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The Story Of Rhiannon

Meet Rhiannon. Rhiannon is a shrew, but a blind shrew. When disaster, in the form of a dance competition, struck, Rhiannon felt the need to find himself. Along his quest to find himself, Rhiannon met Gordon, a playful chap who was running from the law. Shortly into their joint effort, Rhiannon and Gordon were captured and enslaved by the notorious Llr! On a dark and stormy night, Rhiannon gathered his allied forces and pitted them against the dark Llr, in a terrible battle which lasted for days, but through the valiant efforts of Rhiannon and Gordon, good won the day - though many were lost. Rhiannon returned to Redwall among a huge feast, the likes of which Redwallers had never seen, not blind any more, loved and respected by all beasts.


The Process

After reading the Redwall novels many times over, then electing to read them again, we've found a general consistency in plot which you can find if you generalize anything enough. The plot goes a bit like this:

A warrior is disadvantaged, but decides to begin a quest for an important thing. The warrior encounters a quirky, funny beast who helps them in their quest. The warrior also encounters a villain who wishes to stop them from reaching something which may or may not be the aforementioned important thing. The warrior and the villain may or may not have epic battle. Through the quest, the warrior overcomes their disadvantage. Later on, the warrior returns home to a feast with lots of food.

The generator puts together a variety of different possibilities for all these bits (shown in bold) and then presents it to you for your enjoyment and use.