The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 3

Narrator (8:20:17 PM): The sun was high in the air as the Questors continued on later that day.
Narrator (8:20:37 PM): The party was looking out for a spot to stop and eat a bit of lunch...
Tarran (8:21:03 PM): "I'm hungry." said Tarran. "When do we eat."
Riala Goldentail (8:21:19 PM): "You're always hungry."
Sybul (8:21:20 PM): "Yurr's a noice likkul clearin. Let's have a bit o' lunch."
Fendal (8:21:53 PM): "Good idea."
Scallin (8:21:55 PM): "About time." The otter said with a smile.
Tarran (8:22:24 PM): "Yipee!", Tarran stuffed his sword into his belt, it was a little large for him, and made for a slightly comical appearance.
Sybul (8:22:36 PM): The molemaid takes the haversack and removes a flagon of cordial and a handful of fruit.
Riala Goldentail (8:22:47 PM): Riala shrugged and let the others set up for lunch while she checked the perimeter of the clearing and the nearby woods.
Weston (8:22:35 PM): "Might some food be going to spare for a scout?" Weston asked, dropping into the center of the clearing.
Scallin (8:22:59 PM): Scallin hops back in suprise.
Scallin (8:23:05 PM): "Who is this?"
Riala Goldentail (8:23:13 PM): She blinked at the sudden arrival of Weston. "Where were you?"
Fendal (8:23:46 PM): "Is he a friend of yours?"
Weston (8:24:04 PM): "Weston of Redwall, at your service."
Tarran (8:24:23 PM): "What're you doin' here?'
Riala Goldentail (8:24:41 PM): "He was with the quest from the beginning," Riala explains.
Scallin (8:25:00 PM): "Ah, another Redwallian chap ay? Well it's always a pleasure." Scallin sticks out his paw.
Sybul (8:25:08 PM): "Hoi, Westin. Gudd toiming, usn's were abowt to eat." She tosses him a pear from the sack, which she passes around.
Riala Goldentail (8:25:13 PM): "Apparently he and Ari left while Sybul and I were freeing you lot."
Tarran (8:25:23 PM): "Oh, OK." this said, Tarran turned his attention to more pressing matters(food).
Riala Goldentail (8:25:25 PM): She glances at the other squirrel. "Where's Ari, and where did you two go?"
Weston (8:25:36 PM): "I have, Lady Riala, scouted the nearby forest to the Southwest." Weston catches the pear with his left paw and shakes Scallin's paw with his right. "Ari is still out there. She went Northwest."
Riala Goldentail (8:26:03 PM): The golden-tailed squirrel grimaced at the title. "Would you please stop calling me that?"
Weston (8:26:15 PM): "Apologies, La- Riala."
Fendal (8:26:21 PM): Fendal secretly grabs a haversack
Scallin (8:26:42 PM): Scallin points at the sky. "What is that?"
Scallin (8:26:57 PM): Scallin runs after Fendal with the haversack.
Sybul (8:27:24 PM): "What's what, Scallern? You'm saw'd somethin'?"
Sybul (8:27:57 PM): She neatly trips Fendal and grabs the sack.
Tarran (8:28:19 PM): Tarran, never one to be left out when food is around, takes an oatcake which spilled on the ground.
Fendal (8:28:19 PM): Fendal curses silently
Weston (8:28:27 PM): Weston takes a bite from his pear and leans back against a treetrunk.
Scallin (8:28:54 PM): The otter mutters under his breath and pats his stomach.
Scallin (8:29:09 PM): "Twas nuthin"
Riala Goldentail (8:29:18 PM): Riala sits down beside Weston, munching on an oatcake. "Did you find anything when you were scouting?"
Weston (8:29:58 PM): Weston swallows before answering. "Very little. Trees, grass, and the occasional rock, Mi- Riala."
Weston (8:30:10 PM): "Perhaps Ari had more success."
Tarran (8:30:19 PM): "Hey, squirrel." Tarran calls out to Weston, brandishing his sword. "Lookit this!"
Riala Goldentail (8:30:49 PM): Riala grimaces at Tarran's antics. "You and that sword..."
Weston (8:31:31 PM): "So, sirrah, can you swing that sword as well as you polish it?"
Tarran (8:31:52 PM): "I sure can. Wanna fight me?"
