The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 2

Narrator (8:13:31 PM): The wind rustled the leaves in the clearing. It was Riala's watch, though Sybul had been sleeping fitfully, and was awake, too.
Narrator (8:14:38 PM): Movement and noise caught the squirrel's attention, and she moved off into the underbrush to see what it was. Sybul, tired of rolling around, got up, and slowly followed after, wondering what the fuss was about.
Narrator (8:15:15 PM): The fuss was, apparently, a vermin camp. There were about a score of them, all situated around a big fire.
Narrator (8:15:56 PM): Beyond the fire, next to the greatest concentration of vermin, was a large wooden cage. Inside the cage were a three beasts.
Riala Goldentail (8:18:08 PM): Gold-brown eyes narrowed at the sight of the vermin, one scarred paw clenching convulsively towards her dagger and roce. "They might..."
Riala Goldentail (8:19:14 PM): "I doubt we can overpower an entire camp of vermin, though."
Sybul (8:19:14 PM): "Shudd we arsk 'em?" A smile wrinkles the molemiads button nose.
Narrator (8:20:06 PM): A vermin near the fire turns sleepily over onto his side, so that, although he's asleep, it's almost as if he is looking at the two beasts at the camp's edge.
Scallin (8:20:06 PM): Scallin had been laying down in the cage, his head resting agains the side, when he saw something from the corner of his eye.
Riala Goldentail (8:20:20 PM): Riala does not smile in return, but glances at the cage of goodbeasts. "Those might know."
Sybul (8:21:04 PM): She shakes out her heavy digging claws and stretches. "Boi 'okey, they'm got prisnors! They'll know about 'ee badbeasties."
Riala Goldentail (8:21:29 PM): At the vermin's movement, the squirrel freezes, despite her mottled green-and-brown tunic keeping her well-camoflaged in the thick brush.
Riala Goldentail (8:22:23 PM): A slow twenty-count with no sign of consciousness from the vermin, and Riala slowly began edging towards the cage.
Sybul (8:22:26 PM): Sybul watches the creature, but upon seeing that he's still asleep, she nods to Riala and waves her to follow.
Scallin (8:22:51 PM): Scallin fully stands up, his eyes now locked on the two figures.
Riala Goldentail (8:23:38 PM): The red-brown squirrel puts a scarred paw to her mouth in a gesture for silence, gold-brown eyes flicking towards the cage and then back onto the sleeping camp.
Scallin (8:23:46 PM): He bumps his head on the top of the cage and spouts and a quiet curse.
Sybul (8:23:55 PM): Sybul Creeps behind Riala to the cage of slaves. "Norra single sentry? Perculier, ho urr."
Riala Goldentail (8:24:16 PM): "Quite," Riala breathes, barely audible even to the nearby mole.
Fendal (8:24:25 PM): immediately sits up awakened by the noise
Riala Goldentail (8:25:04 PM): "Wait here," the squirrel tells Sybul, "and stay hidden." She can move much faster and work more competantly if she's alone; it's how she's always worked best.
Sybul (8:25:37 PM): "Wait," Sybul gives her a pawful of chestnuts for the slaves."
Riala Goldentail (8:25:38 PM): She eases her dagger out of its sheath and makes her way silently to the cage.
Riala Goldentail (8:25:46 PM): After taking the chestnuts.
Riala Goldentail (8:26:32 PM): After what seems like an eternity but was actually only a matter of minutes, the lithe squirrel reaches the three prisoners.
Tarran (8:26:45 PM): The mouse in the corner stirs, then rests on his dagger.
Sybul (8:26:57 PM): Sybul waits patiently, looking for a guard. She's unable to believe that none are posted.
Riala Goldentail (8:27:18 PM): Tufted ears attuned to the camp behind her, eyes flicking from cage to vermin, Riala quickly slices the ties that bind the cage bars together.
Fendal (8:27:26 PM): whispers "hello there" to riala
Tarran (8:27:54 PM): "Ouch!", yells Tarran. He had rolled a little too far onto his dagger.
Narrator (8:28:20 PM): A vermin is awakend by Tarran's yell of pain
Scallin (8:28:34 PM): Scallin, startled, once again bumps his head on the top of the cage.
