would be nice.."
Fendal(8:46:58 PM): Fendal steps out of the way and makes a grab at the stoats foot
Rudda(8:47:01 PM): Riala,Use the Force!
Ari (8:47:11 PM): Ari looks a little relieved to escape the rather miserable scene. She strides quickly off into the forest, looking for dock leaves.
Ari (8:47:30 PM): And wood.
Scallin (8:47:31 PM): Scallin sneaks up behind the stoat with with a bit of rope.
Shredcoat (8:47:38 PM): Shredcoat lifts up his foot and aims a kick at fendal.
Shredcoat (8:47:48 PM): And tries to grab the map.
Narrator (8:48:17 PM): Taking advantage of the stoat's outstreached foot, danfur quickly snaps on a full-leg splint.
Fendal(8:48:23 PM): Fendal gets kicked in the face and falls down
Scallin (8:48:23 PM): The otter leaps at the stoat. "Lemme jest put tis ere rope on ye'"
Shredcoat (8:48:42 PM): Shredcoat grabs the map and runs.
Shredcoat (8:48:58 PM): But trips from the splint.
Shredcoat (8:49:11 PM): It's hard to run with a splint on.
Weston (8:49:21 PM): Weston, pleased that the stoat is right next to him, swings his poker in a blow that can hardly miss.
Fendal(8:49:27 PM): "The map, he's got the map!!" gets up and runs after Shredcoat
Shredcoat (8:49:41 PM): Shredcoat loses two more teeth.
Riala Goldentail (8:49:59 PM): Ignoring the circus not two lengths from her, she stretches out her left paw towards her footpaw, grimacing at the fresh pain that scorches her shoulder.
Shredcoat (8:50:02 PM): Shredcoat aims a punch at Weston's nose.
Rudda(8:50:10 PM): While the friends fight on rudda goes to wait for word of the new heading."
Weston (8:50:24 PM): Weston's head snaps back and his nose starts to bleed freely.
Shredcoat (8:50:42 PM): Shredcoat sits happily reading his map.
Weston (8:50:45 PM): Snorting blood, he swings his poker again, trying to stop the stoat.
Shredcoat (8:50:55 PM): "You know, you coulda just asked me to read it for you."
Riala Goldentail (8:50:58 PM): Riala continues stretching, determined to get back to some form of usefulness.
Narrator (8:51:00 PM): Danfur furitively snaps on more splints.
Shredcoat (8:51:03 PM): Shredcoat dodges the blow.
Shredcoat (8:51:12 PM): But trips on the splints.
Scallin (8:51:59 PM): Scallin sighs, and walks away from the scene.
Weston (8:51:59 PM): Weston, with great care, stands and places the point of his poker within an inch of Shredcoat's neck. His eyes narrow and he spits out one word. "Yield."
Shredcoat (8:52:28 PM): "Burr oi, Get yurr own map Vermink!"
Weston (8:52:58 PM): Blood from Weston's nose drips onto Shredcoat's face. "You will yield to me or you will die."
Tarran (8:53:15 PM): "You...Squirrell..." says Tarran, beckoning to Riala.
Fendal(8:53:17 PM): "No thanks" Fendal grabs the map from the stoat
Riala Goldentail (8:53:37 PM): She glances over at Tarran. "What is it, mouse?"
Riala Goldentail (8:54:04 PM): Her strength's beginning to come back, and it's no longer such a strain to speak.
Tarran (8:54:27 PM): "My sword... you...get for me."
Fendal(8:55:08 PM): Ignoring Shredcoat, he walks away reading the map
Riala Goldentail (8:55:24 PM): Riala shoots Tarran an incredulous look at his request/command. "Really now... D'you wish to join that fight over there or something?"
Shredcoat (8:55:47 PM): Shredcoat tries to get up but realizes his leg is in splints.
Tarran (8:55:49 PM): "No...It's mine..vole will take it."
Weston (8:55:51 PM): Weston's poker moves away from Shredcoat's throat and waves back and forth about three inches from the stoat's eyes. "Yield or die, stoat- think fast."
Shredcoat (8:56:11 PM): "Uh whaaaaaa?"
Riala Goldentail (8:56:13 PM): "You stole it off the vermin that I killed, if I remember right."
Riala Goldentail (8:56:22 PM): "How does that make it yours?"
Shredcoat (8:56:35 PM): "M, yield."
Tarran (8:56:41 PM): "'s mine."
Shredcoat (8:56:53 PM): Shredcoat realizes he's still hungry.
Narrator (8:57:16 PM): er
Rudda(8:57:19 PM): "the big Otter decides enough is enoughand starts gathering roots and leaves for a wake up tonic for Shreadcoat"
Riala Goldentail (8:57:21 PM): "I don't see how you can claim it when you didn't kill for it, you didn't earn it, you didn't trade for it or buy it... you only stole it."
Tarran (8:57:26 PM): ""
Riala Goldentail (8:58:02 PM): "Really now..."
Weston (8:58:20 PM): Weston's lips curl into a satisfied smile. Now that the stoat isn't a threat, he's more calm. "You said you were hungry. What would you like to eat?"
Shredcoat (8:58:34 PM): "The Oatcake Of Ivaneye."
Weston (8:59:02 PM): "Hmm." Weston keeps his eyes on Shredcoat. "Does anyone have an oatcake?"
Rudda(8:59:22 PM): "Rudda is mad now and istead of pouring the yellow mixture dow the offendin stoats gullet,he pours it on his screwed up head"
Narrator (8:59:48 PM): Danfur takes an oatcake and proferrs it to Weston.