Weston (8:32:32 PM): "Very well." Weston assumes a fighting pose with his poker. "En guarde, sir!"
Riala Goldentail (8:32:41 PM): "I suppose you fight as well as you did back at the vermin camp?" the squirrel said dryly, watching.
Scallin (8:33:00 PM): Scallin slowly paces around. "Ar, to hellsgates with you lot." He leaves the clearing and wanders off into the brush.
Tarran (8:33:46 PM): "Chaaarge!" Tarran rushes toward Weston, sword held high.
Weston (8:34:33 PM): Weston leaps to the side, flicking his poker sideways at Tarran's swordpaw.
Tarran (8:34:46 PM): He scores a direct hit.
Tarran (8:35:11 PM): "Ow!" Tarran sat hard on the grass and sucked on his paw.
Tarran (8:35:28 PM): "No fair, You cheated!"
Sybul (8:35:36 PM): Sybul Picks up the extra food and puts it in the haversacks, anxious to be off instead of playing amoungst others in the group.
Weston (8:35:37 PM): Weston bows. "Again?"
Riala Goldentail (8:35:56 PM): "We don't have time," Riala says, stepping between the two.
Fendal (8:36:16 PM): The squirell wanders off into the brush after scallin
Tarran (8:36:21 PM): Tarran stands and, without warning, swings viscously at Weston's head.
Riala Goldentail (8:37:01 PM): Since Riala's right in between the two, she has to duck quickly to avoid getting sliced in the head.
Weston (8:37:22 PM): Weston has just enough time to put his poker into a guard, the slice carrying it sideways and smashing into the side of his head.
Weston (8:37:39 PM): Weston crumples to the ground.
Tarran (8:37:53 PM): "Hah!" shouts Tarran. "I win."
Fendal (8:37:57 PM): right now, while the others are fighting, scallin and fendal are eating
Riala Goldentail (8:38:00 PM): Riala swears and kicks out with her footpaw at Tarran's swordpaw.
Tarran (8:38:26 PM): But Tarran dodges the strike, he is learning.
Riala Goldentail (8:38:41 PM): Before her foot even returns to the ground, her dagger is out and against the mouse's throat.
Tarran (8:38:56 PM): "Erk." says Tarran.
Sybul (8:39:30 PM): Sybul goes to help Weston, bringing him around with another oatcake.
Riala Goldentail (8:39:41 PM): "Drop the sword," she snarls, gold-brown eyes dangerously cold.
Tarran (8:39:50 PM): "Leggo 'me, mangy squirrel."
Riala Goldentail (8:40:18 PM): The dagger presses in on Tarran's throat, cold steel drawing a droplet of red.
Scallin (8:40:23 PM): Scallin comes running out of the bushes with Fendal close behind him. "Er... uh, we're here." He looks at the scene and stands still.
Weston (8:40:37 PM): Weston pushes himself to hands and knees. "I am -agh- fine. I am merely somewhat rattled."
Fendal (8:40:40 PM): "What's up with all this fighting" fendal says between mouthfuls of food
Tarran (8:41:31 PM): "Gak." says Tarran, finding it difficult to speak "I beat him fair."
Sybul (8:41:40 PM): "Yurr, you'm be shurr, zurr?"
Weston (8:42:41 PM): "Fair?" Weston growls. "If your life was worth a little more, wretch, that would have qualified as a treacherous blow."
Riala Goldentail (8:42:51 PM): "Drop. The. Sword." The squirrel's rough voice is a hiss, angry and commanding, her dagger speaking a silent warning against disobeying.
Tarran (8:43:02 PM): "No!" shouts Tarran.
Weston (8:43:04 PM): "As it is, I feel it was more along the lines of out and out treachery."
Tarran (8:43:26 PM): "I shan't drop it. I shan't."
Riala Goldentail (8:43:27 PM): Without warning, the dagger lashes up, hilt slamming down on the mouse's head.
Sybul (8:43:52 PM): Sybul sighs heavily and leaves the clearing, shouldering a haversack as she does.
Tarran (8:44:17 PM): Tarran drops to the ground, unconscious. but he is still clutching the sword.
Fendal (8:44:39 PM): "Who wants to carry him" Fendal kicks tarran
Scallin (8:44:43 PM): "Alrighty then, I'll take this." Scallin grabs the sword from the mouse's clutch.
