The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 12

Narrator: Ringing trumpets heralded the new day with a staccatto rhythm of battle. The questors, tired from their exploits of the previous few days, awoke, startled, from their fitful sleep.
Silvren: Silvren leaps to his feet, the blade of Martin at paw.
Silvren: "A fight! Well...its been to long!"
Silvren: The fox take soff to the walltop
Silvren: near the vermin backlines, amber eyes observe the armies.
Weston: Kairr the ferret general brandished his twin swords at the skies. "We feast on our enemies' blood tonight! Charge!"
Riala Goldentail: In the depths of Mossflower, Riala's ears prick up at the call to battle. Well... I suppose I should join in on this one...
Narrator: Other creatures upon the walltops muttered. "Why've you got the sword, fox?" one commented. "You're not the champion."
Silvren: "The champion gave me permission to weild it, friend...its only a loan."
Scallin: A stream of light from a nearby window rests on Scallin's face. He wakes up suddenly.
Narrator: "Loan to a fox...hah..." muttered the creature inaudibly
Scallin: Blinking rapidly, he steps out of bed and goes about in finding the others.
Silvren: The amber eyed ermine smirks as he watches the battle. "Lord Hakari..."
Silvren: Silvren nods. "I'll gladly return it when the day is done."
Silvren: The ermine, Eroket Nightblade walks to the rat warlord. "Hakari."
Weston: Kairr continues to charge at the gates; his original call finished, he moves in silence.
Narrator: Hakari looks to the ermine. " I have no time. You may notice...'tis a battle."
Silvren: "I know that...I came to warn you now."
Riala Goldentail: The squirrel races through the forest canopy, reaching the border of the woods overlooking Redwall in little time at all. She crouches under cover of the treetops, watching the prelude to battle with narrowed gold-brown eyes
Silvren: "Hakari, old friend your naive straightforwardness will be your downfall one need for some bludegoning tactics."
Weston: Kairr reconsiders as he realizes that no one is following him. Growling savagely under his breath, the ferret general slips into the woods by the abbey walls.
Narrator: "Warn me of what? Yourself? I see your scheming, Eroket, don't think I'm blind. I'll conduct this as I want, with no need to reveal my plans to you."
Silvren: "You have nothing I want, Hakari. Redwall will be yours. Heed my advice though."
Narrator: "Now, don't bother me unless it's with a request to be in the front row of battle."
Scallin: The otter finally reaches the abbey walls and looks out at the surrounding woodlands.
Scallin: Scallin finds Silvren and taps him on the shoulder. "Wha' did ah miss?"
Silvren: Silvren looks from the wall to the vermin army.. "There they are!"
Narrator: In those very woodlands, the vermin army massed, just out of bow-range, gathering for a huge attack...or so it seemed.
Silvren: "Nothing, Scallin...I see Hakari at the back...and that ermine...I know him..."
Weston: Kairr, meanwhile, reaches one of the smaller wallgates; a relatively unguarded spot, well-shielded from the eyes of wallguards. Something calls me from within...
Scallin: "Eh...?" The large otter looks out at the enemy army. "Just ah big blob.... Hehe... Need me eyes checked I tink."
Silvren: Eroket sighs.. "Goodbye then, Hakari...forever." The ermine slips into the woodlands.
Silvren: "Don't worry, Scallin. Just get ready for battle."
Narrator: The warlord gave a huff of relief. That dratted ermine finally gone. Pesky bugger had been coming up to him for no good reason - he'd even demoted the creature to give him less reason! - and saying things that were certainly not his place.
Scallin: Scallin whips out two warm, fresh biscuits from a bag he was holding. "Ungrey...?"
Weston: The door will not open for Kairr; not surprisingly, it's locked. Patiently, the ferret waits. And when the noise of battle will cover my sounds, I shall batter it down... there is something important in there... I can feel it.
Silvren: "Not the time, Scallin!"
Scallin: "There always be time fer food me friend" Scallin says while stuffing one of the biscuits in his mouth.
Riala Goldentail: Riala crouches in the trees at the outskirts of the vermin army, still watching.
Silvren: "Scallin, ready the wallguards."
Narrator: Hakari mused, judging for the right moment. It was a careful plan he weaved. If it went off well...there would be no more worries. Otherwise...
Scallin: "Ermm... Okay." The otter walks around the wall shouting. "Wallguards--Ready yourselves!"
Silvren: Eroket watches from a safe perch. This'll be your last battle, Hakari you fool...can't say I never tried to warn you.
Riala Goldentail: What can I do from here? The gold-brown gaze flicks from vermin to trees to abbey and back again, mind working. Capture one and interrogate him? Or just watch and wait...?
Silvren: Silvren looks to the army. "Come on...attack already..."
Narrator: Beside Silvren on the walltops, the creature muttered again. "cert'nly actin' like the champion. Prolly got some scheme in mind...."