Weston (9:00:32 PM): Weston takes the oatcake carefully in his left paw, using the right to keep his poker pointed at Shredcoat. He tosses the oatcake forward to the stoat. "There. Eat. Quietly."
Shredcoat (9:00:52 PM): "BEHOLD! THE OATCAKE OF IVANEYE!"
Shredcoat (9:01:02 PM): Shredcoat stuffs his face.
Riala Goldentail (9:01:19 PM): Riala sighs. "How about this: I get you your sword and you let the vole bandage you up."
Tarran (9:01:46 PM): "I...OK." Says Tarran weakly.
Shredcoat (9:01:49 PM): Shredcoat, happy now that he has the legendary oatcake, goes back to being a bat.
Fendal(9:02:03 PM): "Emerald of Ivaneye!!" His eyes grow wider
Fendal(9:02:15 PM): "I see it on the map!!"
Scallin (9:02:29 PM): Scallin runs to Fendal.
Scallin (9:02:35 PM): "Where?!"
Narrator (9:02:38 PM): The vole goes over to tarran, and begins bandaging the mouse's body up.
Riala Goldentail (9:02:44 PM): Riala uses the eagle's unconscious body to pull herself up and limps over to Tarran's somewhat dirty and bloodstained sword.
Fendal(9:02:51 PM): "Right here!!" He points
Fendal(9:03:01 PM): on the map
Tarran (9:03:13 PM): Tarran resists a little at first, but he is too tired to fight.
Riala Goldentail (9:03:16 PM): She uses it as a crutch and drags herself to Tarran, sticking the cursed thing in the ground by his paw. "Happy now?"
Scallin (9:03:38 PM): Scallin examines the map. "Ye' are right, an we be ary close."
Tarran (9:03:39 PM): "Yes...Th-Thank you."
Riala Goldentail (9:03:49 PM): That done, the squirrel sinks to the ground and leans her back against a conveniently nearby tree, watching the map-readers through hooded gold-brown eyes.
Fendal(9:04:21 PM): "If we hurry, we might get there in a few hours"
Riala Goldentail (9:04:41 PM): "Aye, and who's going to be able to hurry?" she asks dryly.
Riala Goldentail (9:04:53 PM): "What with half of us wounded..."
Shredcoat (9:05:13 PM): "I'm not wounded. Only 8 teeth lost."
Scallin (9:05:17 PM): "Aye, praps some o' us should stay behind." Scallin lights up at the idea.
Shredcoat (9:05:34 PM): "Wot wot wot wot wot. I'm a bat-hare."
Shredcoat (9:05:52 PM): ".....hare hare hare hare"
Rudda(9:06:05 PM): Rudda Male Otter
Silvren (9:06:33 PM): The dark fox Silvren waks on the path, looking at the questors
Fendal(9:06:40 PM): "We can't leave them here, they're too helpless"
Silvren (9:06:43 PM): The black fox says. "Well now what have we here?"
Shredcoat (9:07:11 PM): "POOF! I'M INVISIBLE!"
Riala Goldentail (9:07:11 PM): "An' who's helpless?" Riala snaps, drawing herself back up, but her attention is drawn away when the fox enters.
Scallin (9:07:11 PM): Scallin unsheathes his sword. "What do ye' want vermin?"
Silvren (9:07:15 PM): Waks over to the stoat. "Hello...
Weston (9:07:15 PM): "What you have," Weston says, calmly wiping blood from his nose, "Is nothing."
Silvren (9:07:28 PM): Annoyed at the term vermin You judge me for my species...
Shredcoat (9:07:39 PM): "GET AWAY VILE VERMIN!"
Silvren (9:07:52 PM): "Talk"
Shredcoat (9:07:59 PM): "I SHALL SMITE THEE."
Silvren (9:08:19 PM): "In your postion, you should be a tad more polite, stoat
Shredcoat (9:08:27 PM): "Talk? Wot wot, go get some manners."
Ari (9:08:38 PM): Ari wanders back into view, her face hidden by a load of wood and several pawfuls of dockleaves.
Shredcoat (9:08:40 PM): "Stoat? Where?"
Weston (9:08:43 PM): Weston glares at the fox. "The stoat has yielded to me. Remove thy foot from his throat."
Shredcoat (9:08:49 PM): "I'm a bat-hare hare hare hare."
Riala Goldentail (9:08:51 PM): Riala draws her dagger in one paw, her throwing club in the other, wary of the fox.
Silvren (9:08:52 PM): His eyes show no mercy
Fendal(9:09:01 PM): Fendal quickly takes a short sword from one of the fallen vermin.
Silvren (9:09:02 PM): "Goldentail"
Scallin (9:09:07 PM): "I said, what do ye' want?!" Scallin bellows.
Silvren (9:09:09 PM): "Riala Goldentail"
Silvren (9:09:22 PM): "I'm hunting a warlord called Thok Hakari"
Rudda(9:09:44 PM): Rudda looks on from the back of a stately oak"
Silvren (9:09:53 PM): Smiles
Silvren (9:10:01 PM): "Thank you, you serve him?"
Shredcoat (9:10:05 PM): "He gave me the map for the oatcake."
Silvren (9:10:31 PM): Places his foot at Shreadcoat's throat "Talk."
Riala Goldentail (9:10:52 PM): Riala stills at the exchange between Shred and the fox, listening closely.
Shredcoat (9:11:02 PM): "Talk talk talk talk?! No no no no!"
Weston (9:11:08 PM): Weston's poker moves from hovering near Shredcoat's face to hovering near Silvren's face. "I warned you once- the stoat is my prisoner. Do not interfere."
