The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

Transcript: Week 10

Narrator (3:16:51 PM): The sun set, then rose again. Redwallers worked through the night to repair the abbey defenses, and the army prepared for another offensive attack. Again, the questors found themselves speaking over breakfast in the Great Hall...
Silvren (3:17:08 PM): "any ideas, my friends?"
Silvren (3:17:30 PM): Silvren has recovered from his injuries and taken to taunting Weston mercilessly
Weston (3:17:53 PM): Weston painfully drank a small sip of cordial. "Go away, fox. I'm wounded and in pain. Leave me be."
Silvren (3:18:33 PM): "I'm Aaaari can make it better." For a war veteran, Silvren can be extrmely childish sometimues
Scallin (3:18:55 PM): Scallin sits alone in a dark corner, quite embarassed that he wasn't there for them in the fight.
Sybul (3:19:01 PM): "Now wot we'm gorra do?" queries Sybul, ignoring Silvren.
Silvren (3:19:17 PM): The fox takes a sip of cordial and gets back to buisness. "Reinforce the walls and mount archers
Sybul (3:19:38 PM): The molemaid nods and nibbles a scone.
Weston (3:20:14 PM): "Such tactics will not avail us... They wilt keep the vermin out of Redwall, but we need them to be gone from our lands."
Silvren (3:20:21 PM): The fox takes a bite of a blackberry muffin. "Of course...we could always/
Scallin (3:20:29 PM): "How many do you think are still out there?" Scallin says quietly.
Silvren (3:20:30 PM): "We need them dead, Weston!"
Silvren (3:20:37 PM): "At least six hundred, Scallin
Scallin (3:21:11 PM): "Tis alot..."
Weston (3:21:11 PM): "Six hundred," the squirrel whispers. "Against possibly fifty beasts."
Sybul (3:21:29 PM): "Oi dunno if Oi loike them odds."
Silvren (3:21:32 PM): "I like the odds..." Silvren's violt eyes have a dangerous glint in them
Weston (3:22:00 PM): "Then thou'rt a fool, fox, if thou were not so before."
Silvren (3:22:09 PM): "Hakari is the key, we remove him everythign falls apart...
Weston (3:22:58 PM): "Would that it were so simple. But no, Hakari has commanders under him. They may be less dangerous, they may be demoralized, but they art still a threat."
Silvren (3:23:05 PM): "Now how do we kill him? Thats our problem"
Sybul (3:23:20 PM): "Oi dunno 'bout that, Silvern, wi' six hun'erd beasts below 'im."
Silvren (3:23:33 PM): "We must remove Hakari and his commanders! I counted at least three dead in the battle but there may be up to five left."
Silvren (3:24:11 PM): "I can try to sneak into the vermin camp...I'm a fox so it shouldn't be difficult..."
Scallin (3:24:53 PM): Scallin speaks up. "And I will go with you."
Silvren (3:25:03 PM): "Alright...I'll need a few to come with me..."
Weston (3:25:08 PM): "I shall..." Weston struggles to rise. "I, too, shall come."
Weston (3:25:22 PM): "Help me up, an it please you, Lady Sybul."
Silvren (3:25:24 PM): "Good, should pretend to be a ferret"
Scallin (3:25:31 PM): "I was a theif, so I could probably manage." The otter says.
Silvren (3:25:37 PM): "Weston...try a fox"
Sybul (3:25:49 PM): Sybul bustles over to weston to assist him out of his chair."
Sybul (3:26:13 PM): "B'aint he a moit short furr a foxer?"
Silvren (3:25:59 PM): "Sybul...a rat who got her tail cut off."
Silvren (3:26:17 PM): "What concerns me is that if we're goene the vemrin can attack."
Weston (3:26:36 PM): "There are guards on the walltop. Redwall will survive without us."
Scallin (3:27:02 PM): "Fox!" Scallin says loudly. "Enough joking around. I assure you that they won't mistake us for themselves."
Silvren (3:27:03 PM): Silvren leans against the wall. "Lets get going..."