Sybul (8:44:52 PM): She's heading north, wondering how beasts fighting for good can fight with each other.
Weston (8:45:15 PM): Weston smiles. "I'll carry him." A venomous tint enter's Weston's eyes. "I'll carry him until he wakes up. Then...."
Riala Goldentail (8:46:18 PM): A mirthless smile touches the squirrel's scarred face. "All right then, let's move on."
Scallin (8:47:44 PM): The otter munches on an apple from his pocket. He then looks around and quickly stuffs it back.
Riala Goldentail (8:48:27 PM): Riala takes to the trees, her favored mode of transportation, and heads out in the direction Sybul took.
Weston (8:48:54 PM): Weston grabs the unconcious mouse's ankles and starts dragging him after the others.
Scallin (8:49:41 PM): "I'll take over for ya when ye are ready." Scallin says to Weston.
Rudda(8:51:05 PM): Rudda looks at the sky for an answer
Fendal (8:51:44 PM): Fendal runs over to scallin and taps him on the shoulder for food
Narrator (8:52:16 PM): The rest of the group's journey was uneventful, until nearly three days later, when they reached the mountains.
Fendal (8:53:28 PM): "Are we gonna try to cross those mountains" he says gazing up
Weston (8:53:53 PM): Weston stares resolutely off towards the foothills. "Three days, and we still have no notion of where the Emerald may be."
Tarran (8:53:54 PM): Once Tarran had woken up, he had hung near the back of the group. Hardly talking, which shocked nearly everyone.
Riala Goldentail (8:54:06 PM): "Only that it's in the mountains."
Weston (8:56:32 PM): "We don't even know the Emerald is in the mountains. We are guided by guesses, feelings, and the ravings of old ones!" Weston glowers.
Riala Goldentail (8:56:39 PM): "Well, I suppose we'll know we're getting close if we get attacked by eagles."
Scallin (8:57:22 PM): Scallin fingers his new sword. "Well, where do we go from here?"
Rudda(8:58:35 PM): Rudda plays with his sling anxiously
Tarran (8:58:47 PM): Tarran saunters up to Scallin, an...interesting look on his face. "H-Hello, Scallin?"
Weston (8:59:27 PM): Weston checks his map. "The mountains extend northwards for some miles. It may be best if we try to find an easy pass to the top, where we can travel in relative ease."
Tarran (8:59:38 PM): "You've got my sword, you know."
Fendal (8:59:53 PM): Fendal sneaks up behind Tarran
Riala Goldentail (9:00:03 PM): Riala nods, ignoring Scallin and Tarran. "Sounds good to me."
Scallin (9:00:06 PM): "Aye, tat's true. I am holding on to it for ye."
Tarran (9:00:30 PM): "I-I Need that sword."
Weston (9:00:50 PM): "My map, however, does not cover such fine detail. I know only that there are mountains, not where the passes are. We should explore the area."
Scallin (9:01:11 PM): "Well, I still don't think you are quite ready for it matey."
Tarran (9:01:33 PM): Tarran begins to breathe hard, his paws begin to shake.
Tarran (9:01:47 PM): "Give me th' sword..."
Scallin (9:02:21 PM): "I really think that you are much to attached to that sword. Ask me again tommorow lad."
Riala Goldentail (9:02:56 PM): "We squirrels would probably be best at scouting. Perhaps if you take the left, I take the right, and Fendal scouted ahead?"
Tarran (9:03:13 PM): "NO" Tarran shouts loudly. "Gimme it! It's mine!"
Riala Goldentail (9:03:21 PM): "Then again..." and her rough voice gains a dry edge, "that'd mean there's only poor Sybul here to keep Tarran in line."
Weston (9:03:38 PM): Weston draws his poker and uses it as a walking stick. "I see no problems with that plan. Sybul is formidable. She will be fine."
Fendal (9:03:44 PM): The squirell kicks tarran hard in the buttocks
Riala Goldentail (9:04:01 PM): "True enough."
Tarran (9:04:07 PM): Tarran turns and bops Fendal on the nose.
Scallin (9:04:24 PM): Scallin leaps on Tarran.
Riala Goldentail (9:04:53 PM): Without a further word - she's talked more than she's used to lately - Riala heads off to scout the right side of the path.