Scallin: Scallin bumps into a wallguard. "Ready yerself!"
Silvren: Silvren turns to the guard. "Go, gather half our forces in front of the gates, put the young, old and females in cavern hole and the other half on the wall."
Weston: >"Aye, matey!" the wallguard barks, and runs to do as ordered.
Silvren: Silvren grabs his crossbow and loads it with a bolt.
Scallin: The otter looks down from the wall and stares at the ground below. "Mighty high aint it," he says to himself. "I best get back to the gate now..." He immediately takes back off towards the gate where Silvren is.
Silvren: "And now..."
Silvren: The fox takes the sword, standing at the head of the group
Silvren: "Guard! Get some oil or water in Cauldrons and line them on top of the wall."
Narrator: Hakari watched as creatures began disappearing from the walltops...yes. now seemed good...
Scallin: "What good would water do?" Scallin says as he pops up behind the fox.
Weston: >The guard, a typically rapier-bearing shrew by the name of Amlethus, joined the column in front of the main gates.
Silvren: "We ready now? Scallin?"
Silvren: "If its boiling then a lot."
Narrator: "First squadron! Up and ready!" barked the rat. "Go! Go!!!!"
Scallin: "How 'bout tar...?" The otter stares at the vermin army uncomfortably.
Weston: >Amlethus- commonly known as Am, to his friends- readies his rapier.
Silvren: "Wall guards...Fire when they're in range!"
Narrator: The squadron ducked out from amid the rest of the army, standing in front with their shields to the front.
Silvren: "When they reach the gates, dump the cauldrons on them!"
Weston: >Am hails the wallguards. "What's going on up there?"
Silvren: "Scallin...stick with me."
Scallin: "Are they goin' to fire back at us?" Scallin says as he ducks down behind one of the crenellations.
Silvren: "If they do then duck behind the battlements."
Narrator: Over the streach of land between the vermin army, a song drifts. "All I wan' is some jewels for me lady...and all I need is a house for the lady....". Those with keener eyesight could see the gruff vermin swaying back and forth while belting out the ballad...
Silvren: Silvren watches and waits, sword ready.
Riala Goldentail: Riala waits in the treetops, wondering what the vermin are up to.
Narrator: "Second company! Your turn!" yells Hakari
Silvren: "Fire again...aim for heads and legs!"
Narrator: The second company strides forth to before the first, and begins a very badly organized dance to the song, keeping their shields ready
Silvren: Eroket watches from a tree. " your death then..."
Narrator: A wallguard jokes to his friend, "My goodness! We'd better go and hide! The vermin are singing!"
Silvren: Silvren steps back, bow drawn.
Riala Goldentail: Riala stares at the odd actions of the vermin.
Narrator: The singing and dancing continues...for an hour...with different ballads, but the same bad dancing.
Silvren: "What are they doing out there?"
Narrator: The creatures of redwall, had, by that point, gathered atop the walls to watch the strange attractions. "Hee...look at the one with the hat! He's trying to do a cartwheel..."
Silvren: "Wait a moment...Its a trap! Down!"
Silvren: "Shoot them now, shoot them now!"
Narrator: "wonder why he's been saying that so much..." comments a creature on the walltops. "creatures haven't done anything for an hour..."
Scallin: "Trap?" The otter looks down at the vermin curiously.
Silvren: "They're getting us to drop our guard...I'm serious!"
Riala Goldentail: Riala ponders attacking now just to put the creatures out of their misery.
Scallin: "Woah! That one jest did a flip!"
Riala Goldentail: Or she might kill herself to put herself out of her misery.
Silvren: Silvren fires his bow
Narrator: The arrow hits the shield of one of the dancers.
Silvren: Eroket watches the ridiculous display, leaping from tree to tree. sad really
Riala Goldentail: There was something seriously wrong here.
Scallin: "I remember when I could do those back in me younger days." Scallin starts to relate his past to the others around him.
Silvren: Eroket raises a dagger and flings it in a vermin's back
Narrator: "Third company! Your turn!" yells Hakari with glee from the back ranks.
Silvren: "Are we gonna fight or have a dancing competition?"
Weston: Kairr listens to the cacophony of noise and smiles grimly. That should do nicely. He hoists first one, then the other of his swords into a ready position, crouches, and glares at the gates.
Narrator: As the vermin died, Hakari turned. "Find the creature that did that, and kill them."
Silvren: Eroket leaps away. Now to find him...
Silvren: Eroket smiles coldly.
Scallin: "...It was 'bout that time that our ship sprang a leak ye' see..."
Narrator: Arrows fly into the rustling branches that mark the ermine's passage.
Riala Goldentail: She frowns. But what could they be doing this for? The squirrel sets off on a run of the perimeter of the abbey.
Silvren: The ermine moves around to the perimeter as well "If Hakari wins my life may be forfeit..."