Silvren (3:27:24 PM): Silvren's grin becomes cold, almost feral. "Trust me, Scallin...they will."
Sybul (3:27:33 PM): "'Ow baint Oi goin' ter be noticerd, wot wi' this talkin'?"
Sybul (3:27:59 PM): "An' you'm doan't luk loike vurmints, yet."
Weston (3:28:02 PM): Weston starts to rummage around in a closet in the corner of the room.
Silvren (3:28:09 PM): "Sybul...hmm...pretend your voice was damaged when you lost your tail."
Sybul (3:28:30 PM): "Let Oi dress 'ee oop, Oi seen a gurt many vurmints."
Scallin (3:28:15 PM): "I don't want ter go on ah suicide mission." Scallin mumbles to himself.
Silvren (3:28:37 PM): "Alright...we should try to find out how many provisions they have and how many they number."
Sybul (3:28:59 PM): "Aye, Silvern, as moi throat an moi tail be so near t' each ot'er.
Sybul (3:29:04 PM): "
Silvren (3:29:06 PM): Silvren picks up a small vial filled with a red liquid. "And when we reach the provisions..."
Weston (3:29:09 PM): Weston produces a floor-length black cloak. He drapes himself in it and pulls the hood low over his head. "There. I shall be the unseen form in the shadows, yes?"
Silvren (3:29:49 PM): "Good plan, Wes. Hide your tail"
Weston (3:30:24 PM): Weston buckles his swordbelt around his waist carefully. "Do not presume to call me 'Wes', fox."
Silvren (3:30:38 PM): "Well...when we get there...we kill th' leaders."
Weston (3:31:15 PM): "Should we not wait until cover of darkness?"
Silvren (3:31:29 PM): "No...the vermin will be moving then"
Sybul (3:32:10 PM): "We'm cain't jus' wander in an' aspec' to not be noticerd."
Silvren (3:32:28 PM): "You let me worry about that."
Scallin (3:32:37 PM): The tall otter returns to his seat in the dark corner of the room.
Silvren (3:33:23 PM): "It'll be best if we can eliminate several guards and captains."
Silvren (3:33:29 PM): "We should"
Weston (3:33:56 PM): "'Tis midmorning, Silvren... Not the most auspicious of times for such things."
Sybul (3:34:06 PM): "You'm bain't made oop gudd, anyways."
Silvren (3:34:49 PM): "Then I'll go! Meet me in a few hours."
Weston (3:35:14 PM): "I shall come. Let us go quickly, if we must go now."
Silvren (3:35:31 PM): "Move then."
Sybul (3:35:32 PM): "An' wot of Oi an' maister Scallin?"
Silvren (3:35:39 PM): The fox turns and begins walking out.
Weston (3:35:58 PM): Weston checks the position of the Sword one more time, and follows the fox.
Silvren (3:36:17 PM): "So, Weston..." Silvren says as they move out.
Weston (3:36:29 PM): "Yes?"
Silvren (3:36:49 PM): The fox steps over the boundaries and exits the abbey. "About Ari..."
Silvren (3:37:00 PM): "I feel she'd make a great Abbess..."
Weston (3:37:14 PM): Weston's eyes narrow. "Perhaps. Why is it you tell me this?"
Silvren (3:37:25 PM): "Guess, champion."
Weston (3:37:48 PM): Weston stops and turns to face the fox. "I have not recieved that title; I merely carry the Sword."
Silvren (3:37:50 PM): Silvren moves into Mossflower followed by the squirrel. "Now silence...lets go."
Sybul (3:38:21 PM): Sybul looks at the retreating figures of Slivren and Weston, annoyed that they ignored her question.
Scallin (3:38:42 PM): The otter drapes a big sheet over his body, gets down on his knees, and ties a bandana around his forhead.
Sybul (3:38:43 PM): "Maister Scallin, wot we'm be a doin' naow?"
Silvren (3:38:53 PM): Silvren looks to the vermin camp. "You'd think they'd use some subtelty."