Fendal (9:05:05 PM): "Oooowwwwww" fendal rubs nose.
Scallin (9:05:12 PM): Scallin holds Tarran's arms down. "This is why I didn't give ye' the sword."
Weston (9:05:14 PM): Weston grimaces. "It will amaze me if our group manages to keep from killing each other, let alone finding the Emerald." He notices that he's talking to himself, sighs, and heads off to the left.
Tarran (9:05:27 PM): "He kicked me!"
Fendal (9:05:46 PM): "You were gonna do somethin to Scallin"
Tarran (9:06:24 PM): "I was NOT!" If Tarran's arms had been free he would have repeated his manuever, but they weren't.
Rudda(9:06:45 PM): I'll scout ahead, on paws I might add.
Scallin (9:06:45 PM): Scallin releases Tarran, stands up and dusts himself off. "Enough of this."
Fendal (9:06:56 PM): "Was to"
Tarran (9:07:40 PM): Tarran proceeds according to plan, and lands a furious blow in Fendal's stomach.
Fendal (9:08:04 PM): "Oof!" fendal falls to the ground clutching his stomach
Scallin (9:08:07 PM): "You attack me next time you mangy mouse!" Scallin roars.
Tarran (9:08:31 PM): "OK." Tarran turns and begins to pummel Scallin.
Weston (9:08:49 PM): Where, Weston wonders as he gradually moves out of earshot from the brawl, is Ari? She should have been back days ago.
Weston (9:08:59 PM): This had been preying on Weston's mind for some time now.
Rudda(9:09:45 PM): from afar Rudda , chuckels at the antics of his friends.
Scallin (9:10:13 PM): Scallin grabs Tarran under his shoulders with both hands and lifts him off the ground.
Fendal (9:10:38 PM): "Go, Scallin!!"
Tarran (9:12:03 PM): Tarran bites the sturdy Otter's arm. Which is conveniently within mouth reach.
Riala Goldentail (9:12:37 PM): Riala continues to scout about to the right of the path the group had been taking, searching for a path and staying to the treetops.
Scallin (9:12:39 PM): "Argh!" Scallin throws Tarran to the ground and kicks him in the side.
Tarran (9:13:10 PM): "Oof," says Tarran, landing hard against a rock.
Rudda(9:13:11 PM): Rudda puts a stone in his sling ready to fight a lonly vermin Shredcaot
Shredcoat (9:14:12 PM): Two arrows whiz out of some nearby bushes, one at scallin and one at tarran. "ATTACK!" yells a rather large male stoat and 3 other stoats come charging at the company.
Fendal (9:14:22 PM): "Scallin!!"
Tarran (9:14:41 PM): The arrow aimed at Tarran hits him.
Scallin (9:14:51 PM): Scallin grabs Fendal and runs behind a tree.
Weston (9:14:55 PM): Weston, out of earshot of the main company, hears nothing. His boots crunch over small stones as he searches for a path.
Fendal (9:15:02 PM): "WAit!!, Tarran!!!"
Shredcoat (9:15:04 PM): Rotnose stops to notch another arrow, this one for riala.
Tarran (9:15:04 PM): Fortunately it merely pierces his ear, and does not kill the sweet little mouse.
Scallin (9:15:53 PM): Scallin unsheaths Tarran's sword and tosses it to him.
Weston (9:16:01 PM): Weston sighs. "There is no pass here. I may as well head back."
Tarran (9:16:22 PM): Tarran lets out a scream of pure bliss, as he picks up the sword, and attacks the villian(s).
Shredcoat (9:16:47 PM): Shredcoat lets out a curse as the arrow narrowly misses him.
Scallin (9:16:49 PM): Scallin grabs a large tree branch and charges out into the fight.
Shredcoat (9:17:06 PM): Shredcoat turns towards scallin.
Fendal (9:17:20 PM): The squriell, not knowing what to do, runs after scallin.
Scallin (9:17:39 PM): Scallin raises the branch and heads towards the vermin.
Tarran (9:17:41 PM): Tarran starts to bring his sword down heavily on Shredcoats head.
Weston (9:18:30 PM): Weston realizes that something is wrong. Probably the screams. He turns to face the approximate direction he thinks Riala may be in, reasoning that she's closer to him than she is to the main group. "Riala!" he shouts. "Ambush!"
