The Golden Leaf Inn

Quest for the Emerald of Ivaneye

A Weekly Chat RPG

A band of vermin have been scaring the peaceful countryside of Mossflower. What they seek is not known until they come upon Redwall Abbey. (read the prologue)

The Story

I. Prologue
II. Chapter 1: Off on a quest
III. Chapter 2: Encounter with the Slavers
IV. Chapter 3: Mountain Arrival
V. Chapter 4: Guardian of the Emerald
VI. Chapter 5: Return to the Abbey
VII. Chapter 6: Called to a Meeting
IIX. Chapter 7: A Subplot with Tarran and Scallin
IX. Chapter 8: The Council
X. Chapter 10: Meeting the Messanger
XI. Chapter 11: Infiltration
XII. Chapter 12: Within the walls of Redwall
XIII. Chapter 13: The Final Battle
XIII. Chapter 14: Epilogue: Sweeter than Strawberries

The quest is an altogether different kind of RPG. Instead of going back and forth on a message board, waiting ages for a simple reply, everything happens in a two hour chat each week.

Please read over the rules and regulations

Signing up is easy. Tell us your AIM Screen Name, then put in your character's nickname, gender, and choose its species from the list. You may notice certain species are missing from the list, and that is for a reason.

As we are already well into the game, we are not accepting questors anymore.