Scallin (9:11:10 PM): Scallin places his sword at the fox's neck. "Ye' talk"
Silvren (9:11:18 PM): "Look, friend. My daughter is kidnapped I'm kinda in a hurry...SO GIVE ME ANSWERS!"
Shredcoat (9:11:24 PM): "YEAH! Oi bee's a prisoner."
Narrator (9:11:27 PM): the vole goes over to Ari. "Ah. thank you."
Shredcoat (9:11:37 PM): "Oh, in that case....."
Riala Goldentail (9:11:42 PM): "You might not get much from the stoat, fox... He's a bit insane."
Silvren (9:11:54 PM): "Then hes useless." Unsheaths his sword
Ari (9:11:58 PM): Ari stumbles over a root and drops the wood at the vole's feet. "What's going on? she asks through a mouthful of dockleaves.
Shredcoat (9:12:02 PM): "Da grand thror hakari is lookin for is emrald....."
Silvren (9:12:11 PM): "Good, keep going..."
Shredcoat (9:12:18 PM): "Acoz somewun stoled it from im."
Tarran (9:12:19 PM): Tarran's wounds bandaged, he gets up, and walks unsteadily away from the fox and company.
Shredcoat (9:12:23 PM): "And....."
Silvren (9:12:28 PM): "Yes..."
Weston (9:12:34 PM): Weston bends to help Ari up.
Fendal(9:12:35 PM): The squirrel hides the map behind his back
Shredcoat (9:12:50 PM): "He thinks that that person stopped at Redwall along the way....."
Silvren (9:12:52 PM): "You all alright, friends?
Ari (9:13:11 PM): "Thank you," she mutters, blushing madly but still looking frightened at the new spectacle.
Riala Goldentail (9:13:17 PM): "I'd wait to call friends those you've never met," the squirrel says, gold-brown eyes flat and hard.
Riala Goldentail (9:13:35 PM): "As it is we've no cause to trust you, nor call you friend."
Silvren (9:13:39 PM): The fox's odd violet eyes glare at Shreadcoat, "Repeat, I'm not in a good mood. So talk a bit faster..."
Silvren (9:14:03 PM): "I hope to give you reason to soon. I'm hunting somebeast right now."
Shredcoat (9:14:26 PM): "An ee soiys ee'll burn ee abbey, but ee sent some of usn mole-hares to look fur yurr vurmink fellow wot stole ee emrald."
Ari (9:14:26 PM): Ari takes a look at the large fox and begins to paw frantically at her broom.
Riala Goldentail (9:14:26 PM): "Aye, so you've said. That doesn't make your word true."
Silvren (9:15:28 PM): "One moment" His sword raises above Shreadcoat's neck...
Silvren (9:15:43 PM): "Give my regards to Hakari when you see him...
Weston (9:15:55 PM): Weston's nostrils flare and he flicks his poker into a defensive stance. "Do not complete that stroke."
Shredcoat (9:16:02 PM): "Who's Hakari?"
Tarran (9:16:04 PM): "Come on. 'sgetting dark." shouts Tarran, hoarsely, Motioning for the others to follow him.
Silvren (9:16:16 PM): "After telling me his title you deny him?"
Shredcoat (9:16:22 PM): Shredcoat is starting to go insane again.
Ari (9:16:24 PM): Ari drops into an offensive position, brandishing the broom alongside Weston.
Silvren (9:16:26 PM): "This stroke will be completed if you lie to me..."
Riala Goldentail (9:16:36 PM): "He's insane, fox... I've told you that already."
Weston (9:16:43 PM): "He is a prisoner. My prisoner, to do with as I will. And I do not lie. Ever."
Scallin (9:16:49 PM): Scallin presses his sword at the fox's neck, "Ye' go on wit yer business elsewhere."
Silvren (9:16:59 PM): "I'm afraid thats impossible."
Silvren (9:17:18 PM): "Hakari can lead me to somebeast"
Weston (9:17:24 PM): A cold light begins to glitter in Weston's eyes. "Make it possible."
Shredcoat (9:17:31 PM): Shredcoat just shuts up.
Silvren (9:17:37 PM): "Stoat, run home to Hakari and make it wuick..."
Riala Goldentail (9:17:39 PM): "He's at Redwall, or so the stoat says. Go there, if you are so intent on finding him."
Narrator (9:18:01 PM): Down the path, there's a faint rustling of feathers. The eagle has woken, and it gets to it's talons unsteadily, then launches into the air.
Silvren (9:18:09 PM): Sheaths his sword. "I'm quite sorry, Hakari can lead me to a creature very important to me....
Narrator (9:18:21 PM): with a victory cry of "KREAAAAAAAAA!!!" it circles above the group.
Silvren (9:18:28 PM): His ears twitch, "Eagle!"
Fendal(9:18:31 PM): "Er....tttthe eagle is-"
Silvren (9:18:39 PM): "Get down!"
Weston (9:18:47 PM): Weston's attention snaps from the stoat. "No, get into the trees! Run!"
Rudda(9:18:51 PM): "rudda ducks as it swoops by"
Silvren (9:18:55 PM): "Slashes his sword down on Shreadcoat's neck"
Ari (9:18:55 PM): Ari gasps and clutches tightly at the broom.
Scallin (9:19:03 PM): Scallin hops behind a rock.
Tarran (9:19:09 PM): Tarran ducks into the trees, not expending the energy it would take to yell.
Fendal(9:19:21 PM): Fendal runs after Tarran into the trees
Rudda(9:19:23 PM): "it cant follow in the dense underbrush"
Ari (9:19:41 PM): The squirrel scrambles frantically under the trees, tripping and falling over the roots in her haste.