Scallin (9:18:41 PM): He swings the branch down on a ferrets head. And at the same moment an arrow fires and hits his paw.
Scallin (9:19:14 PM): Scallin's paw is pinned to the branch and he lets out a cry of pain.
Riala Goldentail (9:19:32 PM): Tufted ears twitch at the shout, and the squirrel races back towards the main group without question.
Fendal (9:20:05 PM): He grabs a nearby stick and goes for a rat
Shredcoat (9:20:29 PM): Shredcoat blocks upwards and kicks tarran in the stomach.
Weston (9:20:42 PM): Weston is whirling through the treetops, teeth bared and poker out. Arriving back at the main group, he launches himself out of the trees in a flying kick at the nearest unfamiliar body.
Scallin (9:20:57 PM): The large otter pulls out the arrow from his hand. "Yarh." He breaths hard as he picks up the branch again.
Riala Goldentail (9:20:58 PM): From her belt she pulls her roce, a short hardwood stick attached to a long cord, and speeds along the branches to the sounds of battle.
Tarran (9:21:10 PM): Tarran flies backwards, and crumples onto the floor, with a sickening thud.
Shredcoat (9:21:25 PM): Shredcoat turns towards weston.
Scallin (9:21:52 PM): Scallin runs to Tarran. "Oh no"
Riala Goldentail (9:21:55 PM): She pauses in the cover of a dense fir, gold-brown eyes narrowed as she takes in the situation.
Shredcoat (9:22:40 PM): Two of shred coat's teeth fly out and he falls to the ground.
Tarran (9:22:52 PM): Tarran is bleeding from the mouth. His sword is laying on the ground beside him.
Shredcoat (9:23:19 PM): Rotnose notches another arrow.
Shredcoat (9:23:53 PM): Rotnose fires his arrow at weston.
Riala Goldentail (9:23:53 PM): The whistle of an arrow catches her attention and she leaps out of the tree towards the stoat armed with a bow, stick crashing down in the direction of his skull.
Scallin (9:24:05 PM): Scallin stands up, drops the branch, and runs madly towards the nearest vermin.
Shredcoat (9:24:15 PM): Rotnose is quite thoroughly dead.
Weston (9:24:43 PM): Weston, half-panicked, scrambles up just in time to catch an arrow-graze across the left shoulder. He gasps in pain and nearly drops his poker.
Shredcoat (9:24:44 PM): DarkClaw fires an arrow at riala.
Riala Goldentail (9:25:17 PM): The arrow slams into the back of the squirrel's shoulder before she has time to react or even realize it's coming
Tarran (9:25:40 PM): Tarran groans and stirs, he reaches out for his sword, and with a more than a little effort, stands and begins swinging at the two remaining vermin chaps.
Shredcoat (9:25:42 PM): Mangefur turns towards weston with his scimitar.
Fendal (9:25:43 PM): the squirell tries to fend off a stoat
Scallin (9:25:57 PM): The otter grabs a ferret from behind, and pushes him.
Weston (9:26:15 PM): Weston, bleeding, feels his world wobble and his vision go hazy. Nonetheless, he raises his poker into a guard and waves the opponent on. "Come on, scum!"
Riala Goldentail (9:26:47 PM): The pain doesn't register at first, and when it does it sends red mist across gold-brown eyes, driving out the usual shadows and pulling a warcry from the red-brown squirrel's throat.
Riala Goldentail (9:26:52 PM): "Riiiilaaaaaar!"
Shredcoat (9:26:54 PM): Mangefure waits for weston to attack.
Tarran (9:27:25 PM): Blood is streaming out of Tarran's mouth and nose, his fur is scratched and matted. In short, he doesn't look too spiffy.
Shredcoat (9:27:41 PM): DarkClaw whirls around with his dagger, angered at being pushed and drives it towards scallins throat.
Weston (9:27:47 PM): Weston staggers drunkenly, shakes his head to clear it, and grits his teeth. His head steadies and his vision clears- somewhat. He advances steadily, poker ready.
Weston (9:28:17 PM): Weston feints to the right, pulls back, and lunges, stabbing at Mangefur's throat.
Riala Goldentail (9:28:23 PM): The hunger for blood, for death, for the kill drives out all thought and reason, all ability to differentiate from friend and foe. Riala dives toward the nearest creature, the same stoat that shot her.
