The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 11

Silvren: ((Alirhgt, we wait for the others for a smile time
Narrator: Around Redwall, the questors, newly returned from their foray into the camp, apprehensively thought about their own future, and the future of Redwall...
Silvren: Silvren stalks Redwall's halls in a melancholy mood, calling ou the name of the one who wasn't at the ill fated raid. "Ari!"
Ari: "Whaaa?" The squirrelmaid stirs from a doze by Cavern Hole's fireplace. "I'm here..."
Silvren: The fox walks over to her. "Ari...I hate to tell you this...but we tried a raid on the vermin camp and..."
Silvren: "Weston...Weston died there."
Ari: "What?" Ari sits up quickly. "He's...dead?"
Silvren: "...Yes...he told us to run...He gave me the blade of the abbey.."
Ari: "He's not alive? He's dead?" She rubs her eyes.
Silvren: "For all we know...yes. Nobeast could last against the whol horde..."
Ari: One red foot lashes out, kicking at the fox's knee. "Why'd you leave him, then?"
Scallin: Scallin walks into the room with Silvren and Ari--anger showing on his face.
Silvren: The fox accepts the kick. "I would've gladly stayed behind to die with should have been me to die...he told me to go.."
Silvren: "And Riala wouldn't let me stay behind."
Ari: Aye, you should have been the one, fox. Ari stands up, looking fiercely into Silvren's eyes despite her lack of height. "Where did you leave him?"
Scallin: "What's done is done. Weston is dead now, and there's nothing else to that." Scallin tries to comfort Ari with his words.
Silvren: "You won't go back there, Ari. I won't tell you that."
Silvren: "Scallin..."
Ari: Her eyes narrow. "Will too."
Scallin: "What?" The otter asks grimly.
Silvren: "Weston died for us, Ari. I won't let that sacrifice be in vain."
Silvren: " would you feel about finishing this war? Real soon now?"
Silvren: "Avenge Weston and finish every one of those vermin?"
Scallin: The otter looks at the fox in the eye. "How do ye' tink we could do at?"
Silvren: "I used to do it to warlords in the north...assassination."
Ari: "They'll have left now, fox. I'm going to find his body. I'm going to bury it - a courtesy that I doubt that warlord fool would have granted him."
Scallin: "Ari don't be insane!"
Silvren: "You don't seem to understand, Ari...he was massacred by them...I doubt his body is still there...or if they didn't even eat it!"
Silvren: "And its in the middle of a camp. You won' even get within spitting distance."
Scallin: Sadness shows on the otter's face. "Gettin' yerself killed 'ouldn't accomplish nothin'."
Ari: "Eat it?" She queries. "Don't make light of the situation. And of course it's still there. You think they'd have him for a keepsake?"
Ari: "As for spitting distance," she continues venomously. "Apparently you were fool enough to try it."
Silvren: "Fine, go to your death but I'll go with you...I owe it to Weston anyways."
Silvren: "And apparantly you need to face reality!"
Silvren: "Weston is dead. Nothing will bring him back. Not his body, nothing. Accept reality! All we can do now is avenge him!"
Silvren: "He was my friend too, alright?!"
Ari: Ari glares. "Is revenge all you think about? I'm going to bury him. If you try and stop me, may the ruler of Dark Forest hold you accountable." She marches off, broom in hand.
Silvren: "Fine...I"ll go wih you to death then..."
Scallin: "Let her get killed.." Scallin spits on the floor in disgust.
Silvren: "Scallin...when we're dead...make sure the abey is safe."
Weston: Meanwhile, in Mossflower Woods, the Warlord Thok Hakari was chuckling darkly over the bound body of Weston. "So, little warrior, let us begin. You see this whip? Elegant, is it not? Yes, indeed...."
Weston: "And I am quite proficient in its use, I assure you." The whip lashes out, raking a welt across Weston's back. The squirrel grits his teeth but makes no noise.
Ari: Ari turns about to face Silvren. "I never asked you to face death with me, fox."
Silvren: "Ari...don't let your love for Westn blind us to self preservation."
Scallin: "I gotcha... This place is almost like my home now."
Scallin: The large otter sits on a chair and stares into the fire. Lines of age seem to show on his face in the fire light.
