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The Story Of Todd

It was winter in mossflower, and Todd, a untrusted otter, was having trouble. Todd decided to leave his home, to slay the killers of his family. Todd's quest went for months without progress, until he met Logan, a giddy hare who held the key to all he was seeking. Bootnose the ferret, the maddeningly insane, who ruled over a grand pinapple he had dragged from southsward, decided to put an end to the two creatures' quest to make a fun drink of his empire. Before Todd or Logan could demolish Bootnose's camp, two of Bootnose's lakeys, Blackbeak and Hea killed Bootnose and took the horde away. Todd returned to Redwall among a huge feast, the likes of which Redwallers had never seen, not untrusted any more, loved and respected by all beasts.


The Process

After reading the Redwall novels many times over, then electing to read them again, we've found a general consistency in plot which you can find if you generalize anything enough. The plot goes a bit like this:

A warrior is disadvantaged, but decides to begin a quest for an important thing. The warrior encounters a quirky, funny beast who helps them in their quest. The warrior also encounters a villain who wishes to stop them from reaching something which may or may not be the aforementioned important thing. The warrior and the villain may or may not have epic battle. Through the quest, the warrior overcomes their disadvantage. Later on, the warrior returns home to a feast with lots of food.

The generator puts together a variety of different possibilities for all these bits (shown in bold) and then presents it to you for your enjoyment and use.