Sybul (8:28:36 PM): Sybuls eyes grow wide at the yell. She immediately braces herself for attack.
Riala Goldentail (8:28:38 PM): Riala curses at the yell and leaps up over the cage, climbing into a tree and pulling out her primary weapon, a short hardwood stick.
Narrator (8:28:49 PM): Looking around blurrily, he notices some suspicious movement of the cage doors.
Tarran (8:28:55 PM): "Who are you?" asks Tarran, staring at the squirrel.
Narrator (8:28:59 PM): and a squirrel sitting on top of the cage.
Sybul (8:29:31 PM): Sybul rushes up to the vermin and belts him hard with a hefty claw.
Sybul (8:29:43 PM): to the head
Narrator (8:29:44 PM): The stoat's thought process whirrled Shouldn't the creatures the cage? it thought.
Tarran (8:29:58 PM): "Oooh." said Tarran, "Hit him again!"
Narrator (8:30:14 PM): "Oohfm" says the stoat as he falls, down...
Narrator (8:30:17 PM): ...into the fire.
Tarran (8:30:18 PM): Tarran did not want to incur the vermin's wrath by escaping.
Tarran (8:30:49 PM): They(the vermin) might not lose, these things have happened.
Narrator (8:30:54 PM): "AAHAHGHHHH!!!" yelled the stoat, woken up from the blow to his head, and rolling over some of his companions
Riala Goldentail (8:31:18 PM): Riala swore, realizing Sybul was in the middle of the awakening camp, and resigned herself to the inevitable.
Scallin (8:31:29 PM): Scallin hops out of the cage. And grabs one of the cut-off cage bars as a weapon.
Riala Goldentail (8:31:43 PM): She leapt into the fray with a warcry, figuring they were all probably awake by now.
Riala Goldentail (8:31:54 PM): "Riiilaaaaaaaaaaaar!"
Narrator (8:32:04 PM): The vermin are all awake by this time, and fighting busily
Narrator (8:32:19 PM): both against the goodbeasts, and to get their weapons
Sybul (8:32:29 PM): "'ee fats in 'ee foire noaw, mates. Or 'ee vurmink..." She lays a few more vermin low with blows from her forepaws and yells, "REDWAAAAAAL!!!"
Tarran (8:32:42 PM): "Go squirrel and mole!" Tarran, who is still safely behind the bars yells out.
Scallin (8:32:44 PM): The taste of battle overcomes Scallin, and he charges into the fight. "YAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!"
Riala Goldentail (8:33:00 PM): Riala darted towards the original stoat that started all the trouble and sliced across his throat with her dagger.
Narrator (8:33:07 PM): The warcries are a bit disheartening to the vermin, who manage a weak, "ARRrrrgh!"
Fendal (8:33:27 PM): starts chucking stones at some vermin
Narrator (8:33:48 PM): However, they continue fighting. Two come off from the main group, after Fendal...
Scallin (8:33:58 PM): With a bash to the head, and a quick punch to the left, Scallin sends two rats to the ground unconcious.
Sybul (8:34:18 PM): Sybul sees Tarran behind the cage adn tries to get to him. Unfortumatly, she leaves her back unguarded...
Narrator (8:34:31 PM): A vermin with a mace swings at Sybul's back.
Tarran (8:34:51 PM): "Duck, mole!" shouts Tarran.
Riala Goldentail (8:34:56 PM): Riala glances behind her, seeing the mace-weilder, and races to intercept him, throwing her roce (heavyish short hardwood stick, about forearm-length, with a long cord attached) as she runs.
Riala Goldentail (8:35:16 PM): The heavy stick spins end-over-end and ...
Sybul (8:35:33 PM): The mole falls forward stunned, propelled by the blow. She lands on another ferret and knocks him down.
Scallin (8:35:40 PM): "YOW!" Scallin looks down to see one of the rats which were 'supposedly' unconsious with a dagger in his foot.
Fendal (8:35:43 PM): Throws a few more stones, hoping to slow down the two vermin and runs off.
Narrator (8:35:57 PM): the vermin is very surprised to be hit on the head, as he had been sure no goodbeasts were too near him.
