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The Redwall Character Guide

Part VII

Part VII

It's taken a while, but we've finally gotten there. A few quick notes on things to remember while you're Rping, and some suggestions, and you're off into the world of wherever you wanted to be (but probably Redwall).

Introducing yourself

Aha! Here's where you're going to take everything you've thought of in parts 1-5 and make it into something that people can look at once, refer back to as often as they want, or keep with them at all times. That would be your introduction, and your character profile. The general rule for this is to go with the flow. See how much of a length of effort most other people have gone through to describe their character, and go through approximately that length of effort.

You should probably be nice to people. It's a very good rule for anywhere you go. Also, in your description, you don't really need to be too specific. Since I've never really figured out this whole age thing, I generally tend to put my characters in a few categories for age: dibbuns, young adults, adults, oldies.

As for everything else, you don't need to say that your sword is five and three quarters long with a black non-shine finish (this will sometimes lead people to look for the, "only $19.95 if you call now!" after it). It suffices to say that the blade is long, short, shiny, dull, or other adjectives.

Figure out what just happened

Most of the time, you'll be too impatient to just ask, so read about it. Look at the last few posts, and see what's new. There are a few times I've been Rping at Starfire's, and someone comes up to the gates even though the abbey is under siege by an army. Doing things like that is silly. Once you've figured out what happened, you will hopefully be able to realize the best way to make your entrance…

On Writing

This is the point I break in and give a few handy notes on writing. While you may be used to enclosing actions in ::'s or *'s, or anything else, it's not really the greatest thing to do. Write it like a story, from the third person. And try to use semi-decent punctuation. It's always better when people understand what you're trying to do.

The Entrance

The first thing you should realize is that when you make your entrance, not everybody is going to turn his or her head and look at you. So, if you were planning on having your character come to the gates in a state that's close to, but not quite, dying, and having everyone help you, ask yourself a few questions. Are they really going to come out and help you? Do you really want to sit in the infirmary for a few days? What are you planning to do in the infirmary?

One thing that people overlook is the option of having been there all along (having entered a few days before hand, etc…). That way, you're already inside, if there's anywhere to be inside of, and you can go about the things you were going about before.

Stuff was happening before you came.

(If you're reading this in reference to a character for a new RPG, forget this entire section). You may have a very clever plot in mind, but unlike fanfics, other people are writing this story, too. Read up on the plot, and get a few people to agree to yours before launching into it.

A parting remark.

Ah. And there you are. A character, a quick guide to Rping, and you're off. Be nice, and have fun.