Scallin (9:19:42 PM): The otter realizes the rock is smaller than himself and gets up, making a run for the trees.
Narrator (9:19:45 PM): The eagle descends ominously...
Silvren (9:19:46 PM): Eyes face the eagle coldly, Begins a bout of screeching
Weston (9:20:00 PM): Weston, taking his own advice, sprints for the treeline.
Silvren (9:20:17 PM): Begins running as he sees the eagle dive
Tarran (9:20:23 PM): Tarran lies flat on the ground, under the trees, as still as he can.
Narrator (9:20:32 PM): The eagle is feeling good. ahh....they know my might.... he thinks.
Rudda(9:20:47 PM): "Rudda is hiding behind another large oak"
Silvren (9:20:55 PM): Screeches again in eagle langauge
Silvren (9:21:04 PM): "Get hiding, I'll distact it..."
Narrator (9:21:17 PM): Unheeding, the eagle's talons streach out for Silvren...
Ari (9:21:28 PM): Ari is backed up against a large maple, looking decidedly nervous.
Narrator (9:21:38 PM): and grab hold of his shoulders, lifting him up.
Silvren (9:21:57 PM): Struggles for a moment before going limp, playing dead
Weston (9:22:01 PM): "Ari! Climb! Get into thick branches!" Weston shouts.
Narrator (9:22:13 PM): Triumphant, the eagle screeches again, "KREAAAAA!!!!"
Silvren (9:22:32 PM): Goes completely limp in the eagle's talons, faking his death
Ari (9:22:43 PM): Ari quits her shivering for a moment and frantically shoves the broom into its sling.
Narrator (9:22:47 PM): Slowly, flying close to the ground, it goes up to it's lair in the mountain
Silvren (9:22:55 PM): Stays limp
Ari (9:23:13 PM): "I'm - I'm coming!" she calls out, her voice panicky.
Scallin (9:23:22 PM): Scallin watches from behind a bush. "We best move now! Afore at eagley ting comes a' back!"
Silvren (9:24:36 PM): He stays on his back, his eyes open, glazed slightly, holding his breath
Fendal(9:24:53 PM): "After the eagle!! Thats the direction where the emerald is!!"
Riala Goldentail (9:25:01 PM): Riala had crouched to attack when the eagle attacked, but her wounds were nowhere near healed and the sudden movement tore at the arrow wound in her shoulder.
Ari (9:25:02 PM): Ari finally manages to get the broom into its' sling. Breathing quickly, she climbs up into the lower branches of the tree.
Riala Goldentail (9:25:11 PM): She recovers as the eagle flies off with the fox.
Silvren (9:25:13 PM): Silvren dontinues Playing dead
Scallin (9:25:37 PM): "What?! The eagle as de emerald?"
Narrator (9:25:37 PM): The vole waves to Ari. "I'm off now, I don't, mhmmm, think I'll be much good here. Much luck to you!"
Tarran (9:25:38 PM): Tarran stands, and stumbles after the eagle, spitting dead leaves as he limps.
Ari (9:26:03 PM): "Thank you for helping!" she calls after him.
Riala Goldentail (9:26:10 PM): Riala glances sharply at Scallin. "What's that??"
Fendal(9:26:27 PM): "After the eagle!!"
Weston (9:26:32 PM): Weston, though he looks badly hurt, is only injured in a minor fashion. He, also, takes off after the eagle, wishing he could get into the trees.
Scallin (9:26:53 PM): "Curses!" Scallin hops out of hiding and runs in the same direction as Fendal and Tarran.
Ari (9:27:02 PM): Hesitating for a second, Ari follows.
Riala Goldentail (9:27:05 PM): The squirrel stares up one of the trees, then down at her arm, and swears. Can't climb, can't fight... useless!
Silvren (9:27:08 PM): Silvren hopes the eagle flies away soon
Narrator (9:27:16 PM): In a few short hours, the group arrives, slightly exausted, at the eagle's lair.
Silvren (9:27:50 PM): Contiues staying silent
Silvren (9:27:59 PM): "Come on, go...'"
Weston (9:28:09 PM): Weston ducks behind a treetrunk. "Get out of sight!"
Ari (9:28:39 PM): Ari follows suit.
Scallin (9:28:50 PM): Scallin hops after Weston. "What do we do now?"
Riala Goldentail (9:28:59 PM): Narrowed gold-brown eyes stare up at the cave, littered as it is with the remains of the eagle's past meals and bedding.
Tarran (9:29:01 PM): Hearing Weston's order, Tarran ducks behind a rock, and pretends he isn't there.
Riala Goldentail (9:29:13 PM): "If I get it to come down..."
Fendal(9:29:15 PM): A moment later Fendal is behind weston and scallin
Silvren (9:29:24 PM): Realizing hes in a cavr
Riala Goldentail (9:29:35 PM): "...somebeast else can go into the cave and look for the Emerald.
Riala Goldentail (9:29:37 PM): "
Shredcoat (9:29:45 PM): "I WILL!"
Silvren (9:29:50 PM): Notices several stalagmites on the roof, hearing the breathing of the eagle
Scallin (9:29:56 PM): "I'll go," Scallin whispers.
Weston (9:29:58 PM): "It needs to be someone fast and quiet. Not you, my prisoner."
Rudda(9:30:00 PM): "after the eagle attack Rudda is last to get up the mountain to the cave."
Fendal(9:30:08 PM): "Not without me."
Ari (9:30:10 PM): Ari frowns. "I'd go, but I'm not sure how much good this broom will do."