Tarran (9:28:35 PM): Tarran aims one last hack at Mangefur's tail, then collapses.
Shredcoat (9:28:42 PM): DarkClaw RUNS.
Narrator (9:28:45 PM): From high above comes a cry, echoing across the mountains, "KREAAAAAAAAA"
Scallin (9:28:51 PM): Scallin unthinkingly puts his arms infront of himself. "Gaaahhhhh!" The dagger slices Scallins are open, and he falls to the ground, bleeding profusely.
Fendal (9:28:58 PM): He looks up toward the noise
Narrator (9:29:29 PM): In the sky, a dark winged shape hovers, and dives...
Riala Goldentail (9:29:32 PM): Her throwing arm (not the wounded one) lashes out, sending the stick tumbling forcefully end-over-end towards DarkClaw's skull.
Shredcoat (9:30:04 PM): Mangefur's tail and throat are slashed open. He drops his weapons. And holds up his arms.
Shredcoat (9:30:18 PM): DarkClaw is knocked unconscious.
Narrator (9:30:27 PM): The eagle plummets out of the sky, and Mangefur seems to disappear from the landscape
Shredcoat (9:31:02 PM): Mangefur kicks wildy at the terrific talons but they only choke him to death.
Weston (9:31:07 PM): Weston is thrown flat onto his back by the wind from the eagle's passing.
Narrator (9:31:10 PM): High up in the sky, the eagle lets loose both the vermin, and another gut wrenching cry of, "KREAAAAAAAAA"
Riala Goldentail (9:31:24 PM): Her enraged state of mind demands she finish the kill, and her dagger follows the roce. A sweep of the scarred paws gather up stick and blade and the squirrel returns to the battlefield, not seeming to notice the eagle.
Narrator (9:32:24 PM): The eagle once again starts to dive down towards the group...
Shredcoat (9:32:45 PM): Shredcoat sits up with a groan and seeing that his captives are busy with the eagles tries to crawl off.
Fendal (9:32:55 PM): Fendal runs toward scallin and sits beside him trying to wake him up
Weston (9:33:06 PM): Weston rolls to the left, trying to get under a tree. The instant his injured shoulder hits the ground, however, he shouts in pain.
Narrator (9:33:44 PM): The eagle swoops, it's majestic wings looming as it speeds towards Riala.
Rudda(9:33:46 PM): Rudda courageously flees, but it only looks like it
Tarran (9:33:53 PM): Tarran's unconscious body makes an easy target for the bird of prey.
Riala Goldentail (9:34:11 PM): All the squirrel sees is movement out of the corner of her eye, and that's enough.
Shredcoat (9:34:13 PM): Shredcoat picks up DarkClaw's dagger and hides it in his tunic.
Fendal (9:34:39 PM): He rips off pieces of cloth off his tunic and bandages scallins arms (which are bleeding PROFUSELY)
Riala Goldentail (9:34:41 PM): She throws her roce with as much force as she can muster.
Narrator (9:35:01 PM): Talons out, the eagle leaps upon the turning squirrel. The Roce hits it straight in the chest and instead of pulling the squirrel into the air, as it intended, it barrels with the other beast down the slope
Weston (9:35:54 PM): Weston staggers to his feet and stumbles as fast as possible down the slope after Riala.
Shredcoat (9:36:26 PM): Weston doesn't notice Shredcoat right in front of him
Riala Goldentail (9:36:57 PM): The force of the eagle's body slamming into her own drives the arrow in her shoulder deeper.
Riala Goldentail (9:37:21 PM): Pain finally breaks through bloodwrath, and the red mists before the squirrel's eyes dim to darkness.
Weston (9:37:48 PM): Weston, still trying to chase his friend, leaps over Shredcoat- or tries to. Instead, his footpaw smacks squarely into the vermin's head. Weston tumbles ears over tail down the hill.
Narrator (9:37:57 PM): The eagle, too, is feeling pain, but it struggles to get into an upright position from their position down the slope.
Shredcoat (9:38:30 PM): Shredcoat is too tired to crawl further.
Shredcoat (9:39:20 PM): Shredcoat has another two teeth knocked out of him by weston's trip.
Fendal (9:39:55 PM): Fendal leaves Scallin for a little while to bandage up Tarran
Shredcoat (9:39:58 PM): Luckily they are molars so he can still talk properly.