Scallin (3:39:19 PM): "We willa foller in ah moment." The otter says to Sybul.
Weston (3:39:32 PM): "They outnumber our forces by twelve to one..." the squirrel mutters. "Subtlety is hardly needed. And I think it best if we wait for the others."
Silvren (3:39:40 PM): "Good point..."
Silvren (3:39:48 PM): "You wait, I'm going.'
Silvren (3:40:22 PM): Silvrn turns and dashes off, fading into the shadows almost.
Scallin (3:40:27 PM): After a moment or so, Scallin walks out the door of the room and motions for Sybul to follow.
Weston (3:40:56 PM): Growling under his breath, the squirrel leans against a tree, wishing for many things; primarily that his friends would show up soon.
Sybul (3:41:14 PM): Sybul dawns a much patched cloak from a closet, rubbing dirt into her coat as she follows Scallin out of Redwall and towrds the vermin camp.
Silvren (3:41:16 PM): Silvren tosses a stone to one guard's face.
Silvren (3:41:37 PM): "Come on...come out here..."
Narrator (3:41:48 PM): The guard turns, seeing Silvren, and draws his sword, waking his partner up
Scallin (3:42:06 PM): Scallin spots Weston hiding, and runs up to him. "Great hiding place."
Silvren (3:42:30 PM): The fox hides in an bush, waiting for the guar dto investigate.
Narrator (3:42:43 PM): "What is it?" asks the guard's companion
Weston (3:42:49 PM): "Quickly. I have a feeling things are about to become... complicated." The squirrel slides off towards the center of the camp, trying to remain low and quiet.
Narrator (3:42:56 PM): "Somebeast just threw this rock at me" the guard complains.
Narrator (3:43:03 PM): "Well, then, throw it back."
Silvren (3:43:04 PM): The fox hurls another stone to a tree to make him check it out
Narrator (3:43:16 PM): "look! there's another one."
Scallin (3:43:27 PM): Scallin freezes in panic as he sees the end of Weston's tail poking out from under his cloak.
Narrator (3:43:53 PM): The other guard groans, grabs the stone out of the guard's paw, and hurtles it towards silvren's hiding place.
Silvren (3:44:16 PM): The fox smirks, draws one of his daggers, watching the stone fall against it.
Narrator (3:44:33 PM): "Aha. See there? that's somethin'."
Silvren (3:44:39 PM): Silvren moves to the shadows once more, whispering in Hakari's voice. "Guards!"
Scallin (3:44:59 PM): Scallin sneaks up to a better hiding place. Then, looking around, he sees that he lost track of Sybul.
Narrator (3:45:01 PM): "Wh-what do we do?" whispers the first guard
Silvren (3:45:11 PM): "Your lord calls you! get over here!"
Scallin (3:45:17 PM): "Cursed mole," he says under his breath.
Silvren (3:45:29 PM): "How pathetic! Can't you even look at things right!"
Narrator (3:45:43 PM): The first guard begins to move, but the second holds him back. "It's another one of his blasted tricks. keep alert!"
Weston (3:46:11 PM): Weston slowly draws his sword and holds it, unsheathed, under his cloak.
Silvren (3:46:14 PM): "Get oer here now or I'll have the captains execute you!"
Scallin (3:46:47 PM): Scallin feels a tapping on his shoulder and he turns around. "Phew... there ye' are Sybu----." The otter stares at a big ugly rat.
Silvren (3:46:48 PM): A dagger flies out of the shadows at the objecting guard's throat. "Disloyalt yis always punished!"
Narrator (3:47:02 PM): "Good morn', Sir! We a-are not allowed to leave our post, Sir!"
Weston (3:47:34 PM): Weston turns to see Scallin talking to a rat. Oh, this cannot be an advantage for us...
Narrator (3:47:37 PM): Seeing his partner fall, the other guard pulls out his bow. "Got ye now, pest..."
Silvren (3:47:46 PM): "Tell captain Venero to get out here!"