Silvren (9:30:26 PM): As the fox makes a small note he hears the eagle screach again, he goes absoltuely silent
Tarran (9:30:29 PM): "I'm not going in there." hisses Tarran.
Narrator (9:30:32 PM): Golden eagle eyes stare down the stoat.
Shredcoat (9:30:55 PM): "Lookee yurr. Wherm you bee keepin this yurr emrald?"
Silvren (9:31:04 PM): Silvren slowly begins to stand. "I hate eagles..." He snarls, suddenly a small glint catches his eye
Weston (9:31:13 PM): Weston's eyes betray the difficulty he's having making his decision.
Narrator (9:31:14 PM): "Kreaa! Leave nah, an' I may nah kill yeh..."
Shredcoat (9:31:34 PM): "I'm already dead. Tarran says so."
Ari (9:31:40 PM): "I'll go," Ari says finally.
Silvren (9:31:40 PM): Silvren digs back into the interior of the cave, upon a rocky pedestal is a large green emerald.
Narrator (9:31:54 PM): The eagle is puzzled. "Ye're already dead?"
Scallin (9:32:07 PM): "Me an' Ari den. Ye's jest need to distract de eagle."
Shredcoat (9:32:15 PM): "Yup. I AM YOUR CONSCIENSCE."
Silvren (9:32:18 PM): "This must be it..." Slowly, the fox takes the emerald, hiding it beneath his cloak, deciding stealth is best, he fades into the shadows of the cave
Narrator (9:32:33 PM): "Mah waz?"
Riala Goldentail (9:32:35 PM): Enough of this... "All right. Wait till the eagle leaves the cave, then go."
Shredcoat (9:32:37 PM): "BOO!"
Weston (9:32:37 PM): "I'll do what I can."
Narrator (9:32:45 PM): "Mah boo?"
Silvren (9:32:52 PM): Silvren's dark color blens with the shadows, feeling air he sneals back to the entrance
Tarran (9:32:58 PM): "I'll gaurd the haversacks"
Riala Goldentail (9:33:02 PM): She hobbles out to stand a short distance from the cave, since the stoat's within the cave and not helping much.
Scallin (9:33:02 PM): Scallin darts to a hiding place closer to the mouth of the cave.
Shredcoat (9:33:04 PM): "Yer conscience you lily livered bird bag."
Silvren (9:33:08 PM): Thats right, the fox thinks, keep the eagel busy...
Shredcoat (9:33:23 PM): "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Silvren (9:33:26 PM): Stops as he sees the huge eagle in the entrance
Narrator (9:33:27 PM): "If ye were nah dead, I'd kill ye, stoat."
Ari (9:33:28 PM): Ari takes out the broom again and eases up to the side of the cave.
Fendal(9:33:42 PM): He grips his short sword that he grabbed from a rat nervously
Narrator (9:33:43 PM): "or boo. whatevah ye arh."
Riala Goldentail (9:33:43 PM): "Ye fool baird!" she shouts, slipping easily into the northern accent that shades her normal voice.
Scallin (9:33:47 PM): Scallin follows Ari.
Silvren (9:33:50 PM): "Picks up a small rock, flining it to the cve hearing the smash it makes agaisnt a stalagmite
Shredcoat (9:33:54 PM): "Oim not a stoat. Oi bee's a mole."
Silvren (9:34:05 PM): "Please work, please work..."
Riala Goldentail (9:34:06 PM): "Coom oot an' fight, ye coward!"
Narrator (9:34:13 PM): The eagle looks around...what was that? "Yer not a mole"
Shredcoat (9:34:32 PM): "Yurr right right right right. I'm a bat bat bat bat."
Shredcoat (9:34:40 PM): "Stoopid me."
Weston (9:34:41 PM): Weston steps up to stand next to Riala. "Yes, come out! Prove that we were merely fortunate the last time."
Riala Goldentail (9:34:44 PM): "Ach! Canna ye hear me? Be ye deaf, ye moltin' bag o' feathers?"
Narrator (9:34:49 PM): "Moles're small, and furry...and do nae look like st-yer nae a bat either..."
Silvren (9:34:51 PM): Raising his sworda and bangs it against the cave wall slightyl, the bang echoes
Shredcoat (9:35:02 PM): "I AM YOUR CONSCIENCE BAT."
Weston (9:35:02 PM): "Prove that an eagle like yourself can defeat two tired and wounded squirrels!"
Tarran (9:35:16 PM): All alone, Tarran sits and begins to eat from the haversacks, which he thoughtfully had brought with him.
Narrator (9:35:25 PM): A powerful talon strikes out towards the stoat-bat-mole-boo
Shredcoat (9:35:25 PM): "BOO BOO BOO BOO."
Ari (9:35:26 PM): Ari can't help smiling. "I'll give ye a taste of my broom!" she shouts.
Silvren (9:35:26 PM): Begins throwing his voice like an eagle. "Guid place mah bairns. We'll settle down in this 'ere cave!"
Riala Goldentail (9:35:45 PM): The fox...?
Shredcoat (9:35:52 PM): It knocks Shredcoat over.
Narrator (9:35:53 PM): The sudden appearance of more voices startles the eagle.
Silvren (9:35:58 PM): He merge sinto the shadows once more, sheathing his sword,
Weston (9:35:59 PM): Weston starts to walk forward. "Come out, coward! Come out and fight!"
Narrator (9:36:00 PM): "Wha...where ye be?"
Shredcoat (9:36:02 PM): Luckily he didn't lose any more teeth.
Tarran (9:36:09 PM): "Hungry? Squirrel?" asks Tarran, handing Fendal an oatcake.