Sybul (9:40:53 PM): The sounds of battle reach Sybuls ears and she approaches as quickly as she can. She stumbles on a large rock,. which she picks up to use as a weapon.
Narrator (9:41:25 PM): The eagle totters around, flapping it's wings as it rolls on it's back. "KREAAAAAA" it calls again...
Weston (9:41:41 PM): Weston, still rolling, manages to go from barrel-rolls to forward somersaults. This is good. From there, he manages to jump onto his feet. Finally, he turns his momentum into a flat-out sprint, which concludes with a dive at the eagle, poker first.
Sybul (9:42:17 PM): She peers over a hill and sees a bird of such a size she'd never seen. She went with her first instinct and knocked it out cold with one crack.
Narrator (9:42:34 PM): Wings flapping, the eagle had no clue that Weston had come upon it, and the poker went through it's outstreached wing.
Narrator (9:43:08 PM): The rock came as a relief from the pain as the great bird sank to blackness.
Fendal (9:44:01 PM): The squirell see's sybul and motions for her
Sybul (9:44:07 PM): The molemaid sees Fendal and looks around for the others. "Oi went ahead, an' then Oi cuddn't foind ee!"
Weston (9:44:08 PM): "Well, Lady Riala," Weston pants to Riala's unconcious form, "We found the eagles, did we not?" With that, Weston joins the eagle and the other squirrel in unconciousness.
Sybul (9:45:38 PM): She takes the haversack from her shoulder and looks for an uninjured goodbeast. "C'n anybeast move?"
Fendal (9:46:01 PM): "Everyone's unconscious"
Rudda(9:46:10 PM): crawling from under the feathered freak,Rudda somehow hit a lung with a improvised otter javilin. a woosh is herd as he joins his friends.
Shredcoat (9:46:17 PM): Shredcoat is still sitting there dazed from weston's trip.
Sybul (9:46:31 PM): Sybul sees Shredcoat, apparently the only live vermin. "Burr, wot happened yurr?"
Scallin (9:47:33 PM): Scallin opens his eyes and stares at the sky, trying to ignore the pain coursing through his whole body.
Fendal (9:47:56 PM): "Scallin, you're alive!"
Tarran (9:48:04 PM): Tarran stirs, he was getting the knack of this unconsciousness business.
Scallin (9:48:18 PM): Scallin half grins. "Aye, I guess so."
Fendal (9:48:18 PM): "Tarran, you're alive too!"
Scallin (9:48:49 PM): "Is everyone alright?"
Tarran (9:49:37 PM): "No." groans Tarran, pitifully.
Sybul (9:50:29 PM): "Vurmink? Wot happened yurr?" She repeats.
Fendal (9:50:45 PM): "We were ambushed by a bunch of vermin"
Tarran (9:51:15 PM): Everyone's favorite young mouse lad props himself up on one paw. And looks around for...
Sybul (9:51:20 PM): "Burr, whoi'd they do that? Oi gott 'ee havveysackers."
Shredcoat (9:51:28 PM): "What do you think happened?!" sats the vermin.
Scallin (9:51:30 PM): "See that everyone is okay Fendal, and take this." He hands Fendal a bottle of some kind of ale. And with that, Scallins eyes close and he goes back into a state of unconciousness.
Fendal (9:51:45 PM): "ok"
Tarran (9:52:09 PM): He sees it a mere foot away, and grabs it.
Sybul (9:52:21 PM): "Whoi'd you attack they guddbeasters?"
Fendal (9:52:39 PM): Fendal heads over to riala and pours a bit of ale into her slightly open mouth
Sybul (9:52:57 PM): "An' whoi you'm this far north? You b'aint from 'round yurr."
Tarran (9:53:07 PM): "I'll never let you go again, precious. Never." Tarran sways from side to side, clutching the bloodied sword in all four of his paws.
Shredcoat (9:53:22 PM): "Food." Shredcoat had been specifically instructed not to say anything about the emerald and had his lie prepared.
Fendal (9:54:39 PM): He heads over to weston does the same
Riala Goldentail (9:54:40 PM): Riala sputtered as the ale choked her.
Sybul (9:55:56 PM): "You doan't know anyfink about any treshure yurr aboats?"