Silvren (3:48:10 PM): Silvren recognizes the name only becuase he heard a rat reporting to the fox captain in the battle
Scallin (3:48:11 PM): Scallin speaks nervously. "I was... just... yes...."
Scallin (3:48:33 PM): He stands up and salutes to the rat. "What orders?"
Narrator (3:48:41 PM): The guard can tell that the voice is coming from the bushes, where the rock had been thrown. He puts an arrow in the bow and pulls it back...
Silvren (3:48:44 PM): "Now, guard..." Silvren comes from the shadows in a cloak, in the rat warlord's shape. "NOW!" He roars
Weston (3:49:09 PM): "Too late, I must think," Weston says.
Narrator (3:49:34 PM): The guard looks at the fox who is trying to imitate the rat warlord. "Dumb move, mate." he whispers as he lets the arrow go, flying towards Silvren's midsection
Scallin (3:51:04 PM): The otter follows the rat back into the center of camp nervously.
Sybul (3:51:33 PM): "Maister Weston, Shudd we'm 'elp Scallin?"
Weston (3:51:51 PM): "Quickly, too, I would think."
Narrator (3:52:08 PM): The guard lets up a shout. "Enemy! Enemy! Guard down!"
Weston (3:52:09 PM): The squirrel suits action to words and, walking up behind the rat, taps him on the shoulder.
Silvren (3:52:35 PM): The fox realizes his mistake, moves to one side as the arrow is released, taking the hit on his left arm, his gauntlet fortunately keeping the arrow from doing extrme damaged, right paw releaseing the dagger at the guard's neck
Sybul (3:52:52 PM): The molemaid nods, shrugs her cloak a little higher, and socks the rat as he turns toward Weston.
Narrator (3:54:01 PM): The rat, not a guard, but a mere infantrybeast looks around in confusion. "What?"
Scallin (3:54:13 PM): The otter smiles at the sight of the others. "Thank ye' fer tat."
Silvren (3:54:18 PM): The fox snaps the arrows and tosses it away, moving swiftly,
Silvren (3:54:25 PM): The fox dashes off to rejoin the others
Narrator (3:54:29 PM): Meanwhile, the rat guard falls, but behind him a score of other beasts advance towards the unveiled Fox
Narrator (3:54:33 PM): "Stop that beast!"
Silvren (3:54:49 PM): Silvren locks onto the scent and darts through the shadows, completely untraceable
Weston (3:55:28 PM): Weston snarls and shrugs out of his cloak. "And now it seems we must fight once again. The camp is roused... Run, I'll hold them here..."
Silvren (3:55:31 PM): Silvren doubles the guards. from a different angle
Weston (3:55:50 PM): "But they must not take the Sword of Martin... Sir Scallin, wilt thou trade blades with me?"
Narrator (3:55:51 PM): All around guards perk up, and beasts move to reinforce them.
Scallin (3:55:59 PM): "I'm not running again, and leaving my friend behind!" Scallin grips his sword at his side.
Silvren (3:56:05 PM): The fox's blade is drawn, slicing through a small tree...sending it to the ground onto of the patrol as he dashes off to his friends
Silvren (3:56:08 PM): "Curse it..."
Weston (3:56:21 PM): "They must not take the sword... Please, Sir Scallin, I beg you, give me your sword, take this one, and run!"
Silvren (3:56:29 PM): "Weston!"
Narrator (3:56:32 PM): Arrows are loosed at the retreating form of the fox, one or two vanishing into the cloak.
Scallin (3:56:47 PM): "No! Send Sybul back!"
Sybul (3:56:58 PM): "He needs a blade!"
Silvren (3:57:03 PM): The arrows strike the sides' of the cloak, the fox discards it casually.
Silvren (3:57:14 PM): Silvren darts quickly. "This is my fault..."
Narrator (3:57:25 PM): More beasts gather to track down the fox.
Weston (3:57:42 PM): Weston hands the Sword of Martin to Sybul. "Take it back to the Abbey, Lady... Please."