Silvren (9:36:12 PM): "The back o yer cave yah cowardly vulture!
Rudda(9:36:14 PM): "Rudda finaly makes it up two the ledge and hops up beholding the scene befor him."
Riala Goldentail (9:36:15 PM): "Oot 'ere, in th' sun!"
Weston (9:36:24 PM): "Coming to defeat thee!"
Shredcoat (9:36:26 PM): "Burr aye."
Silvren (9:36:34 PM): "I can take thee any day!"
Fendal(9:36:38 PM): "Hungry? Famished."
Shredcoat (9:36:43 PM): "Ee's not a vulture. Ee's an eagle."
Ari (9:36:43 PM): "Try and prove us wrong, Eagle!"
Silvren (9:36:48 PM): Takes off, running out of the cave
Narrator (9:36:49 PM): the eagle spreads its wings and leaps into the air to get a view of the situation....
Silvren (9:36:58 PM): "We'd better go, come on!"
Riala Goldentail (9:37:03 PM): "Or are ye afeared o' th' day, ye featherduster?"
Silvren (9:37:04 PM): "I distacted it and..."
Silvren (9:37:30 PM): "Get moving!"
Riala Goldentail (9:38:01 PM): "An' why be that?" Riala asks sharply, still stuck in the northern accent. "We've nae got th' Emerald yet!"
Tarran (9:38:01 PM): "These're th' best oatcakes I've had." says Tarran, munching on one "Should get th' recipe, eh?"
Silvren (9:38:05 PM): runs out of the cave
Silvren (9:38:13 PM): "Riala!"
Weston (9:38:19 PM): Weston weaves his poker into a flashing pattern, finally bringing it to rest in the position of a warrior's salute. Ignoring the others, he calls out, "Come then, vulture! The two of us defeated thee once and we shall do so again!"
Scallin (9:38:29 PM): Scallin makes a mad dash towards the caves entrance.
Riala Goldentail (9:38:39 PM): She glances over irritably at Silvren. "What d'ye be wantin', fox?!"
Narrator (9:38:39 PM): "KREAAAHHH!" trumpets the eagle.
Silvren (9:38:39 PM): A severely annoyed fox whispers in the squirrel's ear. "I got it..."
Ari (9:38:41 PM): Ari nods vaguely at Weston's speech.
Fendal(9:38:44 PM): "yes...recipe...mmmm"
Shredcoat (9:38:48 PM): Shredcoat is acting like an eagle.
Shredcoat (9:39:03 PM): "KREAAAAAAAAAH!"
Silvren (9:39:07 PM): "What am I doing... EAT THE STOAT!!!!"
Weston (9:39:11 PM): "Oh, so thou canst scream? Can thou fight as well as shout?"
Rudda(9:39:15 PM): "its easy enough to make"
Fendal(9:39:22 PM): "I think our friends are in danger, we better go check"
Shredcoat (9:39:23 PM): "I'M AN EAGLE NOT A STOAT."
Riala Goldentail (9:39:25 PM): "Truthfully?"
Scallin (9:39:26 PM): Scallin runs deeper into the cave, and looks around for any sign of an emerald.
Silvren (9:39:26 PM): "Hes mocking the mighty eagle!"
Narrator (9:39:27 PM): the eagle dives towards weston.
Silvren (9:39:36 PM): Raises his cloak showing the glimmering emerald.
Tarran (9:39:38 PM): "I wunner if'n th' others are hungry? D'ya think we should save some for them?" Tarran doesn't hear Fendal's ludicrous suggestion.</F 3
Riala Goldentail (9:39:48 PM): "'Ey, featherduster!" Riala shouts.
Shredcoat (9:39:57 PM): "Eagle! Yon foxees got ee emrald."
Silvren (9:40:08 PM): "The stoat mocks thee!"
Ari (9:40:12 PM): Ari yells angrily at Silvren. "Don't show him! He'll attack you!"
Riala Goldentail (9:40:13 PM): "I challenged ye first!"
Silvren (9:40:20 PM): Slowly raises his crossbow, aiming at Shreadcoat...
Narrator (9:40:26 PM): the eagle continues towards weston
Shredcoat (9:40:28 PM): "Give ee bird bag back ee emrald."
Silvren (9:40:33 PM): Switches his aim quickly...
Fendal(9:40:35 PM): the squirrel ignores tarran and pears over the rock
Weston (9:40:41 PM): Weston raises his poker in a stabbing attack.
Silvren (9:40:46 PM): Firing at the eagles's throat, putting the bow away quickly
Scallin (9:40:48 PM): Scallin emerges from the dark cave. "Tare be a nuttin in dare!"
Ari (9:41:04 PM): Ari steps in front of Weston and waves the broom at the eagle.
Tarran (9:41:07 PM): "Get down, mangy squirrel, they'll see you eating th' oatcakes."
Shredcoat (9:41:08 PM): "I could do with another oatcake."
Ari (9:41:09 PM): "Git away!"
Riala Goldentail (9:41:15 PM): She's surprised at the sight of the emerald, but it's too late to run; the eagle's diving and she can't leave the other two squirrels to face it alone...
Narrator (9:41:24 PM): The eagle spreads its wings, showing it's great talons, when the bolt hits it in the shoulder. "KREEEE!!!" it screams.
Riala Goldentail (9:41:28 PM): She draws her dagger and her roce and crouches, waiting...
Silvren (9:41:31 PM): Isn't moving either "My daughter..."
Fendal(9:41:38 PM): A piece of oatcake falls out of fendals mouth as he watches the action
Weston (9:41:42 PM): "Ari- no!" Weston, dropping his poker, tries to shove Ari out of the way.