Narrator: The third company, meanwhile, had taken up the song from the woodlands to the other side of the abbey
Weston: First the sword in Kairr's left paw, then the one in his right, crashes into the gate, the noise of the dance masking the sounds he makes.
Scallin: The otter suddenly realizes that he has no audience, and decides to stop.
Silvren: Eroket smiles as he combs the abbey..."It makes sense."
Riala Goldentail: She sees movement below and blinks at the sight of pale fur and the scent of mustelid. Ermine...?
Silvren: The ermine grins. Kairr...ah well it has nothing to do with me.
Weston: The door breaks under the blows from Kairr's swords. Smiling grimly, the silent ferret stalks into the abbey, staying low and trying to remain behind cover.
Silvren: No need to interfere.
Riala Goldentail: The squirrel alters her course to follow Eroket, keeping a reasonable distance behind, a silent shadow in the treetops.
Silvren: The ermine's amber eyes narrow suddenly Being followed...scent of squirrel..
Riala Goldentail: She also remains downwind.
Silvren: Suddenly the ermine changes direction, darting back
Silvren: "You can quit following me, now."
Riala Goldentail: She stops, motionless in a limb several lengths above the ground, watching the ermine with narrowed gaze.
Weston: Kairr is laughing silently over the simplicity of his task. And there, an open doorway. The ferret slips into the building.
Silvren: Eroket grins. "You may want to check the back door..."
Scallin: "I thought we would be fightin'..." Scallin says grimly as he takes a seat.
Narrator: From seemingly nowhere, a bird squaks, and a volley of arrows that seems to have been fired from everywhere falls to the defenders on the walls.
Silvren: Silvren is amazingly confused...
Scallin: "Aiyee!"
Silvren: "It was a trap!"
Riala Goldentail: Her gaze sharpens and she glances to the abbey. The door is just visible from her standpoint - and the hole within.
Silvren: Eroket sighs. "Hey squirrel...hurry up or the abbey'll die..."
Riala Goldentail: Her lip curls in a snarl and she races off to the abbey, diving into the door.
Scallin: The otter jumps flat onto the floor.
Silvren: Eroket follows at an even pace, smiling. How I love this...
Riala Goldentail: Her nose twitches once inside the abbey. Ferret.
Silvren: I kill Kairr? Or just watch?
Riala Goldentail: Just across the abbey grounds she sees a shadowy figure slipping into the abbey.
Riala Goldentail: Hellsteeth!
Silvren: "Hey, Kairr!"
Silvren: "Hakari sent me to help you."
Riala Goldentail: Riala races across the grounds with all the speed of her species, reaching the abbey entrance not too long after the ferret.
Scallin: "Did the arrers stop?" Scallin peeks over the battlements.
Silvren: "Scallin down!" Silvren yells, pulling him down
Weston: Kairr hears a scrabbling of claws on the floorstones. His swords rise into a ready position as he flattens himself against a wall.
Scallin: "Eep!"
Narrator: As if in response to Scallin's answer, the arrows come again, more unco-ordinated
Riala Goldentail: She darts inside, roce and dagger springing into calloused paws, gaze probing the shadows as she backs cautiously into a corner.
Weston: >Amlethus takes an arrow through the shoulder and falls back screaming.
Narrator: Upon the walltops, creatures abandoned their bows and slings to sob over their fallen comrades.
Silvren: "Blast it...come on, fight now cry later!"
Silvren: "Hey, Hakari!" Silvren roars.
Riala Goldentail: A log cracks in the fireplace, sending a flare of light to illuminate Kaiir.
Scallin: "We can't keep this up! We will all be shot!" The otter hides behind a large crenelation and refuses to move.
Narrator: "Die now, no later, more like." mutters the guard again.
Silvren: "Down from the walltops...I have a plan"
Weston: The ferret springs forward, his face twisting into a silent snarl as he brings one sword- the one in his right paw- into a stab at Riala's face.
Riala Goldentail: The squirrel brings her roce up to parry, her dagger flashing for his gut.
Silvren: "Come on, you coward! Face me, why don't you?!"
Scallin: "Ooo! What 'ave we 'ere?" Scallin says as he picks up a rock.
Narrator: A messanger runs up to Hakari. "S-sir? A-A message from the commander Garn. 'E says there's a fox up there who's got the glittery silver-gold sword you warned 'im about...."
Weston: The second sword swings around in an arcing block as the first is pushed wide of its target. Kairr, frustrated, leaps back out of the clinch to try again.
Silvren: Silvren sits with Scallin
Narrator: "A fox, hm? Tell him to do his best to shoot the fox...yes. And once you've done that, relay the message to the other commanders. Double pay for whoever hits him." replies Hakari
Weston: Can't let this one raise the alarm... Can't afford to kill her, the scent of blood will give me away....
Scallin: "Eat this!" Scallin shouts as he throws the rock down at the vermin army--missing completely.
Riala Goldentail: Riala lashes out with her roce, the heavy stick crushing down for Kairr's head.
