The Golden Leaf Inn

Adventure In Mossflower

A Redwall Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to Adventure in Mossflower, a new Redwall Choose Your Own Adventure. This is a lot like every other choose your own adventure you've seen. There's only a few differences. First, it's written mostly by you, the people of the ROC. Secondly, it doesn't really end. So, with that short intro, here's the game

The Story Begins...

You sit on the side of the path leading away from Redwall Abbey, where you've come from. Trusty quarterstaff in your hand, you look ahead to your future. mainly: the path in front of you. It holds unknown dangers, and unknown friends.

You get up from the rock you were sitting on, and begin walking again. The Abbey dwindles behind you as the sun fades

You stop for the night. Pulling some food out of your haversack, you eat only a little, not knowing when you'll have good food again. You drift off to sleep without a fire in the warm summer air.

A spear at your throat and vermin all around you wakes you up. "Arr, get up." the lead vermin, a ferret says to you gruffly. "Yer our slave now. Git us a campfire, and cook us some of these vittles."

What would you like to do?