Silvren (9:41:44 PM): Raises his sword, "Well if this is the end..."
Tarran (9:41:56 PM): Tarran snatches it up, and eats it.
Narrator (9:41:59 PM): The eagle crashes into the two beasts, in a confused jumble of feather and fur.
Shredcoat (9:42:04 PM): "OATCAKE!" Shredcoat runs at Fendal.
Silvren (9:42:15 PM): Raises his crossbow firing at the eagle's throat as it comes down
Ari (9:42:17 PM): Ari furiously beats at the eagle with her broom.
Weston (9:42:26 PM): Weston, deprived of his weapon, locates a feather, shoves it out of the way, and bites savagely at the flesh beneath.
Riala Goldentail (9:42:28 PM): "Seasons!" Riala lets loose a few more swears and dives into the fight, ignoring the pain of her earlier wounds.
Tarran (9:42:34 PM): "That's the last one, I'm afraid." Tarran looks sadly at the empty haversack.
Fendal(9:42:36 PM): Fendal throws an oatcake at Shredcoats face
Silvren (9:42:38 PM): I got it!
Riala Goldentail (9:42:50 PM): She lays about on anything feathered with her roce and slashes down with her dagger.
Shredcoat (9:42:52 PM): It hits Shredcoat's nose.
Shredcoat (9:42:59 PM): "Thankee very much."
Silvren (9:43:04 PM): "Calm down!"
Shredcoat (9:43:06 PM): "Much obliged."
Shredcoat (9:43:19 PM): Shredcoat proceeds to eat his oatcake.
Scallin (9:43:24 PM): Scallin runs toward where the action is.
Ari (9:43:34 PM): Ari continues to bite and quick furiously, still laying about the broom.
Silvren (9:43:43 PM): Loojs at the eagle, which he shot...
Weston (9:44:05 PM): Weston, also, continues to bite, clawing his way towards the bird's head.
Silvren (9:44:19 PM): Withdraws the emerald from his cloak
Shredcoat (9:44:22 PM): Shredcoat is done eating his oatcake.
Silvren (9:44:30 PM): "I got it from the cave!"
Scallin (9:44:38 PM): Scallin stops in his tracks at the sight of the emerald.
Tarran (9:44:41 PM): Tarran tugs on Fendal's leg. "Hey, d' you have any elderberry wine? M' mouth's a tad parched."
Shredcoat (9:44:51 PM): Shredcoat looks about the cave.
Silvren (9:44:58 PM): "I nearly died but I got it!
Fendal(9:45:03 PM): "I think there's some in that haversack"
Shredcoat (9:45:03 PM): He goes over to a corner.
Weston (9:45:03 PM): Weston rolls off the eagle's corpse, panting with exertion. "We... killed it?"
Riala Goldentail (9:45:04 PM): Riala stops flaying about when she realizes the eagle is motionless, not moving, and disentangles herself from the fray.
Fendal(9:45:09 PM): He grabs his short sword and leaps out from behind the rock suspecting that something is wrong
Silvren (9:45:23 PM): "Looks that way, nice shot.."
Rudda(9:45:27 PM): "i've got a beaker of wine hve a sip."
Ari (9:45:30 PM): Ari stops kicking for a moment and relaxes under the shadow of the eagle's wing.
Riala Goldentail (9:45:31 PM): She crouches by its neck, noting the crossbow bolt in its throat. "Nay... not we."
Silvren (9:45:34 PM): The fox sighs in relief and turns to Riala
Scallin (9:45:36 PM): "The... the... they emerald."
Tarran (9:45:40 PM): "Thanks."
Silvren (9:45:52 PM): "Well, given reason to become friends now?"
Riala Goldentail (9:46:01 PM): The squirrel looks at the fox and at the crossbow in his paws. "Aye, I believe so, fox."
Ari (9:46:03 PM): "It's dead...." she mutters, half in relief and half in disbelief.
Weston (9:46:08 PM): The fact that the fox is holding a green stone only now registers with Weston. "That's- the Emerald of Ivaneye."
Silvren (9:46:15 PM): "Here." He passes the emerald to her. "I beleive I owe an explanation
Shredcoat (9:46:26 PM): "Hmph. I was the first to actually go up to the eagle."
Shredcoat (9:46:43 PM): "Gimme another oatcake."
Silvren (9:46:44 PM): "My name is Silvren Sundark, I'm hutning Hakari becuase he can lead me to my brother..."
Ari (9:46:45 PM): Ari gets up, finally, pushing the limp feathers away. "The emerald?"
Weston (9:46:46 PM): Weston smiles. "That you were, my prisoner. Very brave of you."
Rudda(9:47:02 PM): " okay ill drink my own rations." Glug.
Shredcoat (9:47:04 PM): "Who makes this yurr oatcoikes anyways?"
Tarran (9:47:17 PM): "There aren't any." says Tarran, sadly. "You ate the last one."
Shredcoat (9:47:23 PM): "O."
Silvren (9:47:24 PM): Laughs, "Wouldn;t ming a drink m'self..."
Ari (9:47:44 PM): Ari looks from the emerald to the eagle to Sybul, still dazed. She sits down.
Shredcoat (9:47:49 PM): "Who makes ee oatcakes anyways?"
Riala Goldentail (9:47:51 PM): She takes the emerald slowly, then holds it out to Ari and Weston. "I think this had better go to you two, Redwallers..."
Silvren (9:47:54 PM): "My brother...kidnapped my daughter a short time ago"
Scallin (9:47:54 PM): Scallin stares at the emerald in disbelief.