Silvren: Silvren quickly moves in front of the gates
Weston: The right sword goes up into a sloppy-but-effective block, Kairr dropping to one knee and swinging the flat of his left-hand blade at the side of Riala's head.
Riala Goldentail: She sees the blade coming out of the corner of her eye and ducks away, catching a glancing blow.
Riala Goldentail: Stars burst across her vision and she strikes out blindly with her dagger.
Silvren: "Alright...come arrows...Now!"
Narrator: "Where?" asks a defender.
Sybul: Sybul releases the bowstring.
Silvren: "To the attacking archers"
Weston: The strike slips past the hilt of the left-handed sword and draws blood from the ferret's wrist; nonetheless, he maintains enough control to attempt a crushing blow to Riala's head with the flat of his other sword.
Narrator: "At the vermin? I see a vermin! He's got this glittery sword...can't miss him. ordering everyone about...should I shoot him?" calls someone from the walltops.
Silvren: "A rat?"
Scallin: "I smell cupcakes.... Mmmm. But who would be makin' cupcakes at ah time like this?" Scallin says with his tounge hanging out.
Narrator: "Don't know...looks a bit bigger. My eyesight's not so great..."
Silvren: The fox suddenly realizes what he means and snarls. "Shoot the ones outside of Redwall!"
Riala Goldentail: The stars clear enough for her to spot this one as well, and she doesn't attempt to dodge it this time. She dives for the ferret's legs, the sword continuing on its trajectory to score a line of blood from her back.
Narrator: Arrows and rocks flew from the abbey blindly.
Weston: The ferret stumbles and falls heavily to the floor, lashing out wildly with both weapons.
Silvren: "Hakari!!! face me you coward!"
Silvren: "Give your master that message, scum!"
Scallin: "I'm gonna find those cupcakes!" The otter hops up onto his feet and starts running along the wall.
Silvren: "Scallin!"
Sybul: Sybul follows her otter pal. "Get Doan, Maister Scallin!"
Riala Goldentail: One blade digs deep into Riala's side as she tries to get up, and the other slices into her leg. She falls, rolls out of the way of the flailing weapons as pain threatens to draw her to unconsciousness.
Scallin: "Werm from the oven...... Strewberry iceing....... Oooooo"
Narrator: things, thought Hakari, are going well. We could keep this up all day. Maybe into the night...Maybe into tomorrow morning. Hopefully not much past tea-time, then...that wouldn't be good...who could I kill at abbey beast? where would I get one? At the large abbey in front of me? perhaps....perhaps...
Scallin: Scallin pays no heed to the words of his friends and continues running.
Sybul: "Ye'll be skewered furst, ef y'doan' duck!" She yells, and tackles him around the waist.
Scallin: "Umph!"
Silvren: " food right now. Its a war!"
Sybul: "An' besoides, Oi be no gudd in battel. Cupcakes be moar userful."
Silvren: "Wait...get the cupcakes"
Weston: Kairr gets his feet back under him and pounces, hammering forward with the hilts of both weapons at Riala's head.
Narrator: A rustling behind him notified that his plan was ready for the next stage. "Foward!" Hakari yelled. At his command, a score of well-built stoats charged foward, carrying a tree with the branches on one side shaved off.
Silvren: "Now...dump the cauldrons on them!"
Scallin: The sudden urge of battle overcomes Scallin's cravings.
Sybul: Sybul stands and salutes before scampering down the stairs into the abbey to find cupcakes.
Scallin: "Quick dump the tar on em! You two--Light torches and bring them to the gates!"
Narrator: The tree bashed against the doors. THUMMMP
Sybul: "We'm soljurs need t'keep oop strength."
Riala Goldentail: The squirrel tried to dodge aside but with the accumulation of wounds she can't move far... one hilt hits her directly enough to send her into darkness.
Silvren: "Silvren knocks several cauldrons over, the boiling oil and water falling on the tree
Scallin: Scallin races back to Silvren's side.
Narrator: The tree burst into vigorous flame. Screaming, half the stoats fled the firey wreck at the gates.
Weston: Kairr rose and, licking the blood from his sword-blades, padded onwards, deeper into the abbey building.
Silvren: Archers fire at their backs as they retreat.
Narrator: Soon, the fire from the tree caught on at the main doors...
Scallin: The otter takes two torches from a mouse and leans over the battlements. "Hehehe."
Narrator: The remaining stoats fell, sprawled across no-mans-land
Silvren: The fox runs with the others to the courtyard
Scallin: "Gurrrnnnn.... Tat aint good," Scallin says as he points to the flaming gates.
Silvren: "Ready archers!"
Scallin: The otter follows Silvren and readies his sword.
Sybul: From the kitchen, loaded with a trayful of confections, Sybul glances up the hall. "FOIRE! FOIRE AT 'EE GAYTES!"
Silvren: "Everybeast...Ready!"