Silvren (3:57:51 PM): "Weston..."
Scallin (3:57:54 PM): "Take his sword!" Scallin gestures to the rat on the ground.
Silvren (3:58:11 PM): "You go...I'll hold them off as long as I can
Silvren (3:59:52 PM): Silvren decides on a different tactic
Narrator (4:01:27 PM): As Silvren is attempting to evade the guards, a trooper comes up to Wes, Sybul, and Scallin. "G'morn', mates. Ye look like ye jus' got out o' the infirmary...ah, who's this? Oh, no...not Bart again...
Narrator (4:01:39 PM): "...I swear the lad drops at the mere thought of an attack."
Sybul (4:01:55 PM): Sybul looks up blankly.
Silvren (4:02:12 PM): Silvren decide son a better plan of action.
Narrator (4:02:21 PM): The trooper nudges the rat. "No matter. You need any help? Food? the kitchen tent is over thata way." the trooper points.
Sybul (4:02:33 PM): She nudges Weston and kneels beside Bart.
Scallin (4:02:48 PM): The otter gulps loudly and brings his cloak tighter about himself. "Thank ye'."
Weston (4:02:54 PM): "'M fair famished, sir, and we'll see that Bart get's 'im a decent meal, too."
Silvren (4:03:06 PM): The fox waits quickly hides in he shadows, moving around to the end
Silvren (4:03:51 PM): The fox unsheaths a dagger, grabbing one of the guards and pulling him into the darkness, slashing his throat
Sybul (4:03:55 PM): Sybul grumbles hoarsly under her breath as she sits next to Bart.
Silvren (4:04:12 PM): "That oughta be enough... Now to get rid of the idiots tracking me..."
Narrator (4:04:16 PM): The other guards stop instantly at their companion's fall
Scallin (4:04:41 PM): "Come on good er Bart." Scallin hoists the rat over his shoulder.
Sybul (4:05:30 PM): Sybul waves dumbly to the trooper as she follows the Redwallers to the Mess tent.
Scallin (4:05:57 PM): The otter follows Sybul.
Narrator (4:06:02 PM): The rat begins to wake..."Oh, no...wha'd I do? You won't-wo...oh......." he says, going unconscious again.
Silvren (4:06:14 PM): The fox moves back, raising a rock and hurls it...
Silvren (4:06:21 PM): The sound is loud and well away from the fox
Weston (4:06:30 PM): Weston holds aside the flap of the mess tent so his companions can enter.
Narrator (4:06:41 PM): the guards split to investigate
Sybul (4:06:43 PM): Sybul clutches the side of her head as she falls to the ground, hit with a rock.
Silvren (4:06:54 PM): It is however right in the Redwall archer guard's range
Weston (4:07:14 PM): Weston drops to his knees. "Lady Sybul! Art thou all right?"
Silvren (4:07:19 PM): The fox puts on the dead guard's uniform and runs silently back to the vermin camp
Scallin (4:07:22 PM): Scallin steps inside and stares at all the many gruesome vermin gathered there.
Sybul (4:07:42 PM): The diguised molemaid shakes her head in a daze.
Narrator (4:07:46 PM): "'ey! Mates! I've found Redclaw! he's nekkid!" yells one guard
Silvren (4:07:49 PM): The fox in his new uniform walks to the camp cautiously.
Scallin (4:08:21 PM): Paying no attention to the happening behind him, Scallin walks up to a bench and sits down.
Silvren (4:08:49 PM): The fox looks to sybul. "Sorry, Sybul..."
Scallin (4:08:57 PM): The otter lays the rat down next to him.
Narrator (4:09:49 PM): "Wha' kinda daft rat'd strip a dead beast?" ponders a guard captain.
Silvren (4:09:55 PM): The fox paw siritably at the uniform. "Least I lost them...persistent for idiots..."
Scallin (4:10:12 PM): Looking around, Scallin sees that Weston and Sybul are not inside the messhall--he is alone.