Ari: Ari stares at the fire a moment, taking the scene in. Then, frowning, she stalks purposely off to the kitchen to get a haversack and some food. It will be a long journey...
Scallin: Popping up suddenly behind her, Scallin sighs and shakes his head. "I'm goin' to 'ave to go with ye'."
Silvren: Silvren waits for Ari.
Weston: Meanwhile: Hakari smiles cheerfully, placing a dagger with its point in the flames of his fire as he washes Weston's bloodied back with salty water. Still the squirrel makes no sound.
Silvren: "Ari, Scallin...lets get going."
Ari: Ari nods. "Fine. I still don't know the way." In the kitchen, the squirrel dumps some scones in the sack, along with a canteen of water. "Let's go."
Silvren: "Put the food'll slow us down...follow me."
Silvren: The fox steps outside Redwall's gates
Scallin: Scallin fingers his sword and follows Silvren.
Ari: Ari grabs one scone and drops the rest, then follows her friends.
Silvren: "This way..." The fox takes off through the trees
Weston: Meanwhile: The Warlord holds his now red-hot dagger up until Weston's eyes focus on it blearily. "Just scream for me, warrior... Just once..."
Ari: Ari marks his direction, then shoots silently up into the treetops.
Silvren: Silvren darts through the trees, remembering the way. "Vermin scent...not hard to follow..."
Scallin: The otter struggles to keep up with the fast fox.
Weston: Meanwhile: Weston finally collapses into near-dead unconciousness, his pain simply too much to take.
Weston: The Warlord, disgusted, gestures to his guards. "Take this rubbish and dump it in the woods somewhere... He has no further use."
Silvren: The fox sees the camp from a distance. There it is
Silvren: The fox stops suddenly, watching the guards.
Silvren: No use trying to get in
Ari: Ari keeps up pace with Silvren, stopping when he stops.
Silvren: Now...mayhaps at shift change.
Silvren: The fox sniffs at the air. "Weston...he's alive?"
Scallin: Scallin stops and leans up against a tree trunk. "Can't..... go no..... further."
Silvren: "Scallin, silence..."
Ari: Ari doesn't hear the fox. In fact, she's not paying attention at all. Instead, she watches as two guards trudge toward her, carrying a limp form...
Silvren: Th fox draws a dagger as the guards approach.
Silvren: "Ari...kill them."
Ari: The guard on the right is almost under her. Ari waits a moment, then drops like a stone from her perch.
Silvren: Silvren's dagger flashes, taking one guard in the throat
Silvren: The guard on the left
Weston: Weston's body, no longer supported by the guards, thuds onto the ground.
Ari: The other collapses under the weight of an angry squirrel, only to be berated by the broom.
Silvren: The fox rushes to Weston."Weston!"
Silvren: The fox glares at Ari, his second dagger flashes again, in the guard's skull
Silvren: "Come on, wake're not dead..."
Weston: Weston lies where he is, unmoving.
Ari: Ari rolls off her adversary. "Weston!"
Scallin: A loud panting comes up from behind them. "At was some run..." Says Scallin as he walks out of the shadows.
Silvren: "Come on, wake up..."
Silvren: "Real sorry about this..." the fox smacks him lightly in the face.
Weston: Weston's head lolls to one side.
Scallin: "We can tend to him at the abbey! But lets go!"
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Ari: Ari shoves him aside, then reaches down. "Wake up, Weston!" Desperately, she kisses the unconscious form.
Weston: Weston's eyelids flicker open slowly.
Silvren: The fox nearly strikes her on instinct. But stops when she kisses Weston
Silvren: "Alright...Scallin you carry him."
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Scallin: Scallin walks over to Weston's limp form.
Weston: Weston's eyes focus... slowly... on Ari's face. "Am I then dead... and in heaven?"
Silvren: Silvren replies. "Lets get him back to the abbey
Silvren: "Your alive, Weston"
Ari: Ari draws back, blushing madly. "You're alive, thank goodness".
Silvren: "Though not for long if I here anothe rline like that...lets go,".
Silvren: "Alright...he'll be an easier burden if he's unconcious again..."
Ari: Ari kicks Silvren for a second time in several hours. "Don't even try it."