Riala Goldentail: Screams erupt from the vermin at the edges of the forest as several of them fall, dead or wounded.
Silvren: "Now...the gates are going down!"
Scallin: Scallin stares at the burning gares in dismay. "What 'appens then..?"
Silvren: "We make a last stand...and try to take as many with us."
Sybul: The molemaid stands, struck with panic, staring at the flaming door. She looks around for somebeast, anybeast
Sybul: and enters the Great hall.
Riala Goldentail: Stray sunlight gleams off of bared rapiers, gleaming red, then sheathed. Shrews melt back into the undergrowth as the other half of the Guosim hits-and-runs in another area of the woodlands edge...
Scallin: Scallin tosses a bucket full of water at the gate.
Silvren: "The gates will collapse..."
Sybul: "'elp, elp, ee gaytes be a flaymin!"
Silvren: Silvren waits for the charge as the gates burn.
Narrator: "Wants us to die...lettin' in the vermin. won't let him do it." comments a defender. "Get some pails and meet me by the pond" he says to those around him.
Weston: Kairr vanishes upwards, heading quietly for the next floor- the infirmary level.
Sybul: She sets the cupcakes on the floor brfoe seeing Riala. "Miss Rawla, git 'elp quick! 'Ee gaytes be burnin!"
Silvren: "There isn't time...the gates are almost collapsing."
Sybul: She shakes the bloody figure.
Scallin: Scallin tosses another bucket of water at the gates, and is clumsy enough so that he throws the bucket with it.
Riala Goldentail: The vermin continue to die as nobeast apparently reacts to the Guosim attacks.
Riala Goldentail: Riala doesn't awake.
Scallin: The gates suddenly collapse at the impact.
Silvren: "Now!"
Scallin: "Woops...."
Narrator: Hakari smiles as another tree is brought forth, along with twoscore rats carrying buckets of water. "Off and on to it, then." he remarks. The second tree goes running through the open gates...
Silvren: Silvren draws his blade. "Archers ready!"
Weston: >Amlethus, screaming at the top of his infamously leather-like Guosim lungs, leaps to his feet and charges, bloody, through the flames at the enemy.
Narrator: Vermin from all over shoot arrows at the walltops, and charge through from behind their tree-shield
Riala Goldentail: And vermin continue dying because no one's defending against the Guosim guerrila attacks.
Silvren: Silvren braces himself
Riala Goldentail: At this rate, there'll be no vermin left.
Sybul: "Miss Rawla, wot be 'ee madder?" She looks genuinely scared, to the point of fainting between the collapsing gates and her unconcious companion. She begins to wipe off blood with her apron...
Narrator: A messanger comes up to hakari., "somebeast outside attacking..."
Silvren: Silvren readies his blade. "Attack!"
Scallin: Scallin fingers his sword, ready for combat.
Narrator: "Attack them back, then! Do I have to spell everything out?" replies Hakari
Riala Goldentail: The squirrel groans, coming to half-consciousness.
Narrator: The tree moves back and forth, almost as if it was surveying the redwall defensive troops.
Weston: >Amlethus, despite the arrow protruding entirely through his left arm, continues to charge at the oncoming vermin, screaming all the way.
Narrator: Suddenly, with a "Hai!" it charges foward into the mass of defenders.
Riala Goldentail: Her eyes focus on the mole. "Ferret.... upstairs..."
Sybul: "Miss Rawla, 'ee gates be a-burnin, you'm gorra move quick loike!
Sybul: "
Silvren: Silvren's blade rises and flashes at the vermin as he weilds it in a melody of death
Narrator: A flaming branch of the tree waves about dangerously near to silvren.
Silvren: The fox springs back. "Scallin, together!"
Narrator: The rats, seeing nothing else to do with their water, throw it at the archers in the defenders.
Scallin: "Yes!" Scallin charges into the vermin crowd.
Silvren: The archers fire again into the vermin ranks
Sybul: "A furret? Whurr 'ee be?"
Riala Goldentail: A low chuckle rattles from the squirrel's throat. "Can't ... move. Leg. Side. Back."
Silvren: The defenders run to the vermin , attacking viciously
Weston: >Amlethus is hit by the tree and goes flying from the impact.
Sybul: She starts to quiver.
Narrator: The vermin, outnumbering the defenders, are gaining the advantage...
Riala Goldentail: The Guosim race out of the trees and attack full force, yelling their ululating warcry. "Logalogalogalooooog!"
Weston: Kairr pads forward carefully, relishing these last few moments. Yes. In here. What I seek is inside this room...
Sybul: "We'm gorra move quick loike an' put out 'ee foires."
Silvren: The defenders fight on bravely...but hearts ar elifted by the guosim war cry
Narrator: The tree sweeps back and forth, setting fire to scores more of the defenders.
Scallin: Scallin swings his sword down at one vermin's neck, and then stabs at another.