Silvren (4:10:21 PM): The fox uses the shadows of trees for cover and moves to the camp. "How to get in...?"
Silvren (4:10:41 PM): "Oh yeah I killed one of the the guards."
Scallin (4:10:41 PM): I got to act like a vermin I guess... Scallin thinks.
Weston (4:10:46 PM): Weston helps the molemaid to her feet. "Up y' come, missy. Let's get y' some food."
Sybul (4:11:09 PM): "Whoa, Moi 'ead!" moans Sybul loudly.
Silvren (4:11:22 PM): The fox sits down at campside pondering his options.
Sybul (4:11:25 PM): "Wot 'appened, Maister West'n?"
Scallin (4:11:36 PM): Scallin shoves one stoat who was grabbing some biscuits.
Weston (4:11:38 PM): Weston winces at the loud molespeech. "Ssh.... Quiet," he whispers.
Silvren (4:11:54 PM): The fox decides on one last option...climbing up a tree and removing his crossbow
Scallin (4:11:58 PM): "Get outta ersa way ye' um loursey scumbagger!"
Scallin (4:12:37 PM): Scallin acts like a vermin best he can. "'Oggin' alltey food dat it?"
Silvren (4:12:42 PM): The fox takes careful one tent which can only belong to a captain, and fires at the figure in it
Silvren (4:13:00 PM): Quickly he leaps back down to the tree's base,
Sybul (4:13:06 PM): Sybul buries her face in her digging claws and apologzes for the molespeech.
Scallin (4:13:17 PM): The otter punches the stoat in the face and grabs his biscuit.
Scallin (4:13:32 PM): Maybe I went a little too far... Scallin wonders.
Sybul (4:14:30 PM): "Whurr's Maister Scallin?" asks Sybul.
Weston (4:14:50 PM): "Inside. Come, quickly."
Scallin (4:14:58 PM): Scallin feels a punch in his side. He turns around and sees a huge weasel.
Sybul (4:15:20 PM): Sybul and Weston enter the tent.
Narrator (4:15:22 PM): "No fighting" states the weasel gruffly.
Narrator (4:15:37 PM): "Unless I get it. Harharhar..."
Weston (4:16:03 PM): Weston quietly sits down and eats, slowly and carefully to avoid disturbing his wound.
Scallin (4:16:14 PM): The otter smiles and chuckles softly. "Ah ee 'ouldn't ah 'all ita ightne ye' see twas mer ofa bit o' food natchin'!"
Sybul (4:16:14 PM): The Sybul looks around for Scallin. "Thurr 'ee be," she points, whispering to Weston."
Silvren (4:16:28 PM): Silvren walks up to the gates and the guard in typical vermin accent. "I'm one o' th' tackers sent to get the fox. Need to go make a report to the cap'n!"
Narrator (4:17:31 PM): The weasel stares dumbly into space, obviously trying to decipher Scallin's words.
Scallin (4:17:39 PM): Scallin begins to sweat nervously. "As Ye' maya see if ye' tried ah jest be tellin em tah gemmuhta 'ood atta bay quired by muh."
Silvren (4:17:57 PM): The fox waits for the guards answer. "Cap'n gets mad ifen he as to wait."
Scallin (4:18:35 PM): "But tis not ah biggun 'dealie, ay canum 'ave hissum biscuits ah rightat?"
Narrator (4:18:38 PM): "Okeyo, den....if that all set'led..." the weasel said, walking off
Scallin (4:19:11 PM): The otter lets out a great sigh of relief and wipes the sweat from his forehead.
Narrator (4:20:40 PM): "Why you out, fox?" asks the guard
Scallin (4:21:17 PM): Scallin sits down on a bench and tries to figure out how he is giong to get out of this mess.
Silvren (4:21:24 PM): Sivren replies. "Needed to find the fox but the cap'n sent me back to request troops and get the report."
Narrator (4:21:53 PM): "Okay." replies the guard
Narrator (4:22:13 PM): Midday, then, found most of the questors speaking over food, once more.