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The Redwall Character Guide

Part V

Part V

Wondering a little when we were going to get to this? Well, we're here. You should always make sure that whatever name you get goes with your character, and matches them. For instance, don't give them an exotic and exciting name if they're dull.

The no-no names

In short, try to avoid major names from the books. It gets confusing, and if you're going to RP, then it'll get very strange. So, just stay away, and thing'll be better.

Regular names

You could name your character an ordinary name, like Bob, Don, Jill, Jane…. Want a list? MSN has a pretty good one (

Combo names

These aren't that hard. You take two words, and combine them together. Try to make them nature things, or colors. Take "Red" and "Fang", put them together, and get Redfang, which is a good vermin name. Take "Wind" and "leaf" and get Windleaf, which is a good goodbeast name. Combine, try out, and enjoy.

Hidden meaning names

One thing that can work is using other languages to make a name. Latin always works like a charm. Pick some hidden meaning word for your character. How about if the character is a goldsmith? You can be creative, and pull up "goldsmith" in your handy latin dictionary (or at ). It says Aurifex. And there's a name for your character, maybe. Another helpful resource is at

English German Spanish French Italian Portugeese Mäori Latin
Evil Übel Mal Mal Malvagità Evil kino pravus
Destruction Zerstörung Destrucción Destruction Distruzione Destruição eversio
End Ende Extremo Extrémité Estremità Extremidade mutunga terminus, extremitas, finis, peractio, exitus
Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan hatana diabolus
Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer
Death Tod Muerte La Mort Morte Morte excessum, letum
Ruin Ruine Ruina Ruine Rovina Ruína perdo, pessum dare, attero, eversio, letum, everto
Falling Fallend Bajando Tombant Cadente Caindo heke iho
Doom Schicksal Condenación Sort malheureux Sorte avversa Doom fatum
Savior Savior Salvador Sauveur Savior Savior servo
Helper Helfer Ayudante Aide Assistente Ajudante kaiäwhina subvenio, facio, auxilium, adservio, proficio
Kindness Freundlichkeit Amabilidad Bonté Bontà Bondade benevolentia, humanitas
Angel Engel Ángel Ange Angelo Angel anahera
Builder Erbauer Constructor Constructeur Costruttore Construtor kaihanga whare condo
Creator Schöpfer Creador Créateur Creatore Criador kaihanga creator
Aid Helfer Asistente Aide Sussidio Dae (dispositivo automático de entrada) äwhina proficio, suffragium, auxilium, iuvo, adiuvo
Life Leben Vida La Vie Vita Vida ora vita
Hope Hoffnung Esperanza Espoir Speranza Esperança awhero

Severely random names

Aha. Here's my favorite. You start by randomly hitting keys on the keyboard (generally around rare letters like z, x, y, v, k, and q). You get some random word like "Oeijsdfmcxolq" take some letters out of there, and get "Oeijolq", or "Ocxolq" or "Eij". You can mix up the letters, too, and get stuff like "Coecx" or "Femij".

Some other clever ideas

You can check out Starfire's guide on names, which is also good. (, or refresh a few times on our very own Name generator, which takes advantage of some of the techniques listed above.