Narrator: The flank of the vermin forces turn to take on the guosim.
Silvren: Silvren runs to the wall, a cauldron knocked down on the tree, the water puttig the flame sout as the fox continues battling the vermin
Silvren: The vemrin are hit by two sides
Sybul: "You'm 'ungry? Oi 'ave cuppcakes. You'm better rest 'ere ef 'ee carn't move."
Weston: >Amlethus, now covered with burns and with his left arm both bloodied and smashed from his landing on it, regains his feet and charges the vermin, somehow holding on to life.
Riala Goldentail: Night is overtaking the squirrel's vision, creeping in until she drifts back to unconsciousness.
Silvren: Silvren continues fighting viciously. "Hakari's the key...we must find him!"
Riala Goldentail: The shrews fight.
Riala Goldentail: And there's a lot of them.
Silvren: The vermin are trapped on two sides
Narrator: However, the hot water intended to stop a battering ram only ignites the tree more.
Scallin: The otter continues fighting the overpowering vermin.
Scallin: Scallin impales a rat, and hacks off the head of a weasel.
Silvren: Silvren hacks through the vermin with Scallin
Weston: >Am's rapier drives through the throat of a random ferret.
Silvren: Silvren snarls as he continues fighting through with the other defenders
Riala Goldentail: The shrews continue fighting. Randomly.
Scallin: Remember to watch your back Scallin The otter turns around suddenly, only to see a ferret charging at him with a spear.
Scallin: Before he has time to react, the spear flies right through Scallin's gut.
Silvren: "Scallin!!"
Sybul: Sybul wrinkles up her face sadly and pulls Riala into a corner. She covers her with the patched cloak she had been wearing from before, and moves to find the ferret upstairs. Her retreat, however, is blocked by the smoke pouring...
Scallin: "Guhhhh!"
Sybul: into the room.
Silvren: The fox defends his friend.
Silvren: "Scallin..."
Scallin: The otter falls to the ground, breathing hard.
Silvren: "Hakari!! You and me! Here and now!"
Narrator: Hakari, however, can still not hear Silvren.
Narrator: Especially over the sounds of battle.
Silvren: The fox continues battling through the vermin
Scallin: Scallin falls down to his side, and tears start to spill from his eyes.
Weston: >Amlethus takes a blow from a sword but manages to rise, his breath coming only with a great effort. We're losing.
Sybul: She tries to go out in the hall, but is forced back by the black plume. "Miss Rawla, please wayke oop..."
Riala Goldentail: The shrews continue stabbing verminy things.
Narrator: Soon, silvren is surrounded by guosim shrews
Riala Goldentail: The shrews see Silvren and think he's an enemy because he's a fox.
Silvren: The fox holds the sword of Martin "If thee serves Thok Hakari then lets go!"
Riala Goldentail: "He's got th' sword o' Martin!" one yells.
Silvren: "I'm one of Redwall's!"
Narrator: "He's got the glittery sword!" a vermin yells
Riala Goldentail: "Thievin' fox!"
Riala Goldentail: "Liar!"
Narrator: "Kill 'im!" yells another vermin.
Silvren: "Weston gave it to me, I'm not lying!"
Scallin: Scallin foolishly tries to stand, but finds that he can't move his legs.
Riala Goldentail: "Kill 'im!" yells a shrew.
Silvren: "I'm killing the enemies! Not the Redwallers!
Narrator: "Double pay for he who kills 'im!"
Weston: >Amlethus can feel his hold on life sliding away. "Log-a-log-a... log-a... log-a....." The shrew breathes, charging at another vermin. A swordblade hits him neatly in the neck, and his hold on life is lost entirely.
Silvren: "See?!"
Riala Goldentail: "Yer tryin' t'save yer own hide, jus' like a fox!"
Riala Goldentail: "Kill 'im!"
Scallin: The otter stares at the sky painfully.
Silvren: "They're trying to kill me! Trust me!
Riala Goldentail: The shrews all attack Silvren.
Narrator: The stoats, also, attack Silvren
Silvren: The fox's blade weaves through the air as he knocks them out with the flat side
Sybul: Sybul looks for another escape, eyeing the windows that she could not possibly lift Riala out of without help...
Riala Goldentail: The shrews are so short that they duck the blade easily and dart within its reach and attack more.
Silvren: The fox falls back to the defenders. "Scallin!"
Riala Goldentail: However, there are too many shrews between him and the defenders.
Scallin: Scallin hears his name being called, but it sounds very far away.
Narrator: The vermin continue to attack the fox. "Yarr!"
Sybul: "Miss Rawla... Oi'll be back!
Sybul: "
Riala Goldentail: Some of them throw rapiers at him.
Silvren: "Don't you dare die!"
Narrator: A stoat scores a lucky hit with his spear in Silvren's leg.
Silvren: The fox is wounded, snarling in pain and rage,
Narrator: Another fox swings his sword at the fox's head.