Narrator (8:36:10 PM): The two vermin after Fendal duck the stones and give chase
Narrator (8:36:27 PM): Meanwhile, the leader has emerged from his tent, with a very flashy sword.
Riala Goldentail (8:36:28 PM): Riala yanks on the cord, sending the roce flying back in her direction, and catches it with one scarred paw.
Tarran (8:36:32 PM): Tarran sits back, and, still clutching his dagger, begins to whistle.
Fendal (8:36:58 PM): Climbs up a tree and jumps on the vermin as they pass by.
Narrator (8:36:59 PM): A vermin, seeing a chance to not look like an idiot, starts going after Tarran.
Scallin (8:37:02 PM): Scallin rolls on the ground holding on to his foot. "Owee... oh... ahh...."
Narrator (8:37:32 PM): The vermin, jumped on by Fendal flail about with their swords, hoping to catch the squirrel on their backs.
Tarran (8:37:42 PM): Seeing the sword, Tarran yells "I DIBS THE SWORD!" and dashes into the fight.
Sybul (8:38:21 PM): Sybul staggers up and looks about with slightly blurred vision. " 'Ee mouse, gerroutofeeway!"
Narrator (8:38:33 PM): The vermin are now much weaker, as at least 7 had been killed by this time.
Tarran (8:39:12 PM): With a few short hacks of his dagger, Tarran makes his way to the Leader.
Narrator (8:39:15 PM): The leader strides into battle, and immediately, the vermin around Riala move away, leaving the leader to fight with her
Scallin (8:39:28 PM): Scallin struggles onto his feet and looks around observing the little battle. He lets out a smirk and sneaks out of the clearing unnoticed, to nurse his wound.
Riala Goldentail (8:39:42 PM): Riala turns at the sudden absence of vermin, eyes narrowing at the sight of the leader.
Fendal (8:39:50 PM): Knocks the two vermin unconsious with a final blow on each head
Tarran (8:40:02 PM): "Excuse me," Tarran says, tapping the leader on the shoulder "Could you lend me your sword?"
Sybul (8:40:18 PM): Sybul turns to see Riala and the leader preparing to fight.
Riala Goldentail (8:40:20 PM): His confident movement and the way the other vermin defer to him mark him instantly as the leader.
Narrator (8:40:21 PM): the ferret leader swings around with a mailed fist, right at Tarran's head
Tarran (8:40:38 PM): "It's really a very nice one." Tarran ducks.
Riala Goldentail (8:40:47 PM): Riala, having been ready to fight some more, blinks in astonished amusement at Tarran's actions.
Tarran (8:40:59 PM): He stabs at the leaders boots.
Narrator (8:41:11 PM): The ferret aims a kick at Tarran's stomach, while bringing his sword down on his head
Sybul (8:41:14 PM): Sybul scratches her head at the otter as she lays low a rat who was sneaking up on her.
Tarran (8:41:21 PM): Which is a futile effort, as they are quite strong.
Riala Goldentail (8:42:50 PM): Irritation was beginning to push aside the gathering red mist in Riala's gaze at Tarran's clumsy efforts.
Tarran (8:44:02 PM): Taran's body is bloodied and bruised, but he doesn't relent (stupid mouse)
Tarran (8:42:55 PM): " Gimme the sword!" Tarran hits the leader in the stomach.
Narrator (8:44:26 PM): With a signal from the leader, one of the vermin rats leaps upon the mouse
Tarran (8:44:33 PM): In a few moments he is knocked senseless.
Tarran (8:44:43 PM): As he is not a very good fighter.
Sybul (8:45:01 PM): Sybul has had enough of the foolish Tarran and steps forward. "Wot 'ee be doen, Riola? E'm be a gurtly shoopid beast, or he'm be brave. Oi think shoopid." She Races towards the melee.
Narrator (8:45:04 PM): The leader turns ominously to face the red squirrel...
Riala Goldentail (8:45:59 PM): Riala crouched into a fighter's stance, dagger in one paw, roce in the other, ready to fight.
Narrator (8:46:33 PM): The ferret feignts in with his sword
Riala Goldentail (8:47:12 PM): Riala darts back and lashes out with her stick for the ferret's sword arm.