Rudda(9:55:59 PM): A small trickle of blood runs out Rudda's ear And he passes out, falls off his stump and rolls a way on the grass, and moans HELP!!:-(:'(:'(
Weston (9:56:14 PM): Weston coughs weakly and sits up against the eagle's body. "Hurgh," he says. With that loquacious offering, he pulls off tunic and cape and tears a strip off the shirt he wears beneath them.
Sybul (9:56:18 PM): "Noffink you'm c'd trade for a noice scone?"
Fendal (9:56:38 PM): He hurries over to Rudda and tries to wake her up with the ale
Shredcoat (9:56:52 PM): "Oh no, it's not around here.....oops."
Weston (9:57:31 PM): "Glarh," Weston mentions, and ties the strip of cloth tightly around his shoulder. This concluded, he looks over at Riala. With a slight and wavering smile, he tears a somewhat wider strip off the shirt.
Riala Goldentail (9:57:38 PM): The squirrel's eyes crack open the tiniest fraction, swallowing convulsively and coughing from the inhaled ale.
Sybul (9:57:38 PM): "No treshure, huh? No food then."
Rudda(9:58:07 PM): He sputters thanks him for the ale and the help
Weston (9:58:30 PM): "Lady Riala, I apologize in advance." Weston grabs the arrow in both paws and pulls.
Fendal (9:58:41 PM): Fendal is panting from trying to help each beast
Sybul (9:58:57 PM): She muches a rather sad looking apple. "Oi'd rather have treshure than food anyday."
Riala Goldentail (9:59:18 PM): Despite her usual tolerance to pain, Riala can't hold back a scream as the arrow is ripped out of her shoulder.
Rudda(9:59:36 PM): And goes to get up and he suddenly says I NEED VITTLES!!
Weston (10:00:11 PM): "Hold still." Weston wraps the cloth around the shoulder several times and ties it.
Sybul (10:00:30 PM): "No treshure anywhurr. What a shayme."
Riala Goldentail (10:01:06 PM): Riala fights back the enroaching darkness at the edges of her vision by pure force of will, teeth clenched against the pain and the unconsciousness.
Shredcoat (10:01:41 PM): Shredcoat whips out DarkClaw's dagger and aims at the moles stomach and hopes the rest didn't hear him talking about the treasure.
Fendal (10:01:53 PM): Fendal rushes over to Scallin to try to wake him up with the ale
Sybul (10:02:28 PM): Sybul jumps up and wraps a strap of sack around the dagger.
Tarran (10:02:44 PM): Meanwhile Tarran is still rocking from side to side, clutching his precious sword. He is suffering from internal bleeding, as is evidenced by the trickle of blood running out of his mouth.
Scallin (10:02:49 PM): Scallin awakes suddenly and swallows the ale in his mouth. "Yum."
Shredcoat (10:03:10 PM): Shredcoat kicks sybul in the stomach,runs over to tarran, wrenches the sword from his grasp and RUNS.
Fendal (10:03:15 PM): "Yum?"
Riala Goldentail (10:03:16 PM): "Any... vermin... left?" Riala asks, words hissed through still-clenched teeth.
Sybul (10:03:44 PM): "No vurmink yerr, Rawla! Go to sleep!"
Scallin (10:03:45 PM): Scallin looks at his wounds and starts digging around with his one good paw through his pockets.
Shredcoat (10:03:51 PM): Shredcoat just RUNS then.
Sybul (10:04:21 PM): Sybul reaches out with a powerful claw for a foot paw.
Scallin (10:04:39 PM): The otter grasps ahold of a small bottle, opens it, and pours the liquid over his wounds.
Shredcoat (10:04:53 PM): Shredcoat trips and hits his head on a rock.
Weston (10:05:05 PM): "There do not- appear to be. You should- sleep, milady. We both should."
Fendal (10:05:07 PM): "What else do u have in there?" he says to scallin
Scallin (10:05:11 PM): He screams and thrashes about from the extreme pain.
Shredcoat (10:06:04 PM): Dazed, the stoat starts gibbering on about an emerald.
Scallin (10:06:06 PM): "I have some other goods, never know when ye' might need em." Scallin says to Fendal.
Fendal (10:06:26 PM): Fendal nods his head
Narrator (10:09:24 PM): And so, the beasts continued on their journey...