Silvren: The fox barely parries and strikes him down
Scallin: "Silvren....... Are you........ 'urt bad..?"
Silvren: "Yes...I can barely walk..."
Narrator: A rat decides, Why not?, and tackles Silvren.
Sybul: Sybul climbs out of the window, looking for help.
Scallin: The otter hangs onto life desperately--not wanting to die yet.
Silvren: The fox almost faints after extracting the spear from his leg, now with an injured leg
Silvren: "Come on, Scallin..."
Silvren: Eroket is watching the fight cooly. "Hmph...they'll be slaughtered..."
Riala Goldentail: One shrew dives on Silvren, grasps the hilt of the sword of Martin with both paws, and tugs at it.
Riala Goldentail: "Givvit up, thievin' scum!"
Silvren: The fox tears it away. "I'm no theif! ttack the enmy, not me! I'll give it up shortly."
Scallin: Scallin stares into the sky, watching the clouds float by, and suddenly all seems to be in peace.
Silvren: "Scallin!"
Sybul: She runs to the now charred-out-of-gatehood gates, shovelling dirt onto them to quell the fires enough to get through without being burned terribly, and runs out onto the batle field.
Silvren: "Do not die!"
Scallin: The otter looks into his friend's eyes.
Riala Goldentail: Another shrew joins in on trying to wrench the sword away. One stabs at Silvren's sword paw.
Silvren: The fox, forgeting battle runs to Scallin. "you! Shrew get him to the infirmary of Redwall!
Scallin: He opens his mouth as if to say something, but stops suddenly.
Silvren: The fox is avoiding the shrews just barely in rage. "Stop it! I'm on your side!"
Silvren: "Take the blasted thing! I'd rather use my own!"
Riala Goldentail: A couple more shrews go to help Scallin while the two others continue to try to get the sword away from Silvren.
Scallin: Scallin's eyes glaze over, and his face goes pale.
Narrator: The shrew, not seeing the speaker, picks up Scallin, and carries him...
Scallin: And so, Scallin passes away.
Silvren: "Scallin!" The fox runs to his friend, tears in his eyes.
Riala Goldentail: One shrew happily takes the sword and runs to the abbey with it.
Silvren: The fox draws his own sword, after giving the other blade up
Narrator: Another siezes the opportunity, and tries to bind Silvren's paws.
Silvren: The fox knocks him away, running back to the abbey
Silvren: The fox reaches the walls in anger and sorrow. "Scallin.."
Silvren: Eroket sighs..."Well.." He unsheaths a throwing dagger a raises it.
Silvren: The battle rages but he doesn't care
Silvren: The ermine hurls his dagger aiming at the shrew with the sword
Sybul: Sybul sees a fox running to the abbey, and turns to confront him. She stops however, when she sees that it is Silvren. "Maister Silvren, 'ee cupcakes be insoide... and Miss Rawla needs 'elp. 'Ee foire be goin' doan 'ee way to 'ee
Sybul: gurt 'all.
Silvren: Silvren draws his own sword and runs back to battle
Weston: You're twinking.

You get the Sword. You get out uninjured. You get first crack at the warlord. Ari, Wes, Sybul, Scallin, and Riala have all been wounded, either once or many times, since this Quest began.
Weston: With both Eroket and Silvren, you seem to have Super-Characters.
Sybul: "What be wrong, maister Silvern?"
Silvren: " gone...
Sybul: Sybul's face screws up with grief. "What?"
Silvren: The fox, behind lines is practically imobile.
Silvren: "blast it...can barely move."
Silvren: The fox limps across the field, trying not to collapse
Narrator: The battle raged back and forth, the vermin numbers slowly depleteing.
Silvren: The fox gasps in agai\n, wounded "Hakari!
Silvren: The fox sees the rat. "Lets go!"
Narrator: The rat calls out across the large space, "What? I can't hear you."
Silvren: The fox limps to the rat "Come on!"
Sybul: Sybul follows Silvren, worried about Riala, Scallin, the gates, the cupcakes.
Sybul: "Maister Silvern..."
Narrator: Hakari surveys the limping fox coming towards him. fight...or no fight...hmmmm
Silvren: "The fox continues to the rat, teeth gritted in pain."
Silvren: "He draws his sword as snarls, screaming "Hakari! here and now! no escape
Silvren: "This is for Scallin!"
Sybul: Louder she quavers a little, "Maister Silvern!"
Narrator: "Who's he?" asks Hakari
Silvren: "Sybul! Not now`"
Narrator: "Ooh! Was he a short lad, about yay high, with bushy eyebrows? and a stutter?"
Silvren: Te fox has nearly reaches the warlord with a snarl he readies his blade. "Now, murdering coward!"
Narrator: The rat laughs, and brings up his sword.
Sybul: She cracks her knuckles, bulstling about nevously, never going in front of Silvren but pacing back and forth just behind.