Narrator (8:48:00 PM): the leader gasps as he feels the sharp rap on his right paw, letting go of his sword, but making a recovery and catching it in his other paw.
Sybul (8:51:01 PM): Sybul sneaks away to find the escapees and lead them back to the camp. A mighty crack of her digging claws was the prize for any vermin in her way.
Riala Goldentail (8:53:57 PM): Riala attacked as the leader caught the sword, thrusting with her dagger towards his midsection.
Fendal (8:54:22 PM): Stands next to the mole attentively watching the duel
Narrator (8:54:38 PM): caught off guard, the leader finds a dagger plunged into his chest
Scallin (8:55:04 PM): Having been unnoticed by the mole, Scallin then pokes his head out from behind a bush. "Oh so ye' did win ay? Ats good. Mighty fine bit o' rescuin ye' did. Thank ye'." He limps toward the squirrel and bows his head.
Narrator (8:55:07 PM): He staggers foward, surprised to be killed by a mere squirrel...
Narrator (8:55:29 PM): By the time the others looked around, the rest of the vermin had fled
Riala Goldentail (8:55:30 PM): Riala grins savagely, an expression made nightmarish by the tug of the myriad scars on her face, and twists the dagger out.
Sybul (8:56:43 PM): Sybul puls a wry face at the sight of the death, and continues in her Reconaissence.
Riala Goldentail (8:57:35 PM): Riala cleans her dagger in the dirt, sheathing it and glancing over at Scallin.
Sybul (8:58:27 PM): "Hurr, 'ee guddbeasts c'n coom owt naow!"
Riala Goldentail (8:58:28 PM): Her only answer is a curt nod.
Riala Goldentail (8:59:29 PM): Riala looks around the camp at the occasional wounded vermin and the several dead ones. "Time to clean up," she mutters.
Scallin (8:59:29 PM): "M'name's Scallin. It is an onar to be in the presense of such ah great warrior as ye'."
Sybul (8:59:56 PM): "We'm gorrem awl?"
Riala Goldentail (8:59:59 PM): The squirrel snorts at the other's words. "Great warrior I'm not," she says.
Riala Goldentail (9:00:19 PM): "Not all," Riala replies to Sybul's question. "Some of the scum escaped. The others..."
Sybul (9:00:28 PM): Sybul throws her apron over her face at Scallin's remark.
Fendal (9:00:36 PM): "by the way you fought those vermin, i'd say you are"
Scallin (9:01:09 PM): Scallin starts to drag the bodies one at a time, into one pile.
Riala Goldentail (9:01:15 PM): Gold-brown eyes grow shadowed and hard at the thought. "A fighter is not the same as a warrior," she says harshly.
Riala Goldentail (9:01:55 PM): She walks over to one of the wounded vermin, kneeling beside him and pulling out her dagger. "I wonder if any of these know about the Emerald."
Narrator (9:02:23 PM): "E-e-em-meral-d-d?" stutters the vermin
Fendal (9:02:25 PM): "Emerald? what emerald?"
Sybul (9:02:27 PM): Sybul looks at all the bodies littered about. "Hurr, lemme help." She begins to dig graves as she listens to Riala interrogate the vermin.
Sybul (9:02:42 PM): "Oi'll asplain later."
Riala Goldentail (9:03:00 PM): She glances back to where Sybul is digging graves. "Don't bother with that; it takes too long and is too good for these scum. Just pile them up and burn them."
Narrator (9:03:35 PM): The vermin looks, horrified, as they pull his companions about.
Riala Goldentail (9:03:37 PM): "The Emerald of Ivaneye," Riala tells the vermin, mock sweetness in her rough voice.
Sybul (9:03:43 PM): Sybul makes a strange face and continues digging, but faster.
Scallin (9:03:49 PM): "Ones still alivin!!" Scallin charges at the mumbling vermin.
Riala Goldentail (9:03:58 PM): Riala stops him with her roce.
Sybul (9:04:12 PM): "Leave 'im, Scallin!"
Riala Goldentail (9:04:20 PM): "We can still get information out of him," she says, glaring at him.
Narrator (9:04:41 PM): "Don't...don't know nothing-nothing of Emerald of I-Ivaneye..."
