The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Epilogue

Weston: As the battle raged on outside, Weston, sorely wounded, slept the sleep of the dead- although, since his chest was still rising and falling, it was apparent that he was, in fact, not dead but alive. A moment later, though, Kairr burst through the door, a sword in either hand, shattering the calm of the infirmary room.
Ari: Ari lept to her feet from the chair where she had been dozing quietly, searching frantically for the broom.
Weston: (Kairr) The ferret spun to face the movement, then, oddly, ignored the squirrelmaid entirely, assuming that she was no threat. Instead, he turned to face Weston, and readied his right-handed sword for a thrust that would drive the point directly through the squirrel's throat.
Ari: In that instant, Ari had found the broom. In a desperate attack, she barried against the ferret's arm, hoping to break it with the handle.
Weston: (Kairr) Kairr was knocked sideways- his stab, intended to punch through Weston's throat, instead slammed into the bedpost. Weston did not stir. Nor did he move as Kairr, recovering his balance, turned to face Ari with a grim smile on his face.
Ari: Ari smiled back for two tics or so, before quickly reaching behind her and grabbing a bottle from the cabinet. Give me an opening, ferret, and your eyes are as good as gone...
Weston: (Kairr) The ferret dropped into a crouch and backed off, gesturing the squirrel on with his left-pawed blade. The right-pawed one dipped into position to slash at Weston's unprotected throat.
Ari: Ari made a hurried gesture to block his attack on Weston with the broom, but not before throwing the bottle wildly at her opponents face. "Stay away!" she screamed, fear and and driving her anger to pitch far higher than its usual range.
Weston: (Kairr) The bottle caromed off the ferret's shoulder and shattered on the wall as he took two steps forward, slicing at the squirrel with both swords.
Ari: Ari gasped and blocked, attempting to force herself between Weston and her attacker.
Weston: (Kairr) There was a roaring in his ears and the ferret felt himself falling sideways, borne over by a weight that had slammed into the side of his head.
Weston: (Weston) Weston's eyes were slits of pure fury as he forced the ferret general onto his own sword. That accomplished, the squirrel collapsed limply.
Ari: Ari just stood there for a moment, too stunned at the sudden interference to do anything but look.
Weston: Weston forced himself up on his forearms and smiled at Ari. "Truly, an..." His voice trailed off, "..adventurrrrrr..." He slid forward and thudded onto the floor, senseless.
Ari: Ever the pragmatist, Ari leant down and picked Weston up from the floor, fearful of Kairr's blood touching his wounds. "Go to sleep, now," she whispered, but it was useless - her friend lay fast asleep already.
Weston: Two months later, the abbey was at peace once more. Deep summer hung over Redwall as the former questors laughed and took their leisure outside... all save two. Ari and Weston were conspicuously absent. This was because Weston had finally recovered from his wounds, somewhat, and Ari was trying to convince the infirmary sister to allow him to go outside.
Ari: "Please?" The squirrelmaid begged, only half in fun. "We'll put him in a wheelbarrow if he falls down..." Saying this she glanced at Weston, smiling. She knew he'd never accept the humiliation of being paraded around the abbey grounds in a wheelbarrow, but perhaps the sister was gullible...
Weston: Weston squirmed a bit at the idea of a wheelbarrow, but permission was, eventually, obtained, and the pair headed out into the orchards. Weston took a deep breath of the air. "Even this small freedom is more than I've been accustomed to," he remarked to his friend.
Ari: Ari laughed, elbowing him fondly. "Life is so hard for you, Wes! You go on quests, spend days as a captive of an evil warlord, then end up in the infirmiry for months, captive to a far more deadly warlady. Do you have some sort of inexhaustable patience that the rest of us have been denied?"
Weston: "Patience? If I have any, it springs from my hope."
Ari: "Eloquent words, Questor," she said, throwing an arm about him and dragging him off to the orchard. "Look, there are still some strawberries left!"
Weston: Arriving at the strawberries, Weston ate only a couple, his stomach churning. He'd fought down an eagle unarmed... he'd survived a battle where his weapon broke... he'd gone through torture without so much as squeaking, and he'd thrown himself, unarmed and half-dead, upon a much stronger opponent. So why was this so hard? He took a couple steps back from his friend and dropped to one knee. His voice, when he spoke, was a mere whisper. "Lady Ari..."
Ari: Ari turned around from where she'd been picking, still chewing on a particularly large strawberry. She nearly choked, seeing him on the ground, but composed herself...sort of. Flashing Weston a huge smile and taking his paws, she pulled him up off the ground. "You're so proper!" she laughed, blushing nearly as red as the strawberries around her.
Weston: Weston laughed slightly, but still pulled away. "In this I am serious," he said, his voice recovering somewhat. He gulped once, then continued resolutely, once more dropping to his knee. "Lady Ari... will you marry me?"
Ari: She sighed, once more pulling him up off the ground. This time, she twirled her friend around in a circle before leaning forward and whispering in his ear. "I've been waiting a long time for that question...Yes."

Exeunt all; cue orchestra