Silvren: The fox slashes at Hakari. Scallin...give me strength.
Narrator: Hostage...or no hostage...'twould make things a bit easier...
Silvren: "Die!"
Narrator: The rat parries, and reposts towards Silvren's other leg.
Silvren: The fox's blade flashes downward in a block, his gauntleted fist flashing to the rat's face
Narrator: The rat disengages, and in Hakari's other hand appears his long dagger, with which he slashes Silvren's fist.
Sybul: Sybul makes up her mind, and after scanning Hakari's armour, she turns back towards Redwall.
Silvren: His sword slshes at Hakari's face
Sybul: She turns about face, back to the deuling pair. with a loud roar, speeds toward the two.
Silvren: "Sybul, no!"
Sybul: She leaps into the air and drop kicks Hakari.
Silvren: "No!"
Narrator: The warlord turns, his dagger slashing towards Silvren's throat...
Sybul: Sybul thrashes out with heavy digging claws to Hakari.
Silvren: but as Hakari thrusts forward Silvren does to...disengaging from the warlord's blade and thrusting to his heart
Narrator: Hakari tumbles on the ground, and comes up behind Sybul.
Narrator: His sword at sybul's throat, he mutters, "put the blade down, or the mole dies."
Silvren: "Let her go!"
Narrator: "Put down the blade"
Silvren: The fox drops his sword\
Narrator: "Good. Now you walk to the abbey.
Silvren: The fox turns and begins walking
Sybul: "No! Git 'ee vurmint Maister Silvern! But ef you'm be goin to 'ee abbey, Rawla's in 'ee Gurt 'All!"
Silvren: The fox walks
Sybul: Sybul wriggles around in the rat's grasp.
Silvren: "Release her, first."
Narrator: ", you may go, little mole. don't try anything too dangerous."
Silvren: The fox stops and kneels, waiting for the blow to his neck when something catches his eyes
Narrator: Hakari stepped back amidst the ranks of a protective guard of archers.
Silvren: "Finish it now, killer..."
Narrator: "If you insist."
Narrator: "Archers! Fire."
Sybul: Sybul pulls her nose to the rat sarcasticly.
Narrator: The archers, all quite bad shots, manage to miss the two creatures completely.
Silvren: Silvren smiles and waits. Scallin? was that you?
Sybul: Then, with as little warning as possible, she hits Hakari.
Sybul: Hard
Sybul: .
Silvren: "Hakari! kill me yourself
Narrator: Hakari's blade flashes up Sybul's side.
Narrator: Hakari doubles over, but steps back more, until anyone close enough to hit him would have to be next to the archers.
Narrator: Within the abbey, the defenders and guosim shrews finally overcame the vermin forces
Silvren: The fox waits for the blow.
Narrator: Outside, Hakari is looking confusedly at the fox who has kneeled in the middle of nowhere for no reason, and the brisling mole.
Narrator: Then, he pushes over one of the archers, and grabs his bow.
Silvren: "Kill me with your sword then!"
Narrator: "Why?"
Silvren: The fox waits...his paw finds the object. "You are a greate ropponent
Narrator: "Thank you."
Sybul: Sybul bristles, glance shifting between her wounded compatriot and the enemy.
Narrator: Hakari puts shaft to bow, and draws back.
Silvren: "Make it a clean slice to the neck...a soldier's death.
Sybul: She looks uncomfortable at Silvren's speech.
Narrator: "I like bows, myself. They are much less bloody, and you don't have people flailing around near you
Silvren: Good...then do it up close."
Narrator: "See...that's the key thing I like about bows. you're far away, and they're not close..."
Silvren: The fox smiles and readies the object. "fire then."
Sybul: Sybul steps between Silvren and Hakari.
Narrator: "Mole... I'll kill you."
Sybul: "You'll hafter kill usn's both.
Sybul: "
Silvren: The fox raise sthe object, his crossbow and yells, "Sybul move!"
Sybul: She hears silvren and runs forward, onto Thok's foot.
Narrator: "Yaagh!" yells the warlord, leaping back and letting go of the bow, which fires in midair to the sky
Silvren: The fox seizes his chance the crossbow fires at his heart as he rears up
Silvren: The fox's blade in paw as he lunges forward, at the rat's neck...slicing at him
Sybul: Sybul bowls into Hakari, hitting him again./
Weston: Hakari gasps and doubles over from the mole's tackle and the blade slashes down into his back, biting deep.
Sybul: She pummels the warlord relentlessly.
Silvren: The fox withdraws it and thrusts to his heart
Weston: Thok Hakari collapses to the ground with a fading snarl.
Silvren: Silvren collapses as well...unconcious and nearly dead
Scallin: Suddenly the faces of Redwallers and Guosim pop up around the scene. The rest of the vermin had either fled or been killed, and now the defenders have gathered around to see the death of Hakari.
Silvren: Eroket watches Hakari fall Told him so With a laugh the ermine exits