Riala Goldentail (9:05:25 PM): "Really now." Riala bent low to the rat, running one paw over the keen edge of her dagger, a macabre smile on her cold features.
Riala Goldentail (9:05:50 PM): "You've never heard of a large emerald? A green stone?"
Sybul (9:06:50 PM): "Arsk 'im whurr 'ee coom frum, Rawla."
Fendal (9:06:53 PM): Fendal sits down wondering what this emerald of ivaneye was for
Riala Goldentail (9:07:03 PM): "As the mole said... Where are you from?"
Sybul (9:08:01 PM): Sybul sits with the former slaves. She has pulled Tarren over to them and tries to bring he around.
Narrator (9:08:05 PM): "We-re from...ohpleasedon'thurtme!"
Scallin (9:08:29 PM): Scallin finally takes notice to the small mole. "Hey Sybul! At you??"
Riala Goldentail (9:08:46 PM): Riala's smile twists into a sneer and she drops her dagger right by the rat's head, neatly slicing off several whiskers.
Tarran (9:09:05 PM): "Nng." Tarran stirs, and after considerable effort, manages to say "I want that sword."
Narrator (9:09:11 PM): The rat faints from terror.
Sybul (9:09:20 PM): " Hurr, Oi be Sybul. An' 'ee? Oi be gurtly bad at guessing."
Riala Goldentail (9:09:28 PM): The squirrel snarls in disgust and slaps him across the face until he comes to.
Narrator (9:10:04 PM): "Ebherhe..." mumbles the rat, having lost nearly all coherency
Tarran (9:10:19 PM): "'m a mouse. Tain't that hard t' guess." Tarran is obviously not fully awake yet.
Sybul (9:10:23 PM): "Doan't hurt 'ee vurmink too much, Rawla. No need to hurt 'im. Lemme troi, will you'm?"
Riala Goldentail (9:11:06 PM): "All right." Riala retrieves her dagger and sits a few lengths away, taking out a whetstone from her pouch to sharpen the weapon.
Narrator (9:11:20 PM): The rat whimpers.
Scallin (9:11:59 PM): Scallin trods towards Sybul. "Tis Scallin!"
Sybul (9:12:19 PM): "Yurr naow, we'm b'ain't goin t'do noffink unless 'ee do, so make et easier furr y'self."
Narrator (9:12:59 PM): Scared and terrified, the rat looks uncomprehendingly at the mole.
Sybul (9:13:14 PM): "You'm doan't know about 'ee em'ral'?" Her face is stern but not menacing or fierce.
Tarran (9:13:48 PM): "Yay!" Tarran throws his rusty, but much used dagger aside, and grasps the sword.
Narrator (9:13:54 PM): "W-hhhaht?" says the rat.
Scallin (9:14:14 PM): "Tis been a while 'asn't it?" Scallin is starting to get annoyed by being ignored. "Well em vermin all alike. I say kill this un before 'e does sumthin."
Sybul (9:14:16 PM): Sybul blinks and looks around. Then she laughs.
Sybul (9:15:24 PM): She does her best to toss the accent. " 'Th' emeerold; does you know about a green stone?"
Narrator (9:16:00 PM): "Greenstone?"
Narrator (9:16:29 PM): "You...mean...the ... treasure?"
Sybul (9:16:40 PM): " Yurr, that be et. Urr, it. You know the greenstone from 'ee North?
Sybul (9:16:41 PM): "
Riala Goldentail (9:17:02 PM): Tufted ears pricked up and Riala tensed, listening intently. At last, something useful...
Tarran (9:17:02 PM): Tarran gives a few precursory and rather practiced looking swings with the sword.
Fendal (9:17:15 PM): "North? greenstone? i'm getting confused"
Sybul (9:18:09 PM): "Rawla, asplain 'ee em'ral' to 'em, woan't 'ee?"
Narrator (9:18:37 PM): "We're...we were hunting th-the treasure up in the n-northern mountains. Bu-but without the troupe...we-we'd never fend off the e-eagles..."
Scallin (9:18:58 PM): Scallin glances down at his foot and whines quietly. Then he looks at the rat. "WHAT? Kill em now! E's the one o stabbed me!"
Narrator (9:19:13 PM): "Ohno!Pleaseohpleasedon'thurtme!"
Sybul (9:19:22 PM): "Eagley burds? Urr, Eagle birds. Hold it, what's 'ee troupe?"
Narrator (9:19:43 PM): "y-you k-killedd themmm..."
Riala Goldentail (9:19:45 PM): Riala glares at Scallin. "Will you be quiet?!"
Sybul (9:19:57 PM): "Who killed whom?"
Sybul (9:20:31 PM): "Oi b'ain't slayed nobeast afore tonight!"
Narrator (9:20:39 PM): "We..we...were...the troup..."
Scallin (9:20:40 PM): Scallin turns red and is now infuriated. He stomps off into the brush to pout.
Sybul (9:21:16 PM): "But 'ee didn't have 'ee troupe when they eagle birds attacked?"
Riala Goldentail (9:22:48 PM): "Do you know anything else about the treasure?" Riala asked.
Sybul (9:23:11 PM): "Oi unnerstand, Oi think. So north is 'ee em'ral?"
Narrator (9:23:16 PM): "W-worth a ki-kingdo-dom..."
Riala Goldentail (9:23:50 PM): "Is that all?"
Scallin (9:23:54 PM): Scallin reapears. He looks somewhat content. He taps the mouse who was swinging the sword around on the shoulder.
Sybul (9:24:02 PM): "Riches doan't make no differnce, we'm got more aportant things."
Narrator (9:24:06 PM): "Th-they do-don't tell us much..."
Sybul (9:24:17 PM): "Anything else you know?"
Narrator (9:24:27 PM): "No! I swear! Pleaseletmego!"
Sybul (9:25:12 PM): Sybul releases her grip on the rat, and dissapears throught he brush. Moments later, she returns wirth the havveysacks.
Sybul (9:26:45 PM): "Rawla, 'ee others dun gone ahead. Oi brought brekkyfast."
Sybul (9:27:31 PM): "Whurr's 'ee vurmink?"
Tarran (9:27:34 PM): "What?" asks Tarran, turning face Scallin.
Riala Goldentail (9:27:38 PM): "He's right here."
Riala Goldentail (9:27:51 PM): Riala was still sitting close to the vermin, dagger still out.
Sybul (9:28:01 PM): "Oh. Yurr, give 'im brekkfast too."
Riala Goldentail (9:28:20 PM): She shook her head. "Redwallers..."
Riala Goldentail (9:28:33 PM): The squirrel stood up and hauled the rat to his footpaws.
Riala Goldentail (9:28:46 PM): "We can eat on the way..."
Sybul (9:28:49 PM): Sybul smiles broadly. "Nobeast shudd go 'ungered when we ave aplenny."
Narrator (9:28:50 PM): "Ohnonono...don'thurtme..."
Scallin (9:28:58 PM): "Do ye' know anything 'bout whats goin on?" Scallin says to the mouse.
Riala Goldentail (9:28:59 PM): "The rest of you start moving. I'll send the rat on his way."
Sybul (9:29:12 PM): "Tell 'im off, Rawla."
Scallin (9:29:24 PM): "Start Moving?"
Riala Goldentail (9:29:48 PM): "Northwards, to the mountains. That's where the emerald is, if the rat's telling the truth."
Riala Goldentail (9:29:53 PM): "I'll catch up in a minute."
Tarran (9:30:17 PM): "Well? I'm waiting." said Tarran impatiently "Why did you hit me?"
Riala Goldentail (9:30:37 PM): She escorts the rat none-too-gently to the trees until they're out of sight of the others.
Scallin (9:30:41 PM): "Emerald? Aye, Ivaneye iit is right?"
Sybul (9:30:46 PM): "Awroight. Coom along, guddbeasts. Tarren too. Oi'll asplain our predicymunt."
Tarran (9:31:17 PM): "Will you feed me?" Tarran ignores Scallin, at the prospect of food.
Riala Goldentail (9:31:25 PM): "Now..." Riala grins savagely at the quaking vermin. "I did say I would send you on your way."
Scallin (9:31:38 PM): "Ah yes food!"
Narrator (9:31:49 PM): "please!pleasehavemercy!"
Tarran (9:31:50 PM): Tarran knew that when moles where around, food was often not far behind.