Fendal(9:47:58 PM): "Is everyone ok?"
Riala Goldentail (9:48:04 PM): Her attention returns to Silvren and his story.
Tarran (9:48:09 PM): "The mole." says Tarran.
Shredcoat (9:48:11 PM): "I want an oatcake."
Weston (9:48:19 PM): Weston takes the emerald. "This is a thing of great beauty."
Silvren (9:48:26 PM): "Hes trying to perpetuate a war as of now, somehow my daughter fits into it..."
Sybul (9:48:29 PM): Sybul enters the cave and stares for a few moment, taking in what has happened. She sees a dead eagle and the emerald.
Silvren (9:48:48 PM): "Riala," Gives her the emerald.
Ari (9:49:02 PM): Ari rubs her forehead in confusion, but she's smiling just the same.
Silvren (9:49:18 PM): He smiles slightly. "Well that was fun...
Shredcoat (9:49:21 PM): "Oi bees a moler, hurrr."
Silvren (9:49:38 PM): Silvren Walks over to Shredcoat...
Tarran (9:49:40 PM): Hearing(or rather not hearing) the relative silence from the cave, Tarran stands, pats his full stomach, and enters the cave.</HT
Weston (9:49:46 PM): Weston drops to the ground beside Ari. "It's beautiful, but... It disgusts me."
Shredcoat (9:49:48 PM): "I'm a bally flippin hare."
Silvren (9:49:52 PM): "Anybeast still want to kill me?"
Scallin (9:49:58 PM): "Tat be a priceless jewel. It must never go to a vermin," Scallin mutters.
Shredcoat (9:50:00 PM): "I WILL!!"
Ari (9:50:09 PM): She looks at it. "The creatures that have died over it..."
Sybul (9:50:14 PM): Sybul gives Shredcoat a strange look.
Silvren (9:50:15 PM): He brings one paw down of Shreadcoat's head to knock him out
Shredcoat (9:50:29 PM): "Hurr oi! Another moler yurr!"
Silvren (9:50:36 PM): "It really makes me sick that we suffer so much fear and doubt over so worthless a thing..."
Weston (9:50:44 PM): Weston looks up at the sun. "More still will die if we cannot get it to Redwall. We must keep moving."
Tarran (9:50:55 PM): "I'll take it if nobeast wants it." says Tarran, looking hopefully at Weston.
Shredcoat (9:50:55 PM): The paw hits Shredcoat but he ignores it.
Silvren (9:50:59 PM): "ye, mate. I'm Silvren, what're your names?"
Shredcoat (9:51:28 PM): "Oi bees a blinkin flippin mole, wot wot!"
Sybul (9:51:32 PM): "Oi be Sybul."
Shredcoat (9:51:34 PM): "Burr aye."
Weston (9:51:42 PM): Weston looks steadily at the fox. "Weston of Redwall."
Silvren (9:51:45 PM): Silvren is almost ready to throttle Shredcoat...
Shredcoat (9:51:51 PM): ".....aye aye aye aye."
Shredcoat (9:51:59 PM): "A molee-bat."
Riala Goldentail (9:52:00 PM): "And I'm Riala Goldentail, though you seem to already know that somehow..."
Ari (9:52:08 PM): Ari nods and gets up, putting the broom back in its sling. "Time to go home." She smiles at the thought.
Silvren (9:52:09 PM): "Aye..."
Tarran (9:52:09 PM): "m Tarran, an' this is my sword."
Scallin (9:52:09 PM): "What do ye's plan to do with ay emerald?"
Silvren (9:52:21 PM): "I'm planning, to deliver it to the army...
Riala Goldentail (9:52:26 PM): "They're planning to stop a war with it, Scallin."
Silvren (9:52:43 PM): "Along with Hakari's head..."
Rudda(9:52:44 PM): "Rudda suddenly finds himself sliding on a miniature landslide as the edge crumbles away..
Fendal(9:52:52 PM): "We should start heading back."
Silvren (9:53:02 PM): The fox grabs Rudda's paw. "You alright?"
Silvren (9:53:12 PM): "I agree, Hakari is mine..."
Tarran (9:53:20 PM): "Question," said Tarran "How do you know they won't burn down the Abbey anyway, once they've got the stone?"<.com/
Shredcoat (9:53:25 PM): "Ee grand maha rajah Hakari."
Shredcoat (9:53:30 PM): "That is."
Rudda(9:53:31 PM): "next thing anybeast knows he is lifeless at the bottom of the mountain."
Weston (9:53:35 PM): Weston climbs to his feet and smiles at Ari and Sybul. "Come on, then. We need to go home."
Silvren (9:53:47 PM): "Think I'll be well recieved?"
Sybul (9:54:07 PM): "Burr, et's ben too long, Westorn."
Fendal(9:54:07 PM): He turns around to see Rudda gone and settling dust
Weston (9:54:22 PM): Weston sets off south. Southwards, and home.
Silvren (9:54:22 PM): "Lets go..."
Silvren (9:54:34 PM): Riala...
Ari (9:54:40 PM): Ari follows, running to catch up with Weston.
Fendal(9:54:41 PM): "Where's Rudda?"
Tarran (9:54:53 PM): Tarran follows, though he thinks this is a lost cause.
Fendal(9:56:22 PM): "WHERE'S RUDDA, EVERYONE???"
Silvren (9:56:31 PM): "He fel off."
Shredcoat (9:56:46 PM): "Rudda? Fell off ee cliff."
Narrator (9:56:49 PM): As night fell, the group made camp at the eagle's lair, to begin their journey back the next morning...