Scallin: Tears are swelling from Scallin's eyes. "I can't believe he's alive..."
Silvren: "What?! It was a joke!"
Silvren: "Anyways...who carries him? Its obvious he's not walking on his own..."
Silvren: "Right...I'm the fastest...but he'll slow me down severely...Ari probably can't carry him and keep carry him."
Weston: Weston smiles, slowly and extremely shakily. "For more than.... one reason, methinks. Even if I were uninjured, I .... Have no great faith my legs would be too steady."
Silvren: "Weston, wheres my sword?"
Scallin: The otter picks Weston up.
Ari: Ari frowns. "Wouldn't he be more comfortable if we made a stretcher?"
Scallin: "Come on ol' lad."
Silvren: "Too long to make..."
Silvren: "If that filthy rat has it, I'm gonna..."
Ari: For the first time, Ari looks closely at her friend. "Those burns...what did they do to you?"
Silvren: "Best we discuss this back at the lets go!"
Weston: Weston's smile flattens. "I... I cannot speak of it, milady."
Silvren: "Weston, if Hakari has my sword..."
Scallin: Scallin runs through the woods with Weston hanging over his broad shoulder.
Silvren: Silvren runs in front, abreast with Scallin.
Ari: Ari runs after them, glad of her choice to find Weston.
Silvren: The fox smiles. "Weston...I'll keep this sword until I get mine back."
Silvren: They arrive back at the abbey
Silvren: Silvren walks inside the abbey, looking for somebeast. "Hey, Riala, you there!?
Weston: Weston smiles at Ari, more than cheerful despite his wounds.
Silvren: "You're cheerful for somebeast near death, Weston."
Silvren: "Weston, I'll carry your sword till I get mine back and you can use it again okay?"
Weston: Weston's eyes never leave Ari's face as he replies. "I shall not die, sirrah... There is too much to live for."
Silvren: "You make me sick..."
Ari: Ari smiles back, blushing...again. If I had an apron right now, I think I'd copy the moles and hide my face.
Silvren: "Weston, I'll carry your sword until you can use it again."
Weston: Weston closes his eyes as he's lowered onto an infirmary bed. "Someone must... wield it, sir Silvren."
Silvren: Sits ext to Weston's bed. "When your healed, I'll return it to you...Hakari will pay for what he did to you."
Scallin: Scallin sleeps in a chair.
Silvren: The fox, usually hating the title 'Sir' doesn't reprimand Weston, considering the circumstances, "Ari? Are you gonna kiss him again?"
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Ari: Ari arches an eyebrow. "Not in your presence, fox."
Silvren: The fox smirks. "It was classic when you did it in the woods...why am I being hated by you all of a sudden...wait a minute.."
Silvren: "Is it just me...or did that rescue seem to easy...we made enough noise to wake up three vermin camps..."
Silvren: The fox takes out a dagger from his belt, and holds it hilt to Ari. "You may need this. Consider it a gift for the coming battle."
Ari: "I have all I need, Silvren." She twirls the broom in one paw. A small pen knife appears in the other.
Silvren: " really don't need to despise me so by the way."
Ari: "I don't," she whispers, pointing to Weston's sleeping form. "You showed real nobility today, coming with me like that. I merely think that you lack some....tact."
Scallin: Scallin snores loudly.
Silvren: "Subtelty is a grace I sometimes lack...better shut the otter up...he'll wake Weston."
Silvren: " can at least call me by my name."
Ari: "....Silvren."
Silvren: "Thank you."
Scallin: The otter wakes up.
Scallin: "Ye' know... I'm startin' to like this Abbey place." He smiles fondly at the fire.
Ari: Ari smiles at the otter. "Wait til you taste the hotroot soup. I guaruntee, you'll never want to leave."
Scallin: "Otroot soup?" Scallin lips his lips.
Silvren: Silvren smiles "Hotroot...been a while since I had tht is the food in this place, Ari? Fish?" He decides not to mention birds.
Scallin: "I'll tell ye' this, I've never had a home before, an' I wouldn't mind stayin' 'ere fer a while if we live through this whole thing."
Narrator: But would they live? Outside the abbey, already, the vermin army was again readying for war...