Sybul (9:32:16 PM): " 'Ee em'ral' be gurtly aportent to some vermink." She explains while passing out oat scones and cordial.
Tarran (9:32:51 PM): "So?" said Tarran, greedily swallowing the cordial and stuffing his mouth with oatcakes.
Riala Goldentail (9:32:52 PM): "And let you live to capture and kill more goodbeasts?" The squirrel shakes her head with a snarl. "Not a chance. Say hello to your friends in Dark Forest for me." Her dagger slices across his throat, a clean quick kill.
Scallin (9:33:08 PM): "Thank ye' bunchos" Scallin enjoys a longs sip of the cordial.
Sybul (9:33:47 PM): "Smch, so 'ee lays seige to 'ee Redwall Abbey. and he'll attack if he doan't get his stone."
Tarran (9:34:25 PM): "Who cares about a silly old Abbey?" said Tarran, through a full mouth.
Riala Goldentail (9:34:50 PM): The squirrel cleans her dagger off once more and catches up, sheathing the weapon just as she comes into sight.
Sybul (9:34:54 PM): " 'Ee abbey's whurr guddbeasts live. My home."
Tarran (9:35:58 PM): "Oh, it's one of those 'save my home' sorta deals."
Scallin (9:36:27 PM): "Well Sybul, tis abbey o' you know anyone there by the name o' Drefner?"
Sybul (9:37:06 PM): "Ascept 'ee b'aint just moi home, et's lotso' others' homes. Drefner? Lemme see..."
Sybul (9:38:20 PM): "Oi do, everyone knows everybeast at 'ee abbey. Tis a wunnerful place."
Fendal (9:38:31 PM): "Where's my breakfast?"
Tarran (9:39:18 PM): "Do they have a lot of food there?" asked Tarran, now that he had the sword, there was only one thing on his mind.
Sybul (9:39:41 PM): " 'ee Food's 'ee best thing!"
Tarran (9:40:15 PM): "Right, then we must save it, musn't we?" As Tarran was fed, his grammar improved.
Riala Goldentail (9:40:20 PM): Riala is following along in the trees, listening and keeping an eye out for danger and whatnot.
Sybul (9:40:32 PM): "Hurr."
Scallin (9:40:48 PM): "Oh well probably doesn't matter much 'bout o' Drefner. He be an ol' matey o' mine."
Sybul (9:41:28 PM): "Boi 'okey, Drefner's a gudd friend."
Scallin (9:41:35 PM): "Last saw em 'bout a season ago, said he was off to some ol' abbey, so I jest asked."
Sybul (9:42:16 PM): "Oi unnerstand." She looks up. "We missed 'ee sunroise in 'ee foight."
Sybul (9:42:46 PM): "Drefful waste o' toime, that."
Tarran (9:43:02 PM): "A travesty," agreed Tarran "I'm still hungry."
Riala Goldentail (9:43:56 PM): "How are we to get past the eagles the rat mentioned?" Riala asks from a nearby limb.
Scallin (9:44:28 PM): "Well I was going to go off to see ol' Drefner, but seems like 'at won't be possible. So I guess I'll come with you."
Scallin (9:45:36 PM): "An help save his arse by doing so, the ol' fool." Scallin stands up. "When we be ah goin?"
Sybul (9:45:57 PM): "North to 'ee em'ral. An 'ee eagley burds..."
Riala Goldentail (9:46:09 PM): Riala chuckled dryly at Scallin's comment. He didn't save anything...
Sybul (9:47:10 PM): "North to 'ee em'ral. An 'ee eagley burds..."
Tarran (9:47:45 PM): "Eagley burds?" asked Tarran in disdain "Are those the nasty flying things?'
Sybul (9:48:09 PM): "They'm loike gurt fierce robins."
Riala Goldentail (9:48:11 PM): "They're extremely large birds," Riala said. "And dangerous."
Scallin (9:48:33 PM): "What about me foot?" Scallin asks sadly.
Scallin (9:48:54 PM): "Might slow me down."
Tarran (9:49:07 PM): "Right, off we go then. Fraid I don't care about your foot."
Sybul (9:49:09 PM): "Oh, roight, Oi'd nearly forgot. Sit yself doawn."
Fendal (9:49:17 PM): "Here, you can lean on me"
Sybul (9:49:46 PM): She plucks up some dock and wraps the foot. "Shudd be a bit better."
Tarran (9:51:16 PM): "If we don't start moving soon, I'll start getting hungry again." said Tarran, casting an impassive eye on the injured foot.
Scallin (9:51:22 PM): "Thanks" Scallin stands up, and experiments with his new bandages.
Sybul (9:51:47 PM): "Ho, seasons o' mercy, let's goo!"
Riala Goldentail (9:52:00 PM): "How did you come to be captured?" Riala asked the freed prisoners as they walked.
Scallin (9:53:28 PM): "Well I jest got captured a day ago, them two were already there."
Riala Goldentail (9:53:47 PM): "What were you doing that got you captured?"
Fendal (9:53:57 PM): "i was sleeping"
Scallin (9:54:20 PM): "I was trying to steal their supplies." Scallin smiles.
Sybul (9:54:42 PM): "Ho, urr. That'll do et. They vurminks are gurtly stingy beasters."
Sybul (9:55:48 PM): "Wot abowt Tarren?"
Scallin (9:56:33 PM): "I ave been travelin southsward, ever since I was...err... banished by my crew. Ye' see I am a ship beast but... I umm... was caught stealing stuff from the ships hold too many times."
Riala Goldentail (9:57:04 PM): One eyebrow quirked upwards in amusement. "A thief, then?" She was going to have to watch the supplies carefully.
Scallin (9:57:41 PM): "Well yes... but not a very good one."
Sybul (9:57:42 PM): Sybul shakes her head but says nothing.
Tarran (9:58:37 PM): "I, err." said Tarran "Why should I tell you?"
Sybul (9:58:56 PM): "We have the haversacks!"
Riala Goldentail (9:59:38 PM): Despite her usual serious demeanor, Riala could not hold back a laugh at Sybul's mock threat.
Sybul (10:00:21 PM): "We'm got 'ee havveysackers!"
Tarran (10:00:23 PM): "I don't care about any haversacks." said Tarran "That doesn't give me any reason to explain the circumstances of my capture."
Riala Goldentail (10:00:59 PM): Riala shrugged. "Nobeast's going to force you to. Just trying to make conversation." An unusual one for her.
Scallin (10:01:02 PM): Scallin grinned widely. "Bout e aversacks... how much food ye' got?"
Sybul (10:01:11 PM): Sybul withdraws another oat scone and waves it menacingly.
Tarran (10:01:56 PM): "Gimme that!" said Tarran, "I'm hungry"
Sybul (10:02:53 PM): "Hurr, Oi jus' be teasink. You'll have some at lunch. Can't walk on a full tum."
Tarran (10:04:17 PM): "If you give me that Oatcake, I'll tell you how I was captured."
Sybul (10:05:05 PM): She tosses him the cake. "yurr, you gurt villyun!"
Tarran (10:05:25 PM): Greedily scarfing the oatcake tarran begins his tale.
Tarran (10:05:38 PM): "I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Tarran (10:05:56 PM): "Those Vermin don't have no respect for gentle beasts"
Sybul (10:06:02 PM): "B'aint we all..."
Tarran (10:06:38 PM): "I was simply mind'n me own business, doing nothing but a spot of fishin,"
Tarran (10:06:52 PM): "When they descended on me, for no reason."
Scallin (10:06:57 PM): Scallin hears his stomach growling and plans to sneak some food when they next stop.
Riala Goldentail (10:07:53 PM): Riala shook her head. "That's it? Why the reluctance to tell the story, then?"
Tarran (10:07:56 PM): "They said somehing silly like, 'Why are you dropping that wire through my tent?'"
Scallin (10:08:18 PM): "Tat isn't ary polite. I em never been to fond of em' vermin."
Riala Goldentail (10:08:36 PM): "Oh, that's why..."
Tarran (10:08:36 PM): "It really is a good sword." Tarran gave a few more practicve strokes, "Marvellous."
Scallin (10:08:58 PM): "What is it with you and that sword anyways?"
Narrator (10:09:24 PM): And so, the